I saved your life

Maria was an ordinary girl until her dreams came true and she fell in love...


13. Record Deal

The next day my mum came in with some amazing news! She worked as a music producer trainee. "Girls, Richard! Come in here. I have some exciting news!" My mum yelled. We all sat in the living room waiting for my mum to deliver the news. "as you all know, I was a music producer in training. Now I have finished training and now officially a music producer!" 

"Omygosh mum that's amazing!! We NEED to celebrate! Let's go out. My treat." 

"Maria why thank you but I don't feel like celebrating with food. I feel like celebrating by signing two new wannabe singers into the music industry..." I knew what was coming next. My sister and her friends always get everything. It's so unfair! 

"Maria, Shantel; would you like to be the first to be signed to me and my music company?"i thought I was about to die. I get to record my own tracks and make albums with my mum being my manager? Yes please! "Maria? Would you?"

"would I!? mum I'd love to! Thank you so much for the opportunity ! So me and Shantel are gonna be a duo group?" I asked excitedly.

"no no no Maria. You and Shantel will be solo artists. I can't have either of your voices being drowned out by each others voices. Both your voices must be heard." 

"Mum this AMAZING! When do we start recording?" 

"Tomorrow after school." 

"Yay! I love you so much mum!"

"me too." Squeaked Shantel.

"I love you both." Said my mum smiling pulling us both in for a hug. My dad was in the corner of the room making a sad puppy dog face. "Ok Richard I love you too." She said gesturing our dad to come overand join our group hug. I love my family, I love my life. I just wish I had a boy to love again...

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