I saved your life

Maria was an ordinary girl until her dreams came true and she fell in love...


12. Heartbreak

I went home that day and stayed in my room and cried. That's pretty much how I dealt with situations, cry and listen to music. Gabby and Caitlin tried to explain to me that Harry would never do that and that that picture was probably taken out of context. I knew what they were saying was true but for some reason my brain don't want to believe them, my heart did but not my mind. I called Harry up but his phone was off. and the day after...and the day after that...and a day after that. He eventually stopped answering my phone calls,texts and video calls. 

Two weeks went by and I still hadn't heard from Harry. That's when I decided that enough was enough. I got my phone and texted Harry and waited for a reply. an hour went by and Harry still hadn't replied. half an hour later he called Harry called me. It felt great to hear his voice again, his deep, rough voice. I could just imagine his sea green eyes and his gorgeous curls that fell in the right place. Wait. Maria you shouldn't think about that because that is just making what your about to do feel even worse. "hi Harry." I whispered.

"hey Maria. Babe I've missed you so much."

"really coz that picture of you and cara didn't look like you were missing me."I said in a sharp tone.

"what! No! That picture was taken out of context! believe me! Niall and Zayn were with me. Talk to them if you don't believe me."

"Harry no I believe you, it's just that..." My eyes started to water.

"babe what's wrong?" Harry sounded so concerned. That made it even harder.

"I think we should just be...friends." 

"what! Why? Maria is it that picture coz I swear nothing happened!" 

his voice was making this so hard, "Harry it's not that. Well it's not just that. It's just that it's so hard being away from you. I can't take the media anymore. I can't take not being able to see you anymore and hearing from you anymore. All the hate I'm getting from fans is just not right too. My grades are slipping and it's just so hard..." Suddenly I burst into tears. 

"Maria please give me another chance. Give us another try." Harry begged.

"bye Harry. Talk to you later. Maybe." I said putting down the phone then crouching on the floor crying my eyes out. my mum heard me and went over to me. She must've heard what just happened because she said to me, 

"i know baby, your first heartbreak is always hard. Especially when you love him too much but

you know you gotta let him go." 

"It's too hard to make our relationship work. You just wouldn't understand." I croaked.

"really? How'd you think I met your father?"

"Dad was your first true love?" 

"Yep. We broke up after our parents kept us apart and two years later got back together. If he loves you enough he'll come back and fight for you. And I have a feeling Harry was the one for y

ou but now wasn't the right time."  

"You always know what to say mum. I admire you for that." Giving my mum a hug.

" What can I say? Mothers know best." Said my mum hugging me back tighter.

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