Save me (Niall horan fanfiction)

Roxy is your typical teenage girl execpt for a few things nobody knows about. She has nobody to turn to for help and nobody to go to for comfort. Roxy's own worst enemy half the time is herself. She doesnt know it yet, but all she needs is someone on the outside looking in. Thats when she meets Niall horan. Of all people, Niall horan. The chances are hard to comprehend, and the circumstances after are even more difficult to understand. But its just what she needs, and maybe a little bit of what he needs too.


1. Hurting me again


     Its the typical monday, cloudy and drab with a side of boring as hell. I look over my alarm clock reading 6:30 am. I have a feeling already its not going to get better than this. I climb out of my cozy sheets and make my way to the bathroom. "Oh, Roxy. Your such a mess of a person." I say to myself as I look in the mirror. 

     My hair is as usual a matted mess of brown tangles ontop of my head and my eyes couldnt look sleepier. Mornings are obviously not my best time. After my piddling and getting ready I put on makeup and throw on some skinny jeans a vintage band tee, and some old converse. Grabbing my skateboard and backback I run down the stairs to an empty kitchen and a plate of cold eggs. 

"Uh, no way. Just no." I say to myself looking at the eggs my stepbrother made right before he shuffled out the door early this morning.  After making myself a pop tart and a cup of to-go coffee I run out the door.  To my suprise the coulds where just clouds and no rain so far. But the dark complexion of them made me still unsure if there was a storm coming later.


  I skated up to the school parking lot and stuck my board in the back of my backback. Most of the kids were still sitting in the front feild with their books spread out in front of them in the grass studying. "Dammit, I forgot to study." I mumble under my breathe. Today are the first of the finals before school gets out. Im not too nervous but im no genius either. 

"Yea, finals this week remember?" I here, a familiar voice from behind me. 

"Oh, god josh could you just not mock me today?! Im not in the mood." I reply harshly, turning around to see josh, my old friend from middle school, who has now become a complete asshole. 

"Wow, obviously your not in the mood. Well then I will see you after you've failed the finals!" Josh says smirking and walking away with his slut of a girlfriend. God I hate him. 



     -After school- 

Man today was a drag. I just know finals are only going to get worse the rest of the week, and im in no mental state for test taking. I mean seriously, why would they give you the hardest tests of the year, at the end of the year when you are exhausted and honestly dont care anymore?

The clouds are looking a bit scary. They have darkened considerably since this morning. I think I can make it home before it starts pouring. 

Sure enough im home. But I am greeted by an even more gruesum sight than the clouds. My step brother and his friends are home. My heart skips a beat when I see them in the living room playing video games. Im stone cold in the doorway instantly trying my hardest to be silent. I slowly walk across the floor trying to get to the stairs without them noticing me. My heart starts thumping louder and louder as I get closer and closer to the stairs. 

"Roxy?!" I hear a voice sharply peirce my ears. 

I dont say anything. I just stand there frozen in my footsteps hoping they dont see me. 

"Oh, what a wonderful suprise to a great evening. This is going to make my day!" I hear again from another voice.

My heart thumps hard enough im sure they can hear it. 

"Roxy, we can see you. Why dont you come over here and give us a bit of love?" I hear from my step brother. 

I walk over slowly. I see my step brother Nate and his four friends all looking at me smirking an grining. I stand there in fornt of them knowing what is coming next. I hate this. So much. But they are all so much stronger than me and they are fully capable of hurting me severly, in fact they have done it before. I cant stand all of this, its torture. 

"So, who wants to go tonight?" Nate asks smugly to his friends. 

"I would fully enjoy some fun." One of the friends speak up, its jake.

Jake stands up looking at me, towering over my head. "Lets go babe." He says grabbing me.

Jake grabs my waist harshly and forces me down to the basement. Soon enough we are down the stairs looking at the familiar cold damp cement floors and a dim light bulb hanging from the ceiling. 

All of a sudden I feel a sharp pang in my torso. And then another to my stomach. I keel over in pain on my knees and squeze my eyes shut. I feel my body being shoved down hard on the cold concrete. I know whats next. 

"Jake, please. I beg you not to do this! Your better than this, please." I manage to make out to him, still holding my abdomin. 

"No." Is all I hear before he pulls and rips at my clothes. I cry and cry as I feel my shirt being torn off and my pants unbuckled. Next thing I know Im in my bra and underwear on the concrete flooring. I feel a molesting and pain on my chest and my bra is gone. I can feel a burning on my breasts. 

     My legs are pulled apart and I feel Jake hurting me. Forcefully shoving into me and squezzing me. I feel him going in and out abruptly. Its so painful, I can hardly bear it. I feel him push the hardest into me forcing himself inside me. I squeel, in pain letting a tear slip out of my eyes. He goes at me fast and hard and then a rush comes over me and its over. Jake falls on his back sighing and buckling his pants back up. 

Then I hear him get up and shove a boot into my head hard. My eyes roll back in my head and I am overwhelmed in a numb feeling all over my body. I reach up to feel my head and I can feel a liquid substance flowing and dripping form my hair and forehead. 

I finnaly after laying there a long minute on the floor, manage to pull myself up and put my underwear and clothes back on. I rush up the steps of the basement and quickly up the stairs to my bedroom, making sure not to look in the living room at my step brother and his friends. 

I get to my bedroom and and crawl into my bed. I just lay there and cry. I cried for hours im sure because the next thing I know, Im asleep.

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