Harry Potter's Family After the Fact : Year 1

This is about all of Harry Potter's family after well the whole story takes place. It starts right after Harry gives Albus his little pep talk.


8. The Prefect's Cabin

Rose's POV.

"Enerverate," I whispered as I passed Scorpius.," Act frozen,".

"You have us here now.  What are you going to do to us?" Lavender asked.

She is being bold, not the right  approach when you are messing with Slytherins.

"Give you a few drops of this.  Take it willingly and no physical harm will befall you.  You just have to sit with us, in our compartment for the rest of the ride." Vincent told us.

"I don't see any harm in that," Lavender said.

"Lavender, that is truth serum.  They are going to get us to tell them our secrets and then tell the whole school!" I screamed.

"Your just to smart for your own good.  You Weasley." The girl I assumed was Jasmine said.

"Jasmine, bug off!!!!" Lavender screamed at her sister.

"What do we have here Vincent?" Another Slytherin prefect asked.

"Flint, we have Lavender Lestrange, Rose Weasley, and Scorpius Malfoy," Vincent told the boy named Flint.

"Scorpius is one of us though, right?" Flint asked.

"He was until he left the spot when these to young ladies locked us in a compartment.  When he did not help us, he betrayed our trust!" Vincent explained.

"Hate to rain in on your parade but, we aren't going to drink that stuff willingly!" Lavender told the compartment full of Slytherins.

"Scorpius and Lavender, do not open your mouths!" I yelled.

"Since clearly they will not be cooperating; can I work with Weasley?  We have some business that her grandmum started and I would like to finish," Jasmine asked.

"Sure, but no unforgivable curses.  Don't want to have to give yourself a few detentions, now do you?" Vincent joked.

"Here comes the head girl and boy, Hide them," Jasmine said.

Quickly we were ushered behind Flint and Jasmine.

"Silencio, Silencio, and because I know she unfreezed you Scorpius, Silencio," Jasmine whispered.

That last part freaked me out a little bit.  How did she know?

"Well everyone, I am Salazar Parkinson, the Head Boy, and this is Rowena Patil, the Head Girl," Salazar told us.

"Why on Earth are you all standing so strangely?  Sit down, Sit down," Rowena told us.

"If you don't mind..." Jasmine started.

"She said sit down!" Salazar said, interupting her.

They sat down revealing us.

"What are you lovely first years doing down here?" Rowena asked us.

"They are friends of ours, they just could not bear to see us leave ffor the meeting and followed us here," Jasmine said like it was the most adorable thing ever.

But Lavender had a different idea.She started shaking her head and Scorpius and I followed.  Then Scorpius had the genius idea to point to Jasmine and do the zip your lips and throw away the key motion.  Lavender and I nodded now, agreeing with him.

"Sonorus, Sonorus, and Sonorus," Rowena cast the counter-spell so we could speak.

"Now what exactly happened?" Salazar asked pointing at me to tell him.

"Well, first I went into  Lavender's compartment, then we set off tho find her cat.  Having no luck we returned to the compartment only to see Vincent there, with Lavender's cat.  Then I took the cat and we went into the compartment, where he locked us in.  Then we escaped and went into the compartment across from that, to later lock Vincent and his friends in there, then because Scorpius  never went in we  brought him along, then when they got out, they being Vincent and his friends, they chased us here and put Silencio on us to hide us from you!" I said in a rush.  

"I see," Salazar said.

"Well, I must congratulate  you on outsmarting a few Slytherins of older age than you, but I will have to give you all a detention.  For using magic on others before we got to Hogwarts, You three first years will stay with me until we get to the station, and Salazar stay here and finish the meeting," Rowena told everyone.

"Please," she added on as an after thought.

Scorpius, Lavender, and I quickly followed Rowena.


Rowena's POV.

"Well, take me to your cabins, before this mess, and we will move it to Salazar and I's cabin," I told the three startled looking first years.

"Excuse me, I don't want to be rude but, why are you giving us detentions?"Lavender asked Rowena politley.

"Sweethearts, you are just going to spend some time with the headmaster writing to the parents of these horrid children, telling the harm they caused.  The headmaster will sign the notes after you three, to assure that it is not a prank, and then they will be mailed off. With you all hoping that the three kids will get howlers." Rowena replied.

"Okay, that doesn't sound too bad," Scorpius told her.

"You will serve detention tonight, after the feast, once you get sorted and finished eating," Rowena told us," I will come get you from your houses."

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