I saved your life

Maria was an ordinary girl until her dreams came true and she fell in love...


21. Who Are These People?

1 Week Later

Harry 's P.O.V.

It's been a week and time went by pretty fast. The day after I came Maria's dad and sister came over to the hospital and the rest of our American tour has been cancelled. Maria's dad gave me the cold shoulder as soon as he saw me there, he just stared at me coldly then walked onto the other side of the hospital bed. His stare looked as if he was saying it's all your fault. We sat there for about two hours not saying anything, whilst Shantel went off to the hospital canteen, just staring at Maria until I said, "so...um...Mr Taylor. How you've been?" 

"I've been fine Harry. How's your life been?" he replied not looking at me, just at Maria.

"Fine Mr Taylor. You know I feel horrible right?" I said staring at the floor.

"Yes but don't we all feel bad?"

"Mr Taylor if there's anything I can do to gain your approval at the least?"

"You can leave." But then he broke down into tears.

"Mr Taylor she'll be ok." 

"Of course you'll say that. You don't know what it's like to lose your family. They're all I have left."

"Mr Taylor, I do know. When my dad left I thought my life was over but instead, I opened my heart up to both my parents new partners and I had a bigger family. A bigger, happier family."

"But at least they're alive."

"What do mean?"

"Two years before Maria was born my parents, brother and younger sister and Maria's mum went on a trip over to America. We were all in a restaurant, minding our own business except I had forgot..." Mr Taylor paused and stared straight through me.

"You forgot what?"

"You see, I was in the army before I met my wife and when I was over in a country, I won't say the name of, I was captured by the enemy. The enemy abused me, whipped me, treated me as a slave. A month later I was found by the others in my troop and the men that captured me were arrested. But whilst they were being arrested one of them growled at me 'you will pay for this, even if it costs your loved ones.' I dropped out of the army the next month and returned home determined to keep my family safe. Which I did until we went on a trip over to America. We were in a breakfast cafe and the news was on. Suddenly on screen came the image of the three men that captured me. They had escaped. A police search was on and they had apparently run off to America. I got so worried I took my wife, who at the time was my girlfriend, and took her behind the restaurant to explain the situation. She understood but I was too late. 1...2...3...4 gun shots had been heard inside the restaurant. My wife and I ran into the restaurant to see the dead bodies of who were the only people left in my family. My parents never saw Maria, they didn't get to go to my wedding. They didn't see little Shantel..." he said and broke back down into tears. 

"Mr Taylor , you're a true hero. Stop beating yourself over your past. I'm sure your parents and brother and sister were watching you up there in the big sky." I got up and sat next to him.

"You know Harry, I've never told anyone that story to anyone. Just my wife, because she was there. I haven't even told Maria and Shantel." 

"Thanks Mr Taylor, that means a lot." 

"Call me Richard." He said giving out a hand.

"Thanks Richard. Does that mean we're ok now?"

"Yes, just don't tell anyone I told you this story. Or I will make you regret saying a word."

"I'll make sure." Then Maria's mother came into the room on crutches. 

"Angela! Thank goodness you're ok! Where have you been? Where did they keep you? Are you alright?" 

"I'm fine Richard. I see you're friends with Harry now, what changed your mind."

"I just thought we're a lot alike. Right lad?"

"That's right Richard." I said grinning.

"Aw, my poor baby. Is she going to be alright?" Maria's mum asked. 

"We hope so." I said looking at her.

"Look! Her eyes are moving! She's awake! She's awake!" Shantel said walking into the room with Austin on her side. Oh great...Austin.

Maria's P.O.V.

It's felt like ages since I last saw light. I feel like I've been stuck in an empty body and been denied access to light. I don't remember much, I just remember the basics. My name is Maria Sophia-Grace Taylor and I am 16. I am a girl. And that's it. 

I woke up to see several faces staring at me. A woman in crutches, a little girl, a guy with curly hair and adorable smile, a guy with cute messy hair and gorgeous eyes and a man sitting next to my bed with dark hair and you could tell a beard was coming. A person in a white coat came in and shined a light through my eyes and prodded my arms and asked me questions. They asked me what I remembered and all I said was the basics, what I told you. Some more people came into the room and asked me to get up. My body felt heavy but I felt strong enough to get up. I pulled myself up with the help of the ladies in the white dresses whilst the man who shined a light into my eyes earlier observed me. I almost fell but got back up. The doctor said to the guy with the beard, "she'll be ok. She might not be able to travel back home yet but if there's a place she could possibly stay..."

"Um, I have a place. I'm sure my mum wouldn't mind." The guy with messy hair and a cute smile said. 

"Thanks Austin." the woman in the crutches said looking at him. 

"Au-Austin?" I said. 

"Yes. I'm your boyfriend? Remember me?" Austin said. 

"I-I think so." The boy with curly hair gave him a death stare."Who are you?" I asked the little girl.

"I'm your sister. Shantel. I'm 13." the little girl said, but she looked as if she was going to cry. 

"Sh-Shantel?" I stuttered. Then the little girl ran out of the room. 

"Shantel wait! Come back here!" yelled the guy with the beard. 

"I'm sorry. Did I say anything wrong?" 

"No sweetie, she just had to do something." the woman in the crutches said, she then hopped off in the direction in which the little girl ran off in. 

"And who are you?" I said turning towards the man with beard coming. 

"I'm your father. Richard." I looked at him trying so hard to remember him. But I just couldn't. 


"Yes, I'm your dad." 

"And finally, who are you?" I said turning towards the guy with the curly hair.

"I'm your best guy-friend" he mumbled.

"What's your name?" I looked into his eyes and I saw something. I felt some kind of connection. 

"Harry. Harry Styles." He said getting up and walking away. 

"H-Harry," he turned around, "you will come back right? Best friends don't leave each other." He laughed and said,

"I promise." and walked away. Austin turned to the guy who observed me and asked,

"will she be able to travel to Miami?" 

"Why not. The hospital will make sure she gets on a safe and stable plane though. We don't want anything happening that will trigger anything inside her that will make her fall back into her coma."He replied. 

"When will she be able to leave?" my dad asked.

"I can say, probably, by tomorrow." 



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