Doctor? Doctor Who?

The Doctor accidently travels to Camelot during the era of no magic. Stuck there after the TARDIS is attacked by a griffin the Doctor discovers that not only is Merlin real, Mikayla (his twin), Arthur and Morgana are as well. Well this ought to be fun!


2. In the Palace Walls

  We arrived at Camelot as soon as humanly possible. I wish I could've used magic but there was a risk that one of the knights or Arthur would see Morgana and I. We rushed into Gaius's room. "Gaius!" I shrieked as we arrived. I was out of breath and carrying the man still but Morgana still looked perfectly prim and proper.

   "Mikayla! What do you have there? A body?" He looked me over. "Put him on the table and go freshen up dear. Morgana can tell me what happened." He said shooing me out of the room. I ran up to the room I was given next to Morgana's. I quickly changed into a navy blue dress. I left the dirty shirt and pants I had borrowed from Merlin next to my bed as I quickly retied my hair into a ponytail. I rushed back to Gaius's room only to see him addressing wounds on a shirtless Arthur with Merlin attending to the beginnings of the mans wounds.

   "Gaius how can I help?" I asked trying not to stare at Arthur.

   "Come dress Arthur's wound while I help Merlin attend to the man you brought in. Courageous of you to run away from the party to save him from the Griffin. If you hand gotten there any later the Griffin might have killed him." Gaius mused. I sighed and went over to Arthur.

  "This might sting a bit." I warned him grabbing one of Gaius's disinfectant concoctions. He nodded and bit his lip expectantly. I rubbed the potion gently on the injury before grabbing a wrap and pulling it around his injury. "There. All better." I said almost whispering.

  "Thank you Mikayla." He said breathily. We stood there for about thirty seconds before my brother had to go and ruin it.

  "Ew Arthur! Twin brother of the girl right here!" Merlin said glaring at Arthur. Since I was about ten minutes younger than Merlin he had always been super overprotective and when I say super I mean, super.

  "Merlin shut up!" I snapped at him turning bright red. I noticed Arthur also had turned a shade brighter.

  "Uh... well thank you Gaius, Mikayla, Merlin you're still a prat! Uh... bye!" Arthur said awkwardly before dashing away. I sighed. Great going brother dearest.

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