Love At First Sight

Katie lives with her sister Peyton after her parents went to New York and never returned. She started cutting at age 12 and hasn't been able to stop at age 17. The only good thing in her life is her sister and One Direction. When she gets to meet them does her world change for the better or worse? Read to find out!


37. A Week Away

Katie's POV:


I've been on the road for a week and somehow I ended up staying with my aunt in Saint Louis. Peyton, Harry, Liam, and even Louis and Zayn have all called me but I ignore them. Right now I'm sitting in the basement where I used to stay when I was a kid clutching my phone to my chest. I want to call Peyton and tell her that I'm ok but she's my sister, she'll tell them where I am. I want to disappear. 


"Katie! Time to go to work!" My aunt Ginger yells downstairs. I get up and trudge up the stairs to meet my uncle. He's in the circus and I've gotten a job as an aerial silk artist with his company. I know it sounds cheesy but I get paid like $300 each gig. I really want to go home but it's not going to one cares about me there.


Harry's POV:


I can't stop thinking about that night, when she left it killed me.



Niall's phone buzzes and he tells me that Peyton is wondering where he went. He grabs his coat and rushes out the door and to his car. I decide to go back to bed and think this all over. I sneak back into the room and see Katie gone. Uh..ok? I bet she just went to the lou. I knock on the door only to have no reply, I open the door but the lou is empty. She is starting to scare me.


"Katie?" I call but there is still no reply. I scan the room but only find a note and her promise ring...oh shit. I really hope she didn't hear me and Niall's conversation. I didn't mean any of that she just got in my head. I pick up the note and start to read.


Dear Harry,

I know I really am ruining your dream for you, don't try to deny it. Please don't blame yourself because you didn't do this. I did. Remember I still love you but I think it's better if we break up so you can still pursue your dream. I'll be fine, tell everyone I'm ok. Here's your ring back, I hope someday someone will wear it, just not me. I'm sorry I broke my promise. 

I love you.



I feel tears start to spill from my eyes and I have no idea what to do. I think I should call Peyton, she'll be up since Niall isn't home yet. I dial her number and wait for what feels like forever for an answer. 


"Niall?" She asks and I feel bad. She must have fallen asleep waiting for him.


"Katie's gone and I don't know what to do." I choke trying to keep my head but it's not working very well. 


"What the hell do you mean she's gone?" Peyton screams into the other end...I don't want to tell her why she left. 


"Just get over here and I'll explain everything." I croak. I want my girl back.



It's been a week and no one has heard from her. One Direction is about to leave Colorado but I don't want to, it's like I'll be leaving Katie behind. I told the entire band why she left and no one really objected. We all talked it over and decided that the if she comes back they won't care. Liam promised to leave her alone, everyone just wants her back. Zayn misses her the most since he never really got the chance to no her, but if she returns he will. Even Louis misses her which I find odd. maybe he just wanted to ruin her life more. I even confronted him about what him and Leanna were doing and he started to cry so hard. 


"Haz! Haz! Come here quick!" Peyton screams from downstairs. I shoot up and literally trip down the stars. She points to her phone and squeals, the caller id flashes Katie's name. The officer we contacted is ready to trace the call and pin point her location. Peyton answers tears flowing from her eyes.


"Katie is it really you?" Peyton cries putting it on speaker. The officer starts the thing that tapes the conversation as we wait for a response.


"Yeah it's me. I thought you weren't going to answer." Katie's voice sounds from the other end and I feel tears again. I sit on the couch next to Peyton and put my hand over my mouth.


"Of course I answered. Where are you? What's happening?" Peyton blurts out.


"I'm alright but I'm not telling you where I am. I want to be alone. I have a place to say and a part time job so I'm holding up well. I just got off my shift. How are you guys doing?" She asks.


"Well everyone misses you and I mean everyone. Zayn, Louis, Niall, and especially Liam and Harry. No one's doing well, I wish I could say they were but everyday we just hope you come home. All anyone's done is cry and act like you've died. Louis even broke up with Leanna to prove his point. Please come home." Peyton says crying harder. I put my head in my hands and hope she will take her advice.


"I don't know if I can come back. I mean I am ruining everything and they know it. I overheard Harry and Niall talking about it and I don't want to kill the band. They were my idols and if I do anything to break them apart I'll die. I even know them well enough to know Harry's listening to our conversation. Hi Harry!" She says and I just laugh. 


"The band worked it out Katie! They're all friends again. The past is forgotten and it's not even near our fault. They knew it would be hard when they met a girl they loved, and they knew it would be hard but they made a pact. No matter what this cheese ball next to me said to you we all love and miss you." Peyton says punching me in the process even though she knows it wasn't my fault. 


"Can I speak with Harry?" She asks and I know she's starting to cry.


"Katie! I'm here, please come home before we leave to go on tour. The house is lonely and all your animals are missing you. I've been letting the dogs lay on your pillow to keep my company. Cami screams at night when you're not here and the pet sitter says the chinchillas and rats are sad. I'm sorry to say but Ariya got a sickness and passed." I say starting to sob. Katie and I have her own bus and before she left we had decorated the entire back of it as the animal room. That's where the chinchillas, rats, parrot, and iguana will stay. The dogs can roam freely with us.

(My little Ariya did pass which makes me sad..)


"Oh my God! NO! I need to come home now, they get depressed when I'm not there. You do too as I found out. I'll get on the next flight....we'll talk about the tour when I get there. Bye Harry and Pey I love you guys so much!" She cries hanging up suddenly. I sigh and get up, I walk upstairs and hop in bed. Libby, Thatcher, and Daisy hop up the doggie stairs we bought and cuddle into me. 


"She's coming home guy, she's coming home." I coo stroking them gently. 

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