Save me (Niall horan fanfiction)

Roxy is your typical teenage girl execpt for a few things nobody knows about. She has nobody to turn to for help and nobody to go to for comfort. Roxy's own worst enemy half the time is herself. She doesnt know it yet, but all she needs is someone on the outside looking in. Thats when she meets Niall horan. Of all people, Niall horan. The chances are hard to comprehend, and the circumstances after are even more difficult to understand. But its just what she needs, and maybe a little bit of what he needs too.


3. Authors note! ;P


       Hi, so I dont know if I should continue this story or not. I mean if I do alot would happen in the future with Niall and Roxy, and there would be alot of drama. But Please just comment and tell me if I should keep going or not! I would love to know!  Thank youuuu :* <3

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