Fear can not drive out fear. Only love can do that.


2. Escape

I have to get away. I can't be here anymore. It's become too dangerous.


I quietly make my way to the bedroom door as my blood-covered hands clasp the doorknob. A small creak is all that is heard. My drawer is the next thing to be opened. Clothes spill out as I stuff them into a wrinked pillowcase. I swing it over my shoulder and make my way across the dark hallway. Shadows linger on the walls, causing my heart to beat twice as fast. I pass him, lifeless on the floor. There it is... the door. Once I go through that door, I will have escaped my past. I will never come back.


The cold, night air catches me by surprise as I breath in heavily. My thoughts are suddenly interrupted by a groaning noise. I don't even react, I just run. Blood pumps through my veins at its fastest as the street lights illuminate my small body. Wind whips through my hair as I run. But, where was I to go? I suddenly remember a house that was to the left of my trail. It was the house I used to visit as a child. She was one of my mother's good friends.


I shift directions and head towards the house. My sweaty hands bang on the glassframe as tears start streaming down my face. I was silently praying that the woman still lived here. Suddenly, a light turns on above my head. It was the porch light to be exact. A sigh of relief went through me .


I hear steps coming towards the door.


"Please! Please let me in! Please help me!" I scream once the door is opened.

The woman doesn't recognize me at first. It had been four years since the last time I saw her. But, she notices my facial features through the bruises and cuts. I could tell she saw my mother in me. She immediatley let me in.


The shock on her face never left after I explained to her what had just happened. She knew I had to get away. She knew I had to go as far away from this town as possible.


Her cold hands touch my shoulder, where just under her fingertips, my red dress strap was falling. Goosebumps form on my arms as she leads me to the bathroom. I stand in the doorway as she rummages through the cabinet under the sink. Shiny, silver metal is visible in her hands while she hands the object to me.

"What's this for?" My voice is a bit hoarse, my eyebrows furrow in confusion.

"You have to change your identity. From here on out, you're life is not going to be the same." Those were the only words that escaped her lips.


She stands in the doorframe and watches me as the hair falls to the ground. The scissors take off my most prized possession as it hits the floor.

She still didn't look satisfied with my appearance.


She quickly walked down the dark hall and disappeared into a room as I stay there, observing my reflection. The light clearly highlighted my bruises showing the tints of blue and purple and the cuts were fresh, dry blood beginning to form.

The woman, whose name still remains forgotten, walks back into the bathroom, catching me off guard as I gasp. I was still on the edge, frightened that he followed.

She hands me two boxes of hair dye, I immediatley knew what I had to do. I rip open the box and follow the instructions.


By the middle of the night, my long, dark hair had turned into something like the sun. Short and light. I was stripped of my dress which was replaced by a t-shirt and jeans. Makeup covered most of my bruises, however, the cuts could not be hidden.

"Here, take this." She says, handing me some money.

I couldn't possibly take it from her. She's done so much for me.

"No, please. I can't possibly take it."

"You need to get away from here. Take the train somewhere far. Call me when you find somewhere safe."


Those were the last words I heard before I was left on my own to find refuge. I needed to find somewhere safe and away from here. I needed to start all over.


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