Save me (Niall horan fanfiction)

Roxy is your typical teenage girl execpt for a few things nobody knows about. She has nobody to turn to for help and nobody to go to for comfort. Roxy's own worst enemy half the time is herself. She doesnt know it yet, but all she needs is someone on the outside looking in. Thats when she meets Niall horan. Of all people, Niall horan. The chances are hard to comprehend, and the circumstances after are even more difficult to understand. But its just what she needs, and maybe a little bit of what he needs too.


2. Pull it together


       I woke up to the sound of a door slamming. I jerk awake instantly and jump out of bed. Looking out my window I see Nate getting in his car and driving down our long driveway.  As I saw him, I flashed back to last night. Im just like a slave to them. Anytime they feel like it they can use me up for plessure and then throw me away when they are done.  Selfish bastards. You know it happens all of the time. Most everytime Nate has his friends over they do it to me. Either that or half a good game of torture, kicking me and abusing me. I have scars and bruises under my clothes all along my torso and alot on my neck. 


     Even Nate does it to me at times. Forces me, and then abuses me. My mother died after marrying my step dad and then my step dad is always away on bussines trips. He has no idea of course what Nate does to me. And I dont think he really even cares either. Some days I cant manage on my own. I usually end up sleeping all day after a hard beating from the night before. I act all like im fine when really, truly im not. I feel so broken all of the time. So torn up. I have night mares like no other. They haunt me even when im not sleeping and I cant seem to shake them off my mind. 

I just want to feel safe. But my harsh reality is that im not ever safe. Nates friends at school even find me when Nate isnt there and take me to the bathroom to "enjoy" themselves. I cant get away. I remember trying to get away many times and each time they hurt me so bad I couldnt get out of bed for two days afterward. 


After throwing on some holister sweatpants, a t-shirt, some slippers and my hair in a side braid I head to the starbucks by the grocery store. Nothings better than a salted carmel frap and the coffee house station.  

     I just sit there for a while before pulling my mac book out of my bag and checking my blog. Nothing new really. Just a few lucky new follwers, and some reblogs. I dont really have much of a life now that I think of it. I just go to school, sleep, work on my computer and such and thats about it. I wish something even remotly interesting would happen to me other than being tortured by immature sex addicted teeange boys. 

     "Salted carmel Mocha!" I hear from the front counter.

I hop up quick and get my hot drink from the woman, making sure to grab one of those cardboard thingys that keep you from roasting your hands. I walk swiftly back to my booth when I feel something catch on my slipper. It was all slow motion from there. I could feel myself losing grip on my coffee and my body falling back wards. There was no stopping me from the ground at this point. 

Thats when I felt a strong, firm hand grab my lower back, holding me elevated right above the ground. I gasp form the unexpected savior, helping me up. As I got myself back up and brushed off I realized that my savior was hard to see. I couldnt see his face due to the scarf and hat and glasses all covering his face up like a coocoon. It was bizzare I must admit, seeing someone all bundled up so much on a warm day in October. 

"Um, thank you so much. I have always been a bit of a cluts but that was, well a bit crazy." I say after a moment of silence between me and the stranger. 

The stranger nodded, and just looked at me. 

"Well, really thank you that was a really well timed save! I would be groaning of embaressment on the floor of starbucks right now if it werent for you!" I say letting out a giggle.

I then heard a little hiccup-y laugh coming from under the guys scarf. It was honestly the cutest laugh I have ever heard. 

I try not to smile to big in response to his laugh, for fear of looking goofy.

"Myabe I will see you around then?" I ask, raising my eyebrow.

The stranger nods back a yes and then turns to order his own coffee.

As I walk back to my booth gathering my bag and laptop together, I couldnt stop thinking about that stranger. He didnt talk and I couldnt see his face but, I felt a strange attraction to him anyway. I dont even know he is but, he remained in my mind for the rest of the day.


-Nialls P.O.V-

     Dear journal, 

I went to starbucks today. Of course it was hot out today and I still had to wear my scarf, glasses and hat just to make sure I wasnt noticed. Thats really getting annoying, though I wish there was some way I could go unoticed or just be normal sometimes. But I met this girl. Actaully I didnt really even get her name but she was so beautiful. I mean there are alot of pretty girls I have seen but this girl was different. She was, nearly oblivious to her own beauty and she seemed witty. I liked that. It was funny the way we met though. She was fallin on the tile at starbucks and I happened to be close behind so I caught her. After she was really gracious and sweet but she was also so funny, I had to let out a laugh. I felt so stupid when I giggled and I could see her smile big when I did. I couldnt say anything to her either because I am really horrible at american accents and I couldnt talk normal with my british one because it would give me away. I just wish I go her name. I think I will go to starbucks tomorrow again the same time to see if she is there. 

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