Rose Amoung the Bushes

A young girl named rose falls I'll as a child, her battle through life with her condition leads her to life changing decisions, with her brother and friend beside her, her dream just might come true...


1. life begins.


Roses are red, violets are blue, now your gone...every turns blue... 

When you have a child, its like god has sent you a miracle. One minute your wondering if you can go on through the pain and stress, next your holding a bundle of life in your arms. Its soft new skin sitting warm against your bare chest. You want to keep it forever and never let it go... but there comes a time when you have to. Might it be them growing up and moving out or passing away. The time does come. 

My first born was Michael, weighing in at 7lb5oz, came out screaming and yelling. Holding him, his soft groans of new life, his hands no bigger than rounded the size of a table spoon. My husband leaned over to stroke Michaels cheek, when I smiled at him a small tear of joy was running down his cheek. I got to see that tear one more time, 3 years on, when I was giving birth to my second child, Rose. this pregnancy was different the doctors feared that rose wouldn't survive, as the umbilical cord was too small for her, this caused her to be a small baby, only 4lb 9oz. To me that didn't matter, she was alive, brown eyes and a small tuff of black hair. perfection. quite the opposite of her brother who had brown hair and green eyes, more like his dad! 
5 years on, life was great, Michael was loving school, and rose she was only starting primary! Seeing her big brother in school was exciting for her, oh the wonders.

" Mummy," she would say," am I going to Michaels friends?" What she really meant was school. " yes Rose, and just like Michael, you will make friends, and become clever!"  
The first day of primary, rose cried, not wanting to let her mummy go, she grabbed onto me and screamed," MUMMY DON'T GO AWAY," her pale face was now turning red with determination not to go inside. Its a heart breaking situation, inside you don't want your child to go somewhere they've never been before, but you know its what has to be done and that they will get used to it. Looking at Michael you wouldn't have thought he went through the same thing, now all he wants to do is go to school and literally runs from me into the play ground, leaving me standing, watching my 8 year old son having fun with his friends, enjoying his young life to the full.  
2 weeks into primary rose fell ill, I got a phone call at 10:35 saying rose was sick, this is the worst, your child being sick, so many thoughts run through your mind,

" Could it be the flu?" " what if its worse, what if they have a stomach infection or WORSE, CHICKEN POX!" For me it was even worse, I took her home but she got more sick, she complained of pain all over, her skin started to come out in a rash that looked like you had put red water colour circles all over her. Her temperature had sky rocketing. I didn't know what to do! I immediately hoped on the laptop and quickly typed her symptoms into goggle... MENINGITIS!  
" Oh my god!" Was all I could say. I picked rose up and ran out the door, speeding down the road with my hazards on, all I could think was " what if I'm too late!"  
At the hospital I pleaded with the nurses to let me in, I explained everything as quick as I could but they wouldn't listen.

" no no, you have to wait your turn, a doctor will be with you in a while!" 
" A WHILE!" I screamed at her, " my daughter is sick, no while, NOW!" 
Everyone in the waiting room was looking at me in horror as if i was the one sick, mentally sick!  I got the door closed in my face. 
I felt hopeless, rose was flopped in my arms, her brown eyes wide open staring up at the ceiling, her skin was red and sore looking, but I couldn't do one cared.  
I sat for half an hour watching people with an inch cut on their arms go in before me. I looked down at rose, that's when she choked...she was being sick. I stood up straight away and set her on the floor, rolling her onto her side a man came rushing up, not even in life zone I screamed" get help please!"  
" Its OK I'm a doctor!" the voice was calm and soothing.
The relief! I looked up at him seeing double through my tears I let out a cry of pain. He quickly picked rose up and starting thumping her back. I was in a state of terror, a splutter came from roses mouth then she breathed. The best sound live heard since her crying when she was born.As fast as it happened rose was being carried away into A&E on a trolley.

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