Harry Potter's Family After the Fact : Year 1

This is about all of Harry Potter's family after well the whole story takes place. It starts right after Harry gives Albus his little pep talk.


5. Pure-Blood Slytherins

Scorpius' POV.

After my little encounter with Albus, I went to find the compartment with Vincent Goyle (You know the second year Slytherin).  When I finally found the compartment with his luggage in it.  I went in and was about to sit down when, I saw him running back into the compartment to get some of his friends, It's a wonder he didn't shake the whole train.

"Hey Vincent," I said

"Hey Scorpius.  Want to tag along? We are going to make a few other first years squirm," He replied.

"Sure, as long as it doesn't get too violent," I replied.

So we were off.  Little did I know one of those first years was Rose.


Rose's POV.

We were trapped.  Or so the second year Slytherin thought.  I easily countered his spell using Alohomora after he left.  It was our turn to play  the tricks on his friends and him.

"Lavender let's take our luggage and put it in another compartment.  Then we will come back and lock them in our old compartment and find my friend Albus.  He will help us get away from those guys." I told her.

"Okay, Good Idea," she replied.


Vincent POV.

This is going to be awesome.  I love making first years squirm.

"So what are we going to do when we get to their compartment?" Scorpius asked me.

"Go in, taunt them.  I don't know," I replied

"Maybe we should just stand outside the compartment laughing?" Scorpius Countered 

"Maybe, but that is no fun.  If you want t do that fine , but not us,"I said


Lavender's POV

Rewind.  Before Rose had her brilliant idea.  I was scared.  I didn't know what he was going to do to us.  I doubt anything too bad, but who knows?  He could use an Unforgivable Curse for all I know, though.

Fast forward to now.  I see them coming down the hall towards us. 

The Slytherins all enter the compartment, except for one.  Someone that looks to be a first year does not enter.  Since we are at the very back of the compartment across from our old one we moved closer to the door.(We are borrowing it while it's passengers are out wandering around the train.

"Pale blond hair.  It is probably a Malfoy," I told Rose

"Scorpius!" we cried in unison.

He saw us and tried to tell the others that we were in the other compartment, but Rose quickly silenced him with Silencio, After opening the door.

We quickly locked the door at the same time together to make a stronger seal than the one Vincent had put on the door earlier.

We ran, practically dragging Scorpius behind us.


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