don't go #2

previasly on Don't go #1.Leyah was leaving Zayn.Zayn was sad and devastated that Leyah was gone.Zayn had to find her again.


2. seeing her again

Leyah's P.O.V

I just finished talking to Zayn.It felt like we haven't talked in forever but its been only one day."Dad what are we gonna do today?" I asked."Well, I have to go on a bussnies trip for 3 weeks  so today you gonna be by your self today." He said."Oh ok." I said.He left to work and I was all alone.Then I heared a knock on my door I answered it.It was my bff/cosin Jenise I haven't seen her in forever."OMG Leyah I missed you!" She said."So hows it been?" She asked." I've been great!" I said."Have you met any cute boys?" She asked."Maybe." I said."Who is he?" she asked.How did she know I met a cute boy."Ok I met Zayn Malik."I said.She started to scream."When?" She asked."A week ago." I said."Did you tell him you had to leave." She said."No." I sighed."I didn't have time to tell him." I said."Oh." She said."Where's your dad?" She asked."He went to a bussnies trip for 3 weeks." I said to her."So he's in London."She said."Yah." I said to her."Well, why don't we go to London!" She suggested."Can we." I said excited."We're leaving tonight!" She said.

Zayn's P.O.V

So I was laying on my bed thinking about Leyah.I missed her so much.Then it was already lunch the boys made lunch.I went downstairs and got a sandwich.Then I went back upstairs.I spent all day in bed thinking about Leyah.She was the only thing I could think about.Then it was dinner time.I ate then all the boys were asleep.I heared a knock on the door I got up and answered it.It was Leyah.I was so happy to see her."Leyah I missed you so much." i said as I gave her a hug.Then I saw another girl behind her.She intruduced me to her.It was her cosin/bff turns out she loves One Direction.I showed them the guessed room.It was the next morning we were all up.Then Leyah and I intruduced Jenise to the boys.It looked like Niall liked her alot."So Jenise do you have plans on Saturday?" Niall asked."No why she?" She asked."I wanted to take you out to eat." He said "Well, I would love to go out." She said."Good." He said."So Leyah wanna go upstairs?" I said."Ok." She said.

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