Fear can not drive out fear. Only love can do that.


3. Free

The train station was filled with bustling bodies eager to head somewhere. I flipped on my hood and stuck my pillowcase under my jacket. It gave me a bit of a stomach but I didn't have time to carry it. I grabbed as many bills as I could to pay for a train anywhere far from here.

I handed the man the money and he gave me my ticket with a smile. I slowly backed up away from the counter and kept my head down. As soon as it was clear that nobody knew who I was, I ran to the tracks.

The monitor above me read an unfamiliar town name. It sounded pretty uncommon that people wouldn't have interest in it so I decided I would take the train there. It would arrive in a few minutes.

My hands began to tremble as perspiration began to build above my forehead. My knees began to feel weak as I saw bright lights illuminating the tracks up ahead. A horn blew, signaling that it was slowing down to a stop.

Hot air released from the bottom of the train as it came to a complete stop. Eager bodies dispersed through the open doors and I quickly made my way through. I was pushed and bumped around, finally making it to an open seat.

A sigh of relief washed through me. I took off my hood and wiped the sweat from my forehead. The pillowcase was removed from under my sweater which gave me enough room to get comfortable.

My eyes began to feel heavy as the vibrations of the moving vehicle soothed me. I finally gave out and fell asleep.


Events from the previous night rang through my dreams. They were no longer dreams, they became living nightmares. His face in front of mine gave me the chills. I suddenly awoke with a gasp.

The morning sun shone through the window, blinding me for a quick second. I used my hands as a shield from the burning light.

"Next stop, Basset." I heard the conductor say over the intercom.

Where the hell is Basset? Where the hell AM I?!

As the train came to a stop, I took a look around me. A large lake stood to my right along with a small store. There were only a few people outside greeting the train passengers. Through talks of some riders, I found out that this was more of  a 'pitstop'. I grabbed my bag and got off the train. I followed the small crowd of people into the shack where I made myself a coffee. I hadn't eaten in almost a day.

I walked over to the cash register to purchase my drink.

"Will that be all?" I heard a young man say.

I just gave him a small nod without looking up.

"That'll be 97 cents ma'am."

I handed him a dollar. "Keep the change." I replied, this time, looking up to make eye contact with green eyes and a full smile.

"Have a nice day."

Once again, I just nodded and made my way out of the store.

I cupped my hands around the warm cup as the cool air created goosebumps on my body. I heard the train's horn blow, signaling that it was about to pull off. I decided that I would stay here. Something about this place brought a smile to my face.

I lean against the wooden ramp, overlooking the lake. Calm waters, a cool breeze, and  the sounds of birds chirping, all to remind me that I've broken the chains.



I'm free.

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