I saved your life

Maria was an ordinary girl until her dreams came true and she fell in love...


5. Backstage

"The boys would like to see you." Said a security guard with a gruff voice. "Please follow me backstage."

We did as we were told and followed him. Halfway down the hallway Louis comes whizzing past on a golf cart and security guards huffing and puffing follow closely behind. I was laying so much at how immature and childish Louis was but in an adorable way. We finally came to a door saying "one direction's room". Shannon and I were led inside to find all four members just chilling-Louis was probably still being chased on a golf cart by security guards. As soon as I entered Harry looked up and smiled. I blushed.  

Niall, see I'm getting better at learning there names, was busy skyping his, I think, girlfriend. Her name was Gabby and she was so pretty! She had bright blue eyes and brown, long hair. She reminded me of Marley from Glee. Niall started singing to her and his gorgeous Irish accent got stronger. he was singing her an Irish lullaby; I think. Liam was busy too, he was on snap chat sending his girlfriend Caitlin a load of funny, and slightly rude, pics of him and she would reply with a bunch of pics of her laughing. Caitlin was so pretty too! She has long hair that went past her shoulders and was and such a cheeky smile just like Liam's. Zayn was on twitter tweeting a load of thank you's about the concert. 

harry got up and started walking slowly towards me. Shannon had gone off and was sitting next to Zayn taking a bunch of random selfies together. Harry took my hand and took me outside. "Hey." He said with his deep, rough voice. 

"Hi." I mumbled, trying so hard NOT to freak out.

"thanks for uh, saving me from that truck a while ago. " I could tell he was nervous. why would a star like him be so nervous around a girl like me? 

"No problem but I wasn't planning on landing on top of you."

"I'm glad you did. Otherwise I would have never been able to meet you" 

"Harry you have so many girls after you. Why me?" 

"Because not only did you save me. When you looked me in the eyes you saw into me. You didn't freak out like other girls would. You didn't go off and tell your friends what just happened. You stayed with me. " 

"That's only cuz I didn't know who you were before I saw you on the stage and my friend was telling me about you and.."Harry grabbed my face and pressed his soft lips against mine. 

"When can I see you again?" He asked.

"Whenever." I whispered, writng down my phone number on his hand and then disappearin off to get Shannon. 


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