I saved your life

Maria was an ordinary girl until her dreams came true and she fell in love...


19. Paparazzi, Photos and Explainations

Harry's P.O.V.

I woke up with Maria on my chest and her hand was still holding mine. She looked so cute when she was sleeping, nothing like the girl I had gotten to know over the past year or so. Her eyes fluttered open and that's when I saw her smile again. "Hey, we kinda fell asleep in the park." She just giggled. 

"Are we really in a park?" she murmured.  

"Yep, and I don't think anyone has seen us yet so we might wanna get out of here before someone catches us or you will have a lot explaining to do."

"Why just me?" she moaned, I could tell she still wasn't fully awake.

"Just you because you're the one dating someone and will be dripping wet." She looked confused until I gestured towards the small pond not far away from us.  

"Oh..."she said slowly then realised and jumped up. "No way would you dare Harry." I could tell she was fully awake now.

"I would dare. You've dated me! You know what I'm capable of!" I smiled cheekily. 

"Yeah you probably would. But I don't want to walk, I'm tired." she moaned again. 

10 minutes later

I don't know how this happened. I guess the female mind is more capable of things I've never thought of before. And this female mind seemed to have tricked me into giving her a piggyback until we reach Starbucks. I put her down and hugged her, she hugged back tightly. "Thanks Harry, you're always there for me." she whispered into my ear.

"I'll always be here for you."  I whispered back. She let go from the hug and we both went in the opposite directions. I decided not to go home and instead I went to Niall's house.

Maria's P.O.V.

I had a great time with Harry. I knew that Harry could make me smile again,he's got a true talent to make people smile. Maybe that's why I liked him so much, coz he could make a rainy day look like it's a bright, sunny day. I looked at my phone, 6am. I reached my house, unlocked the door and quickly changed into pyjamas. The whole house was filled with heavy snores soI was guessing everyone was asleep. I crept into my room and fell asleep as soon as my head hitthe pillow; I dreamt about Harry and nothing else. I woke up blurry eyed and my mum was facing me and shaking me to wake up. I looked at the time, 12 in the afternoon. "Up, up, up!"she yelled.

"But it's a Saturday!" I moaned under the duvet.

"Saturday and you've got a meeting today with the team at 1, rehearsals at 3 and a show at 6."Oh yeah, I forgot, I wasn't an ordinary teen any more. 

"Urg. Fine, I'll get up." I got out and changed. My mum, dad, sister and I drove to the meeting place to meet the team. This time it was my publicist's turn to speak. She logged onto the internet and then I realised what she was about to show. A picture of me and Harry in the park came up onto the big screen. Oh no... Everyone stared at me and I felt myself go bright red. "Okay before anyone says anything...It's not what it looks like!"

"Then what is it Maria? explain it to all of us what exactly is happening in this picture." I felt theheat of everyone's stares. My dad looked at me with anger, frustration and something else I couldn't figure out.

"Okay, so me and dad got into a little argument. I was going to call Austin but then I realised that he's in America right now and I just needed someone to talk to..."

"So you called Harry?" my publicists, Marie, questioned.

"Yes, he was the only one left on my contacts list that I could talk to."

"So then how did you end up under that tree in that park because it doesn't look too familiar to me Maria?" The people outside the office have were now peaking through the windows and eaves dropping on our meeting now. 

"I met Harry behind Starbucks and we walked over to the park to talk and catch up on things."

"Maria he didn't do anything to you did he?"My dad looked at me and I could see that he was waiting for my answer and he looked like he was hoping for only one answer.

"No. We just talked and caught up on things." I looked towards my dad and I saw a sign of relief wash over him.

"So how come you're lying on his chest and holding hands?" 


"Maria we need answers and we need them now! No hesitations!" my publicists snapped.

"I was doing that because we were both tired and I didn't want to put my head on the ground, like how ew is that, so I put my head on his chest." I babbled.

"and your hands?" 

"We were playing the electricity game. You know, the game where you squeeze the other persons hand to pass on the electricity." I knew Marie wasn't buying it so I said, "I won the game in the end." She just rolled her eyes and a picture of Harry giving me a piggy back came onto the screen. 

"Now explain this." she huffed crossing her arms over her chest.

"Because I won the loser had to carry the winner on their back." I think Marie just gave up on me because she rolled her eyes and moved onto a slideshow onto what should do to maintain my good girl image etc.

Harry's P.O.V.

I knocked on Niall's door, it was around 6:30am and knowing him he was probably asleep. I banged onto the door and rang the doorbell continuously for 5 minutes. Still no reply. Then I remembered that Niall always left his bathroom window open. I went round the corner and grabbed one of the bins. The gap was big enough for me to just squeeze through so I jumped on top of the bin and james bond style leapt then fell through the window. Niall still didn't wake up! Man he's some deeepp sleeper! I went over to his room and saw that his arm was wrapped around Gabby. aw the two love birds. "nialler, dude, wake-up!" I whispered/shouted. He just turned on his side. I went over to him and started shaking him, "Niall, dude wake-up!" I shouted. That's when I realised that it wasn't Niall, it was Gabby. she turned around and rolled onto the floor. Niall got up instantly, "Harry, dude why are you here at this time?" He huffed whilst giving a hand out to Gabby and helping her back onto the bed. 

"I just spent a bit. Of time with Maria..." gabby overheard.

"omygosh! Harry did you do anything to her?" gabby whispered.

"I just kissed her. Nothing more. Maria's different guys, I wouldn't do anything to hurt her." 

"you better not Have Harry. remember that she still has a boyfriend." 

"Don't remind me." I frowned then sat in the floor cross legged. 

"Harry, it doesn't mean you can't chase after her still." Gabby said and sat down next to me. 

"Yh Harry, if you really like her you're not gonna stop chasing her." Niall said still on the bed. 

"waking up with Maria lying on my chest and feeling her heart beat against the beat of my heart made me miss having her. And I'm not going to lose hr again. This time I'm fighting for her!" I said in a harsh tone. I saw through the corner of my eye Gabby smiling. a pillow came flying across the room hitting me straight in the face. 

"Harry, back off! She's my fiancé remember! And get out of my room! I still gotta sleep!" Niall yelled but i could tell he was trying not to laugh. i just laughed and walked away. 


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