I saved your life

Maria was an ordinary girl until her dreams came true and she fell in love...


16. Falling For You

Today I had a date with Austin and I couldn't wait. Finally something to get over Harry. Austin is an adorably cute guy, he's perfect boyfriend material. But I'm not gonna think that too far ahead yet. It's been almost a week since the album release party and Austin has been in and out of the hospital to get his face checked out because Harry hit him a lot harder than we all thought he did. So he didn't have time for our date just yet. 


Austin knocked on my door holding a red rose and with a huge smile. He was dressed in a suit but made it look really casual because he wore these awesome red and white shoes. I could see he was nervous but very calm. I felt myself go completely red taking the rose whilst linking my free arm into his arm. "You look stunning." He said.

I spent all morning looking for the perfect out. I finally decided on a classic red mini dress with my hair piled on top of my head. I decided not to wear make-up and just go all natural. I wore a pair of white sneakers just to make it more casual and comfy. "Thanks. You're not just saying that are?"  

"Nope. And you look perfect with or without make up." I kissed him on the cheek. 

"So what do you have planned?" I looked up at him. 

Looking down at me he said," You'll see." Then he unlinked from me, took my hand and we ran. We ran until we reached a bus stop. We got on a bus and went over to the train station and from there we got the tube. We got off a station near London and then he covered my eyes with his hands. He whispered into my ear, "Don't open your eyes until I say you can."

"What if I don't trust you?" I said sarcastically. 

"If you didn't trust me then you wouldn't be walking around London with me covering your eyes."

"True point." I giggled allowing him to guide me. When he finally let me open my eyes I saw that we were on the London Eye and I was breathless. A table with a red and white checked pattern was on it. On top was a lit candle and two plates. Two chairs were on either side of the table. Austin pulled my chair out for me like a true gentleman then sat opposite me. We were served, actually it was already on the plate, spaghetti and it was so yummy. After that the London Eye stopped at the bottom to clear away our table and other stuff and the people helping us got off. The London Eye started to go round again but this time the lights on the outside lit up into all sorts of colours; red,purple, green, blue etc. Austin laid down a blanket and got out his guitar. He sat on the bench while I sat on the blanket. He has an amazing voice! He sang a cover of Love Story by Taylor Swift. Halfway through he moved from the bench to the blanket and sat next to me. He looked me in the eyes and I felt what I haven't felt in a while. Love. We communicated by just looking into each others eyes. He gave me butterflies. When the song ended we both leaned in and our lips met. His lips were so soft and his kiss had so much meaning. The only time someone else has ever kissed me like that was Harry. I think I actually have fallen for Austin. I think that...I love him.

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