Water & Lightning | A Percy Jackson fanfiction

Life as a half blood is definitely not always easy. Imagine loving someone you can't really love, just because their parents aren't exactly the best friends with your own. Because your father is the mightiest god of them all, and he most certainly does not approve of your relationship with another half blood. This is how Amelia McAdams feels. This is her life. So welcome to the life of a teenage half blood in love. The fandom is Percy Jackson & The Olympians, enjoy! x


3. chapter two

On my way home to my cabin I almost literally ran into a girl from the Aphrodite cabin. I looked up and saw Caitlin O’Connor. She smiled flirtatiously and battered her eyelashes. “Hey handsome. Done training for today, are we?” I laughed a little bit, and shook my shoulders. “Yeah, I think so.”

She chuckled a bit. “I find it unbelievingly sexy when you swing your sword around, do you know that?” She took one step closer to me, and ran a finger down my chest, flirting the best - or worse - she had ever learned. Must have been a move she had learned from her mother, the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite herself.

I smiled a strained, bad-boy smile. “I know you want me, but I really have to go, sooo.” I dragged out the O, so it sounded more dramatic, or something. Whatever. Anyways, it just sounded a lot better, than if I hadn’t, so that was, in fact, what I did.

I definitely saw a glimpse of disappointment in her eyes, but I ignored it. I didn’t want to spend my time here with her, not today, not now. So I vaguely waved at her, while I turned away from her and on to the cabins. I didn't even look back to see whether if she was still standing there, or not, but just simply moved on instead.

Caitlin was a beautiful girl, definitely - and could a child of Aphrodite really be anything else? - but she just wasn’t really my type. Actually I had never considered whether I had a type or not, but Caitlin was not it. She always flirted with me as if her entire life depended on it. Not that that was unusual, because I did get a lot of female attention, but Caitlin was far from shy about it and she took flirting to a brand new level.

I understood perfectly how she got away with it, though. She had pretty brown eyes, long dark brown hair - quite a bit darker than Amelia’s - and a beautiful, symmetric face. She really was a true beauty, no doubt about that. I just didn’t see her in the same way she apparently saw me. I could never picture myself with her. But then again, maybe she was just trying to get me into bed with her, and didn't want to actually date me. She did have the whole heartbreaker thing going on. Too bad I wouldn't take the bate. 

I wasn't looking for a one night stand at the moment, and if I was she wouldn't be my choice. And this was not going to sound good at all, but Amelia would be, I thought. For some reason she had captured my attention. But that was probably not very odd, since she seemed like the kind of girl who captured everybody’s attention.

She had rejected me - no doubt about that. Still I could not stop smiling. She was amazing. It sounded stupid for me to think that, when I didn’t even know her - yet - and had only just met her, but nevertheless that was how I felt. I knew it was weird, but I just couldn’t seem to help it.

A picture of her beautiful blue eyes appeared in my mind. All in all she was one of the most beautiful girls I had seen since… Well, forever, really. I knew from the moment she kicked my ass in the arena, that I had to get to know her. I had to see her again - talk to her again. She actually fascinated me, somehow.

And the fact that I had almost felt electrocuted when I touched her, did not help my curiosity. I had to find out why I reacted to her in such way. And why she reacted the same way to me, because she was obviously not used to being surprised like that. Judging on what I had heard about her, she did not care much for anything or anyone. She was cold and I had to warm her up somehow.

And from that moment I knew what I had to do. I didn’t have the slightest idea of how to do it, or what to do next, but one thing was for sure. I needed to find out more about her. I needed to get to know this mysterious girl who never let anyone in. Whatever the cost. Dramatic as it might sound.

I only had two brothers and one sister in this camp at the very moment, so I asked them for advice. I started out by asking them if they knew anything about the daughter of Zeus. All three of them - but especially my half-sister, Lana - hated her. Or at the very least they did not like her.

Anyway, they told me some things I already knew or suspected - like her name, age and her reputation - but they also told me a few things I didn’t know - like the fact that she lived completely alone in her cabin, and spent a lot of her time there - if she wasn’t in the arena or the eating area, that was.

So I decided that her living alone could help me quite a lot, and planned to go pay her a small visit sometime, somehow. I knew that people would start whole lot of rumours if they saw us together, so I had to keep just a little bit of discretion, I was fully aware of that fact. 

I had to figure out when the perfect time would be, to visit her. After some thoughts I decided to wait and see how everything went down. I would start by going to get something to eat. It was almost time for dinner, which meant that every half blood would gather in the eating area. Which also meant that I could keep an eye out for her. Amelia.

I took off my dirty and sweaty training gear and stepped in under the warm, flowing water. Usually I was the type who would take a cold bath after training, but this time I hadn’t actually trained that hard. I had left the arena right after the episode with Amelia, then I met Caitlin, and now I was here.

As the warm and healing water ran over my cuts and scrapes from today’s training they all disappeared, exactly as usual. I had to say, I really did love being a son of Poseidon. It was not only a little bit awesome to be able to do the things I was, as long as I had some kind of source to water somewhere nearby, it was VERY awesome.

Also the warm water triggered a lot of thoughts, just as usual. I always thought about everything and nothing when being in the shower. I don’t even know why, but when the relaxing, comfortable water is running down your body, your brain just starts to think about everything between heaven and earth.

Small and not so meaningful things like, I hope we get pizza for dinner today, and big and pretty meaningful things like, why can’t I just meet someone who will actually love me for me? For who I am, not how I look, or for whom I’m the son of? And; is my father proud of me? Am I doing things right in his eyes?

All of these things ran though my mind almost every day. Almost every time I had a bath, or right before I went to bed. I think we all knew that thing where you just lie in your bed, actually tired to death, but your brain just won’t shut up and let you sleep. You just keep on thinking of new and important stuff, so you can’t ever fall asleep. 

I pulled on my t-shirt as the last item of clothing, and then stepped out of the cabin. I let out a little sigh of comfort and headed towards the dining pavilion. In not so long there would be dinner ready and I could ease my hunger, while also keeping an eye out for Amelia. Sounded perfect to me. 

As I got there I sat down next to my half-sister, Lana, and one of my two half-brothers, Ian, at the Poseidon table. Apparently my other half-brother, Kyle, hadn’t showed up yet - not that that was unusual behaviour for him, because he was pretty much always late for everything.

Immediately, Lana, began questioning me, which was quite a habit of hers. “So, Jase, why are you suddenly so interested in that Zeus-girl, McAdams?” She looked suspiciously at me through narrowed eyes. I calmly shook my shoulders. “I’m not. I just saw her at the arena earlier, and got a bit curious, I guess.”

She smiled vaguely. “Yeah, well, curiosity killed the cat, you know.” She winked at me, before quickly turning completely serious again. “I really don’t understand what everybody sees in that girl. She’s not even that good-looking. And then she’s a daughter of Zeus. Seriously, just, ew.”

Before I figured out what to reply to that, Ian had beaten me to it, and grinned teasingly. “Do I sense a little bit of jealousy here, sis? Maybe you just don’t like the fact that the guys in this camp has finally begun to notice this girl, and are therefore giving you a little less attention?” He punched her lightly on the arm, but she just pulled away and scowled at him with murder in her eyes.

“She. Is. Not. Pretty. Do you understand me? I’m not jealous of an ugly girl!” But as she spoke her voice did that little thing where it became suspiciously strident, and so you could tell that she was lying and/or was upset about something.

I knew I had to break in between them soon, but in that exact moment Kyle came to join the table. “Who’s not pretty? And why is our dear sister jealous of this not-pretty demigod?” Lana stuck out her tongue in his direction and threw a grape after him, which he caught and ate.

I looked up and around, trying to spot Amelia somewhere, but I actually couldn’t seem to find her anywhere. “The daughter of Zeus. Amelia McAdams,” I answered him, when nobody else did. He frowned a bit, looking around in the same way as I had just did, and most likely with the same result.

“I hate to admit this, but if there is one thing she’s not, it must be ugly. Hot as hell fits pretty good actually, but of course that means shit, when she’s the daughter of old Thunderbolt. It really is a shame.” He pouted slightly, half joking, half serious, it would seem.

I couldn’t hold back my laughter, and seeing the look Lana sent me, only made it worse. I tried covering it up with a cough, but to be honest I didn’t fool anyone. Ian joined in, laughing openly. “Oh, don’t worry sis, you’re still the fairest of them all - in the Poseidon cabin, at least.” He winked at her, and got an evil scowl back.

Kyle put on a fake insulted face. “Excuse me?” he said with an offended tone in his voice. “I am with no doubt more beautiful than the three of you together. And now, move peasants, your master needs his place.” He slid into the empty seat next to me - opposite Lana, who sat next to Ian.

Even Lana couldn’t hold back a wide grin. “You really are crazy, Kyle. Tell me again how I manage to put up with you?” She winked at him, making him laugh loud. “Because I have a talent of being incredibly fantastic, and therefore nobody can be mad at me. Everyone instantly adores me - it’s a burden, really.”

We all burst out laughing. And then none of us could stop again. We were still not done laughing, when I felt someone looking at me. I didn’t know what made me think that this person was different than the others who stared at us in between, but something in me obviously did.

I looked over my shoulder, just to see Amelia stare at me in something that looked a lot like sadness. She quickly looked away when I caught her eyes, but that moment was enough to make me hesitate. Why was she sad? And why did I even care? Why couldn’t I stop thinking of her, even though we has just met? I really did have to figure it out. It was tormenting me, not knowing.

And why had she reacted in such a negative way about me? Was it just because I was a son of Poseidon? It seemed a little bit extreme, but of course Lana hadn’t really held back on judging Amelia because of her father. I, for one, couldn’t care less who our parents were, to be honest. I didn't see what all the fuss was about.

Why should the demigods hate each other just because their parents couldn’t get along? I didn’t want Amelia to hate me just because of my father, I then realized. I wanted to talk to her, tell her that I wasn’t my father, and that she wasn’t hers. But she was gone way before I had finished my meal, and so I decided to wait. I didn’t necessarily have to see her today.

But I was going to see her tomorrow. If she wanted to see me or not. I had the feeling that she really didn’t, but so what. I had to. She was just going to have to suck in her pride and let me talk. If she couldn’t see past the fact that I was my father’s son, she was not worth it. That was my final decision. Now I just needed to go through with it…

I just wanted to show you how I picture Ian and Kyle looking, sooooo, here you go:

(Yeah yeah, The Vampire Diaries ftw, right? ;-))

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