Doctor? Doctor Who?

The Doctor accidently travels to Camelot during the era of no magic. Stuck there after the TARDIS is attacked by a griffin the Doctor discovers that not only is Merlin real, Mikayla (his twin), Arthur and Morgana are as well. Well this ought to be fun!


5. Love or Hate

 "Sorry Morgana!" I called as I raced into her room. She nodded.

 "Miki, I have a question... How do you feel about Arthur?" She said nonchalantly as I picked out a dress for her and shoes  for her.

 "He's kind. Athletic. A knight. The prince. He's very powerful..." I trailed off .

 "Other than that... Emotionally how do you feel about Arthur?" She asked smirking in a way at me. I cursed silently. Morgana could always tell how I feel.

 "I don't know. He's sweet I guess? I honestly have no idea Morgana." I told her as I prepared her for the feast that was being held tonight for the strangers awakening.

 "You know you have to get ready as well. Uther wants you there to celebrate your bravery." Morgana smirked at the apparent dread in my face.

 "Oh no. You are not dressing me up in that stuff!" I said pointing to her dresses and make up. She nodded smirking. She picked out a gold dress for me and black heels. A black necklace and pair of onyx earrings, black hair piece and light golden make up completed the look.

 "Your eating with me and Arthur as well as Merlin. And you look amazing!" She squealed as I glared. Thank god my brother was eating with us. That gave me some bit of console.

  "You know I hate you." I said as I glared at her. "But most of the time after I say that I regret it." I say hugging her as we walked to the stairs. I let Morgana make her grand enterance and then hoping to god I didn't trip I made mine. I slowly walked down the stairs, careful not to trip. I felt the deafening silence as I walked in. I sighed and raced over to Morgana hoping to quietly remain unseen by most. "I hate you." I muttered to her.

  "Ah. Mikayla." Uther addressed me and I bowed before him silently. I waited for Merlin to give me a thumbs up until I stood. "You bravely stood up to a griffin to save our great ally. For that I congratulate you and for that reason we hold this feast."

 "Thank you my lord." I said nodding slowly as I bowed before Uther once again.

 "Then the feast shall begin!" As the feast began I glanced oover at Morgana whom I was now placed next to along with Arthur.

  "Morgana. Who's idea was it for a feast?" I asked her slowly whispering as Uther and the men of the court chatted.

 "Arthur and Merlin had the idea and had me help convince Uther. Arthur adores you, you know... Too bad I have to marry him." She moaned teasing me. I giggled a bit.

 "Ah yes. That's awful Morgana." I said teasing right back.

 "Thank you." A voice piped up in front of me. We both looked up. There sat the man who had been saved. The Doctor was it?

 "Your welcome? It was no problem just out of instinct. If it had been me, I would've hoped someone would have helped me. So in turn I helped you." I said. I saw Arthur glancing over at us so I continued to chat aimlessly.

 "So you act like it's no big deal to stand up to a griffin?" He asked me. I shrugged and nodded.

 "How do you know Uther?" Morgana asked the Doctor.

 "Yes, why does Uther know you?" I questioned him as well.

 "We're allies like he said. We've known each other for my short reign as king in my own region. Anyways you saved me so I owe you many thanks Milady." The 'Doctor' said bowing to me. I nodded.

 "That shall be noted if I ever need a place to escape to, I'll come to your kingdom." I said giving him a fun loving grin.

 "That shall also be noted. So may I have this dance?" He asked me holding out his hand.

 "Of course, my lord." I said bowing laughing out loud. He also laughed along. We danced along to the next song. I felt two sets of eyes on me. One I knew to be my brothers, watching for threats,and the other I didn't recognize. I glanced around but by that time the watcher had disappeared.

 "I've had a wonderful time, thank you for everything.But I think I'm going to dismiss myself for the night, I'm exhausted." I told him waving. I slipped away to Morgana, told her I was leaving and bowed before Uther before leaving for the night. I went straight to bed wondering whether I should know who the person watching me, and if so were they friend or foe?

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