Love At First Sight

Katie lives with her sister Peyton after her parents went to New York and never returned. She started cutting at age 12 and hasn't been able to stop at age 17. The only good thing in her life is her sister and One Direction. When she gets to meet them does her world change for the better or worse? Read to find out!


21. Double DATE?

Katie's POV:


I wake up in Harry's arms and see him fast asleep. Why is he always sleeping??? I get up and call room-service for some bacon and waffles. The maid comes to the door and I take the tray from her, she gets a nice tip, smiles, and leaves. I gently shut the door and take the silver cover off the plate. Harry comes into the kitchen and laughs.


"You really think I wouldn't smell bacon through my door?" He asks. I chuckle and gesture for him to sit next to me. He doesn't listen and picks me up then sets me on his lap. I pick up a piece of bacon and feed it to him. He giggles and feeds me a piece too. Liam walks in and we both stop. 


"What's up guys?" Liam mumbles. Harry shrugs and I decide to answer him.


"Um...just eating breakfast. Why do you look so fancy?" I say noticing his suit and tie. He chuckles and looks down at his attire. 


"I've got a date..."He says quietly. I'm a little disappointed in him..he kissed me yesterday!


"We leave today! Why the hell would you go on a date, pack up and step to it." Harry says getting a little angry. I put my hand on his shoulder and attempt to calm him down. He gets up and I tumble onto the floor. 


"Harry! I'm not your fucking doll, you can't keep throwing me around like that." I scream. He comes up to me and helps me to my feet.


"I'm sorry.." He whispers.


"You don't even realize how much you do that. I've fallen way more than ever in"I say it like a question. It's true..he hasn't really cared that much when I've fallen because of his stupidity. 


"Babe, I'm sorry. I just got angry." He says looking into my eyes. I frown and walk over to Liam. 


"Do you really have a date?" I question and he looks at the ground. He nods and I walk off. My hair is a mess and I look like shit. Someone knocks on the bathroom door, but I already have my top off.


"Don't come in..I'm not fully clothed." I say as Harry enters. I pull a towel over my bra, and put on my best poker face. He smirks and I smack his hand away. 


"I'm sorry, but at least we get to stay here a little longer. Our bus driver got hit by..a bus." Harry says trying not to laugh. I giggle a little.


"He's okay, right?" I ask and he shrugs.


"Well it was his own bus, the parking break wasn't on. He'll be out in a week, but our tour got delayed." He says looking a little sad. I drop my towel and pull him into a hug. I know how much the fans mean to him. He puts his hand on my bra hook and I pull away.


"Asshole..." I mumble and he kisses me lightly.


"Thanks...anyway we're going to the mall today. I rented it out so there won't be stupid fans." He says opening the door. I smile and shut the door. I strip down the rest of the way and jump into the shower. The warm water soaks my body and I start to sing to Runaway Baby.


You better run, run ,runaway baby before I put my spell on you... 

You better get,get, getaway darling cause everything you heard is true. 


The door opens and I automatically scream. Harry walks in and I pull the curtain around my body. He laughs and smiles.


"Love your voice, oh and I picked you out an outfit. Wear it please." He walks out and I sigh. Yep this is my life now. I rinse out my hair and let the cold air stick to my body. I wrap my towel around my cold body and walk into the bedroom. Harry placed a short black dress on the bed with a lacy black bra and matching thong. I put it on, curl my hair, and put on some light makeup. I look awesome!


"Harry?" I say opening the door to see him and Liam in tuxes. They are chatting and pointing at me when I see a limo pull up outside.


"Are we going on a double date?" I ask outraged. The boys nod in unison and I sigh. Yay, I have to help Liam get a date.

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