First Years -A Harry Potter Fanfiction-

My name is Miranda Malfoy, daughter of Draco Malfoy, former death eater. When I was 7, I realized that I could do things that ordinary people couldn't. I watched extraordinary things happen before my eyes, and listened as the foreign words rolled off of my tongue. My father told me of this foreign language, it being Possle Tongue. I am now age 11, readying for my journey to Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardy.


1. Chapter1.

I watched as my father eyed someone with black hair, thick-rimmed glasses, and a lightning shaped scar on his forehead. My father gave him a knowing smile, which the man returned, before looking back down at me.

"Alright, Miranda, have you gotten everything?"

"Yes, father. Who was that you were looking at?"

"Harry Potter. You've heard of him, I'm sure. We used to be the worst of enemies, but one day, he saved my life. I've never been so grateful in my life." he says as he fixes the loose stringlets of hair behind my ear. "That is, of course, until you and your brother came along." He smiles at me, pulling me into a hug.

"Da, what if I get sorted into Slytherin?"

"Then Slytherin would've gained a great new witch, but the hat takes your opinions into consideration," he says as he pulls away from me.



"The 11 o'clock train to Hogwarts is boarding now," the announcer says.

I look at my dad and smile, picking up my suitcase and owl, and making my way onto the train. I walk down the corridors and stop at a compartment door, seating three people, talking. I slide the door open slightly and peek my head in.

"My apologies for interrupting, but may I sit here?" I ask.

"Of course," the girl with oragnish-brownish hair replies.

I smile at them and open the door fully. I walk in and place my suitcase and owl above the seats on the barrier. I close the door back and ask their names.

"I'm Albus. Albus Potter." The dark-haired boy shakes my hand.

"Rose Weasley. Pleasure." The girl introduces herself.

"Lewis Longbottom." The heavy-set boy with dark hair introduces himself.

"Pleasure. I'm Miranda Malfoy." I smile at them as I watch their mouths agape in shock.

"Draco's daughter?" Albus asks.

I nod. "Yes, but please, don't judge me for my father's actions. He may have been awful in his years at Hogwarts, but he certainly has changed. Also, I'm a lot like him when it comes to loyalty."

"Loyalty?" Lewis scoffs. "He was a death eater."

"Yes, he was, but when Albus' father saved his life, he changed his."

They all look at me in shock as if I had spoken something that they had not known.

"My father s-saved his life?" I nod. "Why? How?"

"I don't know. He never told me the story, but I'll ask."

Albus nods and for a while, there is a silence between the four of us. Not awkward or uncomfortable, just peacefully, blissful silence.

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