Doctor? Doctor Who?

The Doctor accidently travels to Camelot during the era of no magic. Stuck there after the TARDIS is attacked by a griffin the Doctor discovers that not only is Merlin real, Mikayla (his twin), Arthur and Morgana are as well. Well this ought to be fun!


1. Welcome to Camelot

    "Onwards men, and uhm.... Ladies!" Arthur says hesitating after saying men realizing and remembering he also allowed Lady Morgana and I, her maid servant Mikayla, are there as well. See people usually forget about me. I'm often left in my twin brother's shadow. My brother is Merlin, is a warlock and the trusted hand servant of Prince Arthur. I also possess magic and am also a Dragonlord as well. And I on the other hand am a loyal maid servant to Lady Morgana. Morgana is lovely and quite nice and also possesses magic even though her father has banned it. Arthur is most of the time is a stuck up little prat but is quite nice at other times.

  "Yes my loving prince!" Merlin sing songs sticking his tongue out at me in imitation. I roll my eyes glad my naturally olive skin will conceal my blush since my brother knows I have a huge crush on the lovable prat. I may hate him sometimes but I know I truly do adore him.

   "Very mature Merlin. My apologies Prince Arthur. My brother was dropped on his head multiple times as a child." I say smirking at my fraternal twin. He glares back but ignores it.

   "Don't apologize Mikayla, I'll happily give Merlin time in the stocks when we return instead." Arthur smirked playfully down from his horse at Merlin and I as well. I giggled a bit at this. Then we heard the roar. I locked eyes with my brother. I recognized that growling call anywhere. ]

   "Sir. I hate to alarm but that sounds like... a Griffin." I hesitated knowing it was risky for me to identify it instead of a male.

   "How do you know that Mikayla?" He asked as we rode on. I had a feeling we should turn around something bad was about to happen.

   "When we were young a Griffin attacked our town. Their vicious. It killed nearly everyone who wouldn't give it the respect it demanded. Evil things they are." I said making up a story. In reality they were mentioned in practically every magic book. Nasty little critters demanding respect or death.

  "Woah!" A voice I didn't recognize called. "Down beast down! AHHH!" I shot a glance at Morgana but quickly ran ahead before she could do anything to respond. A man in a long coat was on the ground bloodied up quite badly. He wore glasses and weird red shoes on his feet but the Griffin was quick to approach me. I quickly put up a shield and avoided it's attacks.

  "Mikayla!" Merlin shouted. I swiped my head to the side I shared a knowing look with Merlin. I sighed but did what I knew was right.  I quickly got rid of the shield and allowed the Griffin to try to attack me.

  "Over here! Someone's hurt! We need to get him back to the castle immediately! There's a lot of blood and still a rampaging Griffin!" I shrieked back. Lady Morgana's eyes widened as she saw the blood splatters. I had been on hunts before along with my brother and the prince but it was quite obvious Morgana hadn't.

  "Morgana! Mikayla! Take this man to Gaius immediately! He's needs help! We'll take care of the Griffin!" Arthur barked orders at everyone. As we rushed off to the castle I found myself praying for Arthur's and Merlin's safety.



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