I saved your life

Maria was an ordinary girl until her dreams came true and she fell in love...


14. Albums and Singles

It took almost a year but I did it! I've created my first no.1 single, which went to number one in the UK on my 16th birthday! And my first album has ju/st been completed.My sister and I were competing against each other to get the actual record deal because unfortunately only one could have the record deal and plus, she wasn't old enough. Ha ha! I was nervous the first day, I got into the studio and basically blanked out. I'd never performed in front of people before, so I was nervous. What if I wasn't good enough! What if I sounded terrible. I had a little panic attack and my mum had to come into the little echoey room you record in and told me close my eyes and count to ten. I asked if I could keep my eyes closed and she said yes. So there I was. I was singing a song I had written while me and Harry were, you know, together. I closed my eyes and it took me back to when I first met Harry. I sang, eyes still closed, I sang the song as if I was singing it to Harry. I looked into his eyes and said that I'm sorry for letting him go and that I did love him. One of the lines were"Barely strangers, barley friends, only lovers till the end." It was sort of an apology and love letter to Harry all in one.  

Today we are going to have an album release party for me and everyone from syco(the company I'm signed too) is coming, including all the other artists that record there. I was so excited to see what other talented people were working at the studio and to see my friends again since my mum pulled me out of school after I got signed and she started home schooling me. I still saw them but only ever at the weekend. I knew that tonight was going to amazing! I had a record deal, an number no.1 single and now my album was coming out. My friends, family and the people who have made my dreams better what could ruin my night?

3 hours later

We arrived at the venue and there were so many photographers already there, for some reason I seemed to recognise some of them. I had my friends all on my side, Heloise, Gabby, Caitlin and Perrie and Zayn were coming later with the boys but I don't think Harry was planning on coming. We stepped into the venue all dressed up in beautiful dresses, make-up done and hair refined. We looked like proper babes. That was the first night I've ever felt beautiful and confident. 

1 hour later

So many people were here and I had managed to somehow get round and talk to everyone, including Simon Cowell (dunno why he was here, but oh well). Heloise and Louis, Gabby and Niall, Caitlin and Liam and Perrie and Zayn all arrived together. The boys sported suit and ties whilst the girls each wore their favourite colour, gabby wearing a burgundy cocktail with a low back whilst her long hair was in curls and fell just over her shoulders. Caitlin wore a purple dress that had a giant slit through it but kept her modesty and her long hair fell past her waist. Helly wore a blue mini cocktail dress and her hair was worn in a messy bun with specks of glitter. Perrie wore sequin dress that caught the disco light. There was no sign of Harry. This boy came up to me, he had fluffy hair and his eyes were a mixture of sea green and sky blue. The first time he spoke I could tell he wasn't from the UK. His name was Austin, Austin Mahone, and he was from Texas. He was adorable he would do his  best to flirt but  something would come along and totally mess him up. He asked me on a date and I said yes giving me a small kiss on the cheek making him blush. That's when Harry walked in and things turned slightly ugly...

Harry's P.O.V. 

I didn't but I did at the same time want to go tonight. My ex girlfriend was celebrating the release of her album and I just new she was going to find a way to make my heart skip a beat and make me speechless. Just thinking of her makes me speechless and my heart race. The boys managed to drag me along eventually and when I saw her my heart stopped. She was just so beautiful. Her dark hair with little ringlets of curls bounced whenever she walked and her long red dress made her figure look amazing and made me speechless. It took me a few moments until I realised... She was  in the arms of another guy. She kissed him. It made so mad. That's why I did what I did. I didn't mean to hurt anyone. Especially Maria. What did I just do?

Maria's P.O.V.

Harry arrived a couple minutes after the other boys came. He stood at the entrance for a while staring at me. I had that nervous feeling I had when we dating. My stomach turned. Harry was coming over. Actually, he was marching up to me. He pulled Austin to the side then pinned him down to the floor. "Stay away from my girlfriend!?" Harry huffed heavily. 

"Your his girlfriend?" squeaked Austin under the weight of Harry. 

Harry interrupted not letting me speak, "Yeah Maria is my girlfriend! She saved my life. You've done nothing to deserve her. I know I haven't either but no one deserves a girl like her."

"No Austin. We broke up a year ago. Harry I thought you let it go and we are still friends." I said straight after what Harry said. Austin wriggled away from Harry but he was too slow. Harry had already had him pinned against the wall in nano seconds and was centimetres away from having a face full of fist. Harry hit the wall, just missing the side of Austin's face. Austin sprinted for the exit but tripped and fell. Harry jumped on top of him and hit Austin around the side of his face leaving a huge purple stain. "Harry!" I yelled from the other side of the room. Harry turned around. Niall and Louis came over and took Harry away. I went over to nurse Austin whilst Aoife, one of my friends who was dating Giles Potter, called for an ambulance. After that the party carried on like nothing happened. Everyone apart from me acted like nothing happened but that's because I can't ignore what happened. Harry came back and this time, he came back fighting.


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