Water & Lightning | A Percy Jackson fanfiction

Life as a half blood is definitely not always easy. Imagine loving someone you can't really love, just because their parents aren't exactly the best friends with your own. Because your father is the mightiest god of them all, and he most certainly does not approve of your relationship with another half blood. This is how Amelia McAdams feels. This is her life. So welcome to the life of a teenage half blood in love. The fandom is Percy Jackson & The Olympians, enjoy! x


4. chapter three


I woke up the next day, incapable of breathing steadily. I had been dreaming about me and Jason. About none of our fathers approving, and punishing both of us for as little as talking to each other. Zeus had thrown his lightning bolt at me, making me vanish into dust, and Poseidon had drowned Jason in the ocean by the beach.

I didn’t want to visit that beach anytime soon. I knew that neither Zeus nor Poseidon would ever go to such extreme measures, just because of their children interfering with each other, but yet I couldn’t push away all of the paranoia of being watched, being judged, from a distance.

I felt as if all of the gods were keeping a close eye on my life, and my involvement with Jason. Even though they knew that I didn’t actually know him, and that I had only met him yesterday. Just like in my dream, I just didn’t feel as if it would matter. Not if the gods were unhappy with it - with us.

I tried pushing the dream away, as I took off my clothes from yesterday - the clothes I had slept in, because I didn’t feel like taking it off then - and tried to decide what to wear today.  I ended up picking a simple outfit with a pair of black skinny jeans and a white sweater with gold rivets on the shoulders.

To be honest I had a thing with rivets. I loved them. I had a lot of clothing items which had rivets on them. Bags, sweaters, jackets, even a few jeans. Oh, and shoes of course. It might surprise a lot of people, but I actually was a real girl when it came to shopping and clothes - and shoes!

I brushed my hair back into a tight, high ponytail but left the front hair down, so it didn’t look all stiff. It was actually very nice having my hair up for a change. Usually I just let it be down, naturally. Except when I was training of course. It wasn’t convenient to have my hair down then, at all.

I decided to start reading a book - because yes, I actually did enjoy the art of reading from time to time. So I looked through my bookshelf, and pulled out a random one. But barely did I get to see which one, before it knocked on my door. I frowned and went to open it with the hand in which I didn’t have the book.

I probably shouldn’t have been surprised at all, but yet I was a little surprised when I saw Matthew stand outside. I scowled at him and prepared myself to shove the door in his face once again. “I thought I made it clear yesterday, that I don’t want anything to do with you, Hannigan.”

He smiled wryly and nodded his head in the direction of my hand holding the book. “Well, you sure do know how to send out mixed signals, don’t you?” I looked down at the book in my hand which had the title ‘Take Me’ and then tossed it across the room where it landed on my bed.

“Why don’t you go fuck yourself, honey? I bet you have training in that.” I said in the loveliest voice I could make out, while still sounding completely cold. As a final detail I smiled my biggest smile, and shoved the door right in his face, hoping I might have actually hit him with it, and that he wouldn’t come back.

But less than five minutes later, the door knocked again. I clenched my teeth, getting angry. “Unbelievable. Are you a complete moron? Fuck off, Matthew!” I yelled, while I tore the door open. And then I froze, when I saw who was standing outside. Because it sure as hell wasn’t Matthew Hannigan.

It was him. Jason. I felt my eyes widen, and my mouth open a bit. I must have looked very intelligent - or not. So I tried to come up with a proper sentence, but my speech abilities failed me, of course. “Oh,” was all that came over my lips. I could have slapped myself. In my mind I was banging my head against a wall repeatedly. 

He watched me closely, probably also trying to figure out what to say. “Hi,” finally came out of his mouth. I bit my bottom lip, and tried not to look at his while he spoke. Tried not to fantasize about placing my own lips upon his. And therefore my words also came out kind of stuttering.

“H-hi.” Once again I felt the urge to slap myself for being so stupid. Why did he have this effect on me? He put on a heartbreakingly beautiful smile. “I hope I didn’t interrupt anything? I can come back if you don’t have time right now?” he said with a voice that actually sounded a bit shy.

He really was too damn cute for his own good. “No!” I said way too fast, so I quickly moved on. “I mean… No, you didn’t interrupt anything, but I must admit that I have no clue why you are here?” I felt much better as soon as my normal sarcastic and a bit harsh tone was back in my voice.

His smile became a little bit smaller, but without vanishing completely. He still kept a close eye on me, which made me want to hide or cover up somehow. I certainly did not like the way my body reacted to his look, or the way I suddenly became very self-conscious. Did he even find me attractive?

“Is there any chance that you’re actually going to let me in?” His voice sounded innocent, but still playful. I frowned while actually thinking it over. Should I or should I not let him come inside? Not letting him in would be risky, considering who might see him standing outside my door, but on the other side I found his effect on me rather disturbing, so I wasn’t at all sure of myself around him…

Anyway I decided that I had to let him in, so I stepped aside, allowing him to come inside. And he did. Before closing the door, I took a quick look outside to see if anybody had noticed anything. And by ‘anything’ I meant a son of Poseidon showing up at the Zeus cabin and actually being invited inside.

I knew that we had to be careful with meeting up, because who wouldn’t wonder about a such collaboration  The last thing I needed was a bunch of rumours going on about me and a son of Poseidon meeting secretly, or something like that. Even if they were more than just rumours.

Jason must have noticed my caution because he laughed in a tense way. “Don’t worry; I was careful with not being seen by all too many people. That wouldn’t be good for any of us.” I frowned and finally closed the door tightly, before walking over to my bed and placing myself on it, putting away the book which was still lying there, before he had a chance to get a closer look at the title.

“No. That would definitely not be good for any of us. And now, tell me. Why exactly are you here? I don’t recall inviting you over.” I tried to sound as cold as possible. I didn’t want to give him the impression that I liked him in any way - which I didn’t. Of course.

This time his face became serious and the smile vanished. “That,” he said in an annoyed tone. “… is why I’m here. I came to talk to you about your attitude.” I stared at him and felt very offended. How dared he say something like that? He was in absolutely no position to judge me.

Excuse me? Who the hell do you think you are? You don’t get to decide who I am or how my attitude is! And if you have a problem with it, then don’t come here! I didn’t ask for you to come here, and I sure as hell never would have let you in if I knew that this was how it would go!”

I was getting more and more frustrated as I spoke, and out of bare reflexes, I had stood up from the bed in pure anger. I was actually kind of just waiting for him to interrupt me, but he didn’t. Not once. I narrowed my eyes and stabbed him in my mind, while waiting for him to do or say something. And finally he did. Just not what I expected.

“I’m sorry, that came out wrong. I just meant that I don’t want you to think badly of me, just because of who my father is. Don’t you think that we should let that be their fight, not ours?” He sounded so calm and tranquil, that I actually felt myself cool down a bit.

But not enough to not talk back to him. “Yeah, well have you considered that maybe I don’t judge you because of your father? Because you sure are doing a very good job at being an idiot yourself.” I scowled at him - something I seemed to have been doing a lot lately.

He let out a deep sigh, which actually made me want to feel sorry for him. But I wouldn’t allow myself to walk right into his trap. He couldn’t just expect for me to forgive him just like that. To like him just because of a few simple sentences.

He frowned. “If that’s the case, then I truly am sorry for giving you that impression. Do you think you could maybe give me another chance? I genuinely am a good guy, you know.” He smiled that heartbreaker smile again, and I tried to ignore just how adorable it made him look.

I still had narrowed eyes, and I wasn’t really ready to give up just yet. He didn’t deserve that. If he wanted me to give him a second chance, he was going to have to fight for it. Hard. “No.” I replied with a steady, cold voice. And then I pointed at the door. “Get out.”

He narrowed his own eyes and looked me straight in the eyes. “No. I’m not gonna leave before you give me a chance.” I felt my frustration grow again, and clenched my fists. “Fine. Then this is your own fault.” I launched to hit him, but he caught my hand in the air, and held it firmly.

I tried hitting him with the other, but once again he was faster - and stronger. I murdered him with my eyes and tried to knock him over. In my second try I succeeded. He landed on the floor, and let out a small moan, before he was ready again. I fell down on top of him and tried to break loose of his grip once again.

And this time I got one of my hands free, and tried to hit him on his jaw, but just as before he caught my hand and held it firmly. Only this time he used his power to turn us around, causing me to be under him, and him to be on top of me. I gasped for air, and strangely started to feel the exhaustion, although just a tiny bit.

He smiled smugly and placed his legs on each side of my hips, which definitely made him have the upper hand. Not once did I consider using my powers. Maybe because my subconsciousness wanted me to win this one without magic. Maybe it wanted me to prove that I could beat him without it.

And I must admit that it could be nice to actually beat him without anything that could be called cheating. I let out a sound that came from deep down my throat. But instead of reacting in any kind of way I might have imagined, he just laughed loudly.

“Are you trying to scare me, Amelia?” he grinned. I snorted and tried to get my hands free from his grip on them again. But I knew it was impossible as long as he was on top of me and holding them down. “Looks like I’m the one with the upper hand this time, huh?”

I felt my eyes flash and knew it must have looked like a thunderstorm coming in that moment. It was possible that I wouldn’t be able to hold back my powers for much longer - because I was getting too damn angry. I was almost beginning to feel some sort of passionate hatred against him. Or maybe just passion, what do I know?

“Jason. Get off of me. Now,” I sneered in a voice full of hatred and murdering coolness. But he just smiled larger than ever before and answered me in a calm voice. “No thanks, I’m fine. It has been way too long since the last time I was this close to such a beautiful girl.”

I looked at him in wonder, in no way capable of hiding how surprised I was by that answer. Was he actually flirting with me now? Of all times? I locked my eyes on his and held his gaze. And before I could do anything to stop him - or maybe myself - he leaned in and placed his lips upon mine.

I felt his soft lips on mine and moaned into his mouth, before responding his kiss. I didn’t mean to do it, but I just couldn’t help myself. I had not felt this alive for quite a while, and I didn’t want to stop kissing him. It felt so good, that I never wanted to stop again.

He loosened his grip on my hands, and I turned us around again, so I was on top. I placed my right hand in his neck hair, playing with it, and my left hand on his firm chest, while kissing him even more eagerly. I felt his hands being placed on my hips and loved the way his warm touch made me feel.

I didn’t remove my lips from his, before it was highly necessary, and we both needed to breathe in some air. And when I had cleared my thoughts a little bit, I realized what we were actually in the middle of. What we were doing. My eyes widened and I got up, faster than ever.

“I have to go,” I said, not able to hide the panic in my voice completely. For a brief moment, I actually thought I saw a wounded glimpse in his eye, but then he got up and smiled knowingly at me. “You do know that you’re the one who actually lives here, don’t you?” He winked at me.

I felt a warm sensation creeping over my cheeks, and I instantly knew that my cheeks must have been a burning red colour, which probably looked horrible as hell. I hated when I blushed, because I knew how it made me look; like a little girl who had been caught stealing cookies from the jar.

I looked down at my fingers and started playing with the bottom of my sweater, trying to ignore my stupid blushing cheeks, and the feeling that I had hurt Jason somehow with my actions. I suddenly wished I hadn’t said or done anything except letting him kiss me, but I knew it was for the best.

“Well, then I guess you're the one who has to go now.” My voice was hoarse of the missing breath and I made sure not to look up at him. But then he took a step in my direction, placed two fingers under my chin and practically forced me to look at him.

He smiled mischievously and I felt myself gasp vaguely, which just made his smile even bigger. “Has anyone ever told you exactly how cute you look when you blush?” He leaned in for the second time today, and placed his lips gently on mine. I sighed against his lips, and kissed him back.

I really just couldn’t help it. It was as if I didn’t have any willpower when I was with him. And the worst thing about that was the fact that I didn’t even mind. I allowed myself to sit back and let another person take control over me. Well, not just any other person, but still.

This kiss was nothing like the first. This time there was something gentle and sweet about it. Careful, maybe even. Like he really wanted to make sure that I was in it too, and that he didn’t do anything against my will. I could literally feel how he put all his concern and love in it.

And that broke the spell for me. That word, love. I felt a shock pass through all my veins, and carefully pulled away. I didn’t want to hurt him, but I couldn’t be doing this. I just couldn't. The thought of love scared me more than it probably should, and more than I wanted it to.

I bit my lip and looked down once again, but not fast enough to miss the wonderful smile he sent me. It truly was heartbreaking. He stroked my cheek gently and then walked towards the door. “Promise me you won’t keep avoiding me after this?” he asked firmly.

I clenched my fists, but tried to hide it and looked up at him very carefully. “I p-promise,” I stuttered. Twice in one day. Unbelievable really. Especially for someone who usually never stuttered or hesitated with a smart comeback. He smiled even bigger, opened the door and walked out of it, after checking that no one was watching him.

As soon as he had left the cabin and I had closed the door behind him, I felt my knees give in and softly fell to the floor. I’m pretty sure I was shaking, even though I suddenly felt so numb, that I didn’t even notice anything besides the memory of Jason’s lips against mine.

I reached up to touch my bottom lips with my thumb, reliving the sensation of his soft lips against mine, and the taste of his breath in my mouth. I shivered and rested my head against the door. It certainly had been quite a day so far...

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