Harry Potter's Family After the Fact : Year 1

This is about all of Harry Potter's family after well the whole story takes place. It starts right after Harry gives Albus his little pep talk.


3. A new Friend

Lavender's POV.

Rose came in and said,

"My name is Rose".

"What house do you want to get into, Rose?" I questioned

"Gryffindor or Ravenclaw," she replied ",What about you?

"Me too!" I answered 

"Could we be friends? I doubt I will make very many with my last name and all," I asked

"Sure, but I must warn you, I can get a little bossy sometimes," Rose replied.

"That's okay' I do the same thing sometimes," I continued",You know I lost my cat; Could you help me find it please?" 

"Of course," She answered.


Rose's POV.

I am so super glad I have a friend now I was worried I would not make very many just like she was.  So we went off in search of her cat.

"What does your cat look like?" I asked.

"It is red and fluffy," Lavender replied.

"That sounds just like my mom's cat," I told her.

"That's funny," she continued ", Maybe we should ask around in some compartments".

"I think that's a great idea," I answered

We walked around the train for a little while, asking people if they had seen the cat.  When we could not find her we went back to our compartment only to find that second year Slytherin I meet earlier there.

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