Harry Potter's Family After the Fact : Year 1

This is about all of Harry Potter's family after well the whole story takes place. It starts right after Harry gives Albus his little pep talk.


4. The Second Year Slytherin Student

Second Year Slytherin Student POV. 

I found the little Lavender's cat.  Honestly do you think I am going to give it to her without some trouble?  I walked down to the compartment and saw her and that other person I had to scare off earlier walking towards me.  

"What are you doing with that?  It's mine!!!" Lavender exclaimed as she lunged at me.

I pulled the cat out of her reach and saw Rose pulling out her wand.  Right away I pulled out my wand and trained it on her. 

" I wouldn't do that if I were you.  Unless you want a duel,"I said. 

" Just one second and you're on," Rose said.

"What are you going to do?  You shouldn't know any spells yet," I countered.

"My mother is Hermione Weasley, the one who helped defeat Voldemort.  I take after her in learning quickly," Rose said.

"My mother is the famous, though not in a good way, Belletrix Lestrange.  I don't think Rose and I are the right pair to go messing around with," Lavender told me.

Now I was slightly nervous, that Lavender was right.  They might only be first years, but they have two of the most powerful witches in the world as their mothers.

"Wingardium Leviosa," said Rose, training her wand on the cat.

The cat floated out of my hands and into Lavender's.

"I told you I would hex you if you messed with me and I meant what I said," I said.

Just as I was starting to say my spell I heard Rose saying,"Protego".

"Get in the compartment, Go! Go!" I heard Rose yell.

She opened the door and  ran inside.  She slammed the door closed as soon as Lavender got inside.

"Colloportus", I murmured ,"I will come back in a minute,".

"With my friends," I added on.

I had locked them in the compartment.  Sweet.  I would be back, with my friends.  Just to make some fun and open the door.  I mean not all Slytherins are that bad.  Don't get me wrong, I am bad.  Just not in that way.





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