Doctor? Doctor Who?

The Doctor accidently travels to Camelot during the era of no magic. Stuck there after the TARDIS is attacked by a griffin the Doctor discovers that not only is Merlin real, Mikayla (his twin), Arthur and Morgana are as well. Well this ought to be fun!


3. The Stranger Awakens

 "Gaius do you know who this is?" I question after looking up from my book on potions and such once again only to see Gaius staring at the man on the bench once again.

 "I believe I might have met him once. But that was long ago. If this man is truly who he seems to be, you might be very lucky to even have seen him." Gaius said slowly as though he was saying something risky. He then announced he was getting a bit of food from the cooks and walked off.

 "Really? I wonder if Gaius is right. I think by the way Gaius acted he might have magic." Merlin said looking up from the book of spells he had been previously reading. I sighed remembering the earlier incident with the prince.

 "Don't be silly Merlin. You can't even think!" I teased as I saw Prince Arthur pass.

"Merlin why are you sitting around reading? I could use your help!" Arthur scolded.

"Sorry Arthur. I was being lazy don't blame Merlin. I made him actually read to find the needed ingredients for Gaius's works on the stranger while I work on concocting Morgana a sleeping draught." I say protecting Merlin from Arthur's wrath.

"Oh. Well. If Gaius isn't around to work you mustn't collect ingredients and you can help me by rounding up the knights." Arthur said shooing Merlin out the door to venture off and find the knights while he himself stayed behind.

"Arthur shouldn't you go as well?" I said continuing to read about the afflictions that could be causing Morgana her lack of sleep.

"Why should I?" He said examining the man who still lay unconscious on the bench.

"Well they are your knights but other than that I see no reason." I said sarcastically putting down my book. "So what's on your mind?" I asked walking up beside him.

"Nothing. I just wonder why this man was stupid enough to walk alone through the woods near a Griffin." Arthur said looking over at me.

"Maybe he didn't mean to encounter a griffin and did by absolute mistake. Things do happen you know Arthur. We're lucky the poor man didn't die." I tsk'd his attitude. He frowned but  nodded. Then suddenly the strangers eyes blinked open.

"Urgh." He moaned a bit in pain as he sat up. "What happened?" He slurred his words together. I suddenly became alert.

"Lay down!" I became like my mother in an instant. I grabbed a previously made pain draught originally made for drastic wounds Arthur and the knights often received. I poured some into a small cup intended for enough of a dose to definitely numb you to pain but not enough to knock you out. "Drink this." I commanded sternly. I turned to Arthur. "Find Merlin or Gaius please. We'll attend to this. You have training with the knights to attend to. Please try not to kill anyone today." I said in all seriousness. I shooed him off before he could even get a word in. So the stranger awakens.

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