Love At First Sight

Katie lives with her sister Peyton after her parents went to New York and never returned. She started cutting at age 12 and hasn't been able to stop at age 17. The only good thing in her life is her sister and One Direction. When she gets to meet them does her world change for the better or worse? Read to find out!


11. Animals


Harry's POV:


I really hope Katie is telling the truth, I mean I trust her but…I don't know. Maybe I'm being paranoid but I'm definitely being a bad boyfriend. I pull her into a hug while she looks confused. This is strange even if a directioner got her number it wouldn't be this creepy. 


"It's ok, sweetie." I say patting her back but all she can do is stare at the phone. I take it from her hands and put it on the couch.


"You don't need that stress right now." I say gently sitting on the couch, I pull her into my lap and she giggles at me. Her hair is still messy from bedhead and forms a hair halo around her head. She suddenly shoots up like she forgot something and rushes to the bedroom.


"What's going on?" Peyton asks taking a seat next to me which causes Louis to jump over to us. She laughs a little but gets up after Katie doesn't answer. 


"Oh sorry, um we forgot about my pets duh! I haven't seen them in like forever, at least the neighbor has fed them the last 3 days." She says jumping around looking for a hair brush. I love animals! She is definitely perfect. 


Katie's POV:


I brush out my hair as fast as I can and go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I grabbed Peyton's hand and pulled her out the door. Peyton yells back to Louis but he isn't quick enough for me. Harry and Louis grab their coats and run after us. We hold open the elevator doors for them, but after a minute I take the stairs. By the time we are all downstairs I'm already in the limo waiting for everyone. Once they hop in we all laugh about my speed.


"Hey I haven't seen my animals in forever so I'm gonna hurry." I chuckle as Harry puts his arm around me. It takes a while to get to our house but when we arrive I run up to my door and unlock it as quick as I can. When I get inside I'm greeted by our 4 dogs Molly, Thatcher, Libby, and Daisy. Peyton follows me in and starts to pet her dog (Molly) while I pet mine. They all have some issues, Thatcher is obese, Libby has mental issues, Daisy only has 3 legs, and Molly doesn't really trust me. I love them all anyway though. I rush upstairs and go into our 'rodent' room and see my chinchillas and rats. While I'm in there my parrot, Cami, flies onto my shoulder. I giggle and gently stroke her feathers. I make sure my two rats are okay, Piper and Paige, and then my 4 chinchillas, Blaze, Ariya, Astrid, and Star. Once I notice they're all good, I go over to my iguana, Iggy and pet him gently. Everyone is getting attention while the boys are here. I realize they're still downstairs with the dogs. I make my way downstairs to meet them and see they each have a dog but Daisy is left out. I scoop her up and kiss her on the head.


"Hey don't leave my baby out." I say causing Harry to stop petting Thatcher and pat Daisy.


"Now he's left out." I say pouting as he rushes back to my obese weiner dog. All of my dogs are weiner dogs leaving Peyton's dog, Molly, all alone being the only Beshon. Harry laughs as Thatcher licks his face.


"Hey the dogs always get attention, come upstairs with me and see my other animals." Peyton rolls her eyes and nudges Louis. He puts down Libby and follows me and Harry upstairs. I let them enter my rodent room and they see all my animals, the chinchillas, the rats, the iguana, and my parrot. Cami swoops down and lands on my shoulder once again causing Louis to shreak a little. Me and Peyton laugh and Louis relaxes. He strokes Cami gently and she coos at his touch. Harry gets a little jealous and starts to pet the bird too.


"Harry, I wouldn't. She doesn't like it when two people pet-…" I'm cut off by Cami bitting Harry on the finger. He moves on with Peyton and pets my rats, we play with them for about 15 minutes and then move to the chinchillas. We spend 20 minutes with them and then go pet Iggy. The boys and Peyton and I hold each animal and talk about their cuteness. This is my life, and I hope one day I can be a vet. Harry seems to have enjoyed himself until I tell him I'm going to stay at home for the night.


"I'm staying too." He says and Louis and him head back to the hotel to get some clothes to spend the night.


Harry's POV:


"Louis, how will we get them to come on tour with us if Katie loves these animals more than me." I say very broken hearted Louis senses this and pats me on the back.


"Maybe if we let the animals come with she will too. I'm warming up to her." He says trying to comfort me.  I chuckle but wonder if she would still agree or not. Plus how could we bring ALL her animals with us. The dogs I could, and the rodents, but what about her little reptile thing and her bird? We may not have enough room.


"Wait, she'll have her own room on the bus, right?" Louis asks and I nod, "Well then the animals can stay in there and she can bunk with you. Just separate the carnivours and the herbivours." He says and I think it might work out for us.

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