Water & Lightning | A Percy Jackson fanfiction

Life as a half blood is definitely not always easy. Imagine loving someone you can't really love, just because their parents aren't exactly the best friends with your own. Because your father is the mightiest god of them all, and he most certainly does not approve of your relationship with another half blood. This is how Amelia McAdams feels. This is her life. So welcome to the life of a teenage half blood in love. The fandom is Percy Jackson & The Olympians, enjoy! x


1. the characters



Amelia McAdams  18 years old  daughter of Zeus


Jason Samuels ❖ 19 years old ❖ son of Poseidon


Caitlin O'Connor ❖ 19 years old ❖ daughter of Aphrodite



Matthew Hannigan ❖ 20 years old ❖ son of Ares


Jake Andersson ❖ 19 years old ❖ son of Apollo


Lana Melrose ❖ 19 years old ❖ daughter of Poseidon


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