This Love (16+)

“Have some fun with me, just one more time...” He whispered, his breath was warm and his curls tickled my neck. This was all too much for me to handle, I was tempted, maybe even attracted to this somewhat bad guy who’s not aware of the fact that I might die any minute.


1. let's have some fun

“Hot guy, three o’clock.” Jennie put her glass down in a hurry to fix her hair for the dark haired boy coming our way. Another one of those footie douches, buff body, straight hair in a quiff and a polo shirt on top of that hairless torso. Sure they were hot, really hot. But they all look the same.
“He’s coming our way so I’ll go… Get drunk.” I let out a small giggle but Jennie quickly grabbed my arm, “Don’t drink too much, you know I get worried.”
I rolled my eyes dramatically since her worrying isn’t affecting me in any way, I get drunk every weekend, and only once out of those hundred nights something happened, just a faint and then I was fine. But the faint wasn’t caused by the cancer, it was by the alcohol. Nobody understood that except me.
I “suffer” from cancer, but it doesn’t show, because I might just not want to fight it. I don’t think the chemotherapy gives me a bigger chance of living, if I die, I die. But I’m not going to die.

I poured some more vodka in the red cup as I made eye contact with a guy, a hot guy. Not a football douche hot guy, he had tattooed arms, curly hair and very, very, very sexy eyes. Damn those eyes.
“Evening.” He greeted and gazed at me from tip to toe before he met my eyes again.
“You’re hot.”
I let out a giggle, “You sure know how to be romantic, stranger.” I lift an eyebrow.
“I’m Harry. Styles.” He spoke in a husky voice.
“Leighton,” I said in a slur, the alcohol was really kicking in but I was still able to see every detail of the amazingly hot creature in front of me, the green eyes, the toned collar bones and the sharp outline of his plump lips.
Harry took a step closer to me so that he was almost touching me, which he did only the second after, placing his hand on my hip. A huge smirk formed on his lips “Let’s have some fun.”
Now afterwards, I wish I had said no, but I was too drunk to even react before he dragged me to the nearest bedroom.


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