Doctor? Doctor Who?

The Doctor accidently travels to Camelot during the era of no magic. Stuck there after the TARDIS is attacked by a griffin the Doctor discovers that not only is Merlin real, Mikayla (his twin), Arthur and Morgana are as well. Well this ought to be fun!


6. Valiant, The Doctor, and The Tournament

 "Get up!" Morgana screamed. I shrieked as I fell off the comfortable bed.

 "Morgana! Why'd you wake me up?!" I moaned as I got myself ready for the day and such. She shook her head and rolled her eyes and eventually once I was ready pulled me down to her chambers to help her get dressed for today since it was the tournament today we both had to look nice. I wore a bright red servants dress and a pair of brown boots along with the locket I usually wore. Morgana on the other hand wore  an elaborate gorgeous gown knowing that she was part of the prize of winning the tournament.

 As she prepped I ran down to the kitchen to fetch Morgana only to glance in to see my brother and the 'Doctor' speaking. I hide in a corner listening in. "You know you're pretty dumb to ask my sister to dance without asking me first?" I heard Merlin address the Doctor. Really Merlin?! We will be having a conversation about your etiquette.

 "Sorry. You're the twin she mentioned? I would have never known. So you're truly the infamous Merlin. People speak highly of you from where I come from." The 'Doctor' said not even flinching. Wow. Impressive. I decided to give myself up not wanting to even bother hearing my brothers response.

 "Hello! Good Morning Doctor, Merlin!" I grabbed everything that I needed for Morgana's breakfast. "Merlin tell Arthur I wish him luck okay! Well I best be off, Morgana's in a impossible mood about being a 'prize.'" I waved grabbing the tray and smiling before rushing off to Morgana's chambers.

As we arrived at the tournament, I waved goodbye to Morgana and stole a seat near the front of the crowd hoping to get a good view of all the knights and hopefully the prince as well. After about a five hour speech, just kidding more like five minute speech, Uther commenced the fighting. Arthur was up first and I couldn't help but cheer, the other knight gave up after little competition. After much fighting and more preparing the reception begins. I stand next to Morgana and Uther as the knights address them both. Few addressed Morgana and I most directed their attention towards Uther.

 "Knight Valiant of the Western Isles." Uther introduced the next knight. So this is the one everyone keeps saying stands a chance against Arthur. "I saw you fighting today, very aggressive." He nodded respectfully.

 "As my lord says, to lose is to be disgraced." Valiant nodded with no emotion. I noted that.

 "Knight Valiant this is my ward Morgana and her maidservant Mikayla as well as the girl who saved King Doctor." The king noted about me.

 "I saw you competing today." Morgana said cheekily. I almost laughed out loud at her attempt to flirt.

 "I saw you watching, My lady. I understand the tournament champion escorts my lady to the feast." He smirked at her.

 "That's correct." She smiled.

 "Then I will give my everything to win." He said moving onto me.

 "My honor to meet the savior of the King Doctor of Trenzalore. It's very impressive." He said to me. I nodded carelessly.

 "It wasn't a big deal, king or not a life is still a life. Is it not?" I asked the knight.

 "It is. My ladies." He bowed before kissing Morgana's hand and disappearing. I rolled my eyes. I didn't like him. He was creepy and he gave me bad vibes.

 Arthur was next in line and the last to be addressed. "Arthur." Uther addressed him with no heart or care.

"Father." Arthur looked a bit hurt. I glanced over at Morgana and she shrugged.

 "Arthur, I saw you took a hit. How are you? Should I have Gaius make you anything?" I asked hopeful to have an excuse to get out of a feast.

 "I'm fine, Mikayla honestly you worry to much." He said calming me down. I pouted and glared at him for ruining my one way ticket out of being here.

 "They all seem rather impressed by Valiant." Morgana commented. Arthur glared at the mention of Valiant. I nodded.

 "They're not the only ones." Arthur said nodding slowly. I felt bad so I bit my lip and kept quiet as he said that.

 "Jealous are you?" Morgana smirked. She loved being right and it was obvious she was.

 "I don't see anything to be jealous of." Arthur glared at her and walked away. I sighed, him and his pride.

 "Could Arthur be anymore annoying? I hope Knight Valiant wins the tournament." Morgana said as she turned to me.

 "You don't mean that." I tsk'd her attitude. She rolled her eyes.

 "Yes. For once, I do." Morgana said before running off to converse with some knights. I sighed before following Morgana around to chat and such before going to bed.


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