I saved your life

Maria was an ordinary girl until her dreams came true and she fell in love...


11. Missing you

Everyday Harry would call, text or Skype me.The time is different over in the USA so whenever Harry called me it would like one in the morning here and 6pm over there. It was hard but we made it work...until school came around again. literally everyone one bombarded me with questions about Harry and me and if we were an item etc. that made missing Harry even worse. everyday someone different would go up to me telling me or asking me news about Harry. my dad found out about Harry and me but for some reason he seemed totally cool about it. he'd help me fight my way through interviewers and photographers that were waiting for me before and after school and who were waiting for me everyday as soon as I would get home. I bet things were even harder on Harry too. I miss him so much. I was getting a lot of hate from fans of Harry on social media so I decided to delete all my accounts and a couple fans at school would just act all rude to me or just blank me whenever I walked past. at least I still had my friends, they were so happy about my new relationship but I didn't want it to change our friendship. I had introduced all the other girlfriends of the other boys to my friends and they seemed to bond instantly. I didn't know we all went to the same school,eventhough they were all in 6th form and apart from Perrie, so me and the boys girls and my girls all became one whole group. Me and the boys girls helped pull each other through the long school weeks but although all the girls were with me it just wasn't enough to pull me through the pain and heart ache. I just so badly wanted to be back in Harry's arms and hear his voice for real and not over the phone or video call. 

One day this girl went up to me, I think her name was Sophie, she showed me a pic of Harry and supermodel Cara Delvinge and I nearly died. how, what, why!?  I guess Harry isn't missing me.

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