Water & Lightning | A Percy Jackson fanfiction

Life as a half blood is definitely not always easy. Imagine loving someone you can't really love, just because their parents aren't exactly the best friends with your own. Because your father is the mightiest god of them all, and he most certainly does not approve of your relationship with another half blood. This is how Amelia McAdams feels. This is her life. So welcome to the life of a teenage half blood in love. The fandom is Percy Jackson & The Olympians, enjoy! x


7. chapter six

Oh fuck. I let out a passionate moan, not able to hold it in. Amelia lightly pulled my neck hair, which made me tighten my grip on her hips. Funny, how we always seemed to end up here. We were in the Zeus cabin, obviously alone, like so many times before.

Actually the day had started up by the two of us just deciding to relax and watch movies all day, and we had. At least for, like, a movie and a half or something. I couldn’t seem to keep my hands off of her for very long. But luckily I had the feeling that she felt the same way about me. And that’s how we always ended up in these kinds of situations.

It was actually kind of surprising that we hadn’t had sex yet, despite having spent almost all of our waking hours together for several days now. Ever since that day at the lake, where Amelia showed up holding hands with Jake. Gods, that had made me feel like shit. I hadn’t really realized how strong my feelings towards her was until then.

Just seeing her holding hands with another guy, had nearly driven me crazy. It had felt horrible to see her and Jake together, and just I hadn’t been able to control my jealousy. I had seen them hanging out before, but not until that moment had I considered that they might have been a couple. Thank gods I was wrong, because anything else would honestly have been unbearable.

But of course, it would not possibly have been a very healthy and good relationship, considering how we had been making out earlier that same day. Passionately, I might add. And I really couldn’t imagine Amelia being the type of person who would do that to her boyfriend. Well, I certainly didn’t hope so at least, since I planned to become exactly that sometime in a hopefully quite close future.

Anyway, back to the whole sex thing. It wasn’t like I didn’t want her or something like that, because I definitely did. Like, a lot. But I was just being very careful not to push her. I didn’t want her to feel any pressure about it. I had never liked anyone as much as I liked her, so I didn’t want to risk pushing her away from me.

Unfortunately I couldn’t read her mind and therefore I didn’t know what she wanted. Maybe she wanted me as much as I wanted her, or maybe she just wanted to take it slow. It was really a rather impossible situation. My teenage boy nature was setting in a 100% and it was actually pretty exhausting to be near her, because of my deep desires for her.

Maybe I had to ask her. But I just didn’t want to sound like a big douchebag, either. I mean, imagine a guy walking up to you and saying, ‘I think we need to talk. Do you wanna sleep with me or not?’ Yeah, exactly. You would probably slap him. Good thing I was fast and strong, because Amelia had a tendency to punch people when they didn’t please her.

And while we’re on the subject, what if I didn’t? Please her, that is. She was the most beautiful, crazily sexy girl I had ever met. She was so confident, independent and, well, hot. Sorry, but despite all, I was a boy. A hormonal boy in the end of my teenage years. But what if I wasn’t good enough for her? She had probably been with a lot of different guys.

That was not something I liked to think about, but it was still in the back of my mind. Maybe I couldn’t satisfy her needs, and then what? I was well experienced, but still. For some reason I figured she was out of my league, so what if she realized that she thought the same thing? Would she dump me? Of course she would, why wouldn’t she? It wasn’t like I was anything special.

Okay, perhaps that wasn’t very true, since I was a son of one of the three great gods, but still. She was too, so she was used to it. I probably wasn’t half as special in her eyes, as I was in the eyes of other demigods in the camp. Like Caitlin, for example. Oh gods, Caitlin. I had happily forgotten about her and her stupid lies.

What if Amelia heard the rumours Caitlin had started about me and her? Maybe I should tell her, before she found out from the whispering mouths of others. That would probably be a wise thing to do. But maybe I would wait until later, because I sure as hell didn’t want to interrupt her right now. My brain had kept rambling on, even though it shouldn’t be possible with Amelia on top of me.

Usually my brain was cleared of all thoughts when these situations occurred, but sometimes this happened instead. I tried to shake it off, by putting everything into the kiss. I slowly let my hands slide to her lower back, and when she moaned quietly into my mouth and bit my bottom lip, I grabbed her ass and pushed her closer down to me.

There was not many things hotter than a girl biting her lip, and when a girl bit your lip during a kiss the deal was practically sealed. Maybe by now girls had figured out how much it turned guys on when they did that. If that was the case, it was no wonder girls had the control over guys. Many of them knew exactly which buttons to push to get what they wanted, and Amelia was definitely one of them.

To be honest, she had me wrapped around her finger. Even though she didn’t know it. I made quite the effort to make sure that she didn’t find out, because that would take the fun right out of it. It was always best when both parts fought to be on top. Not literally, even though that was great too.

But what I meant was, that a little resistance was hot. One of the things I liked most about Amelia was that she didn’t bow down to anyone - not even me. Least of all me, more like. She was always ready with a snide remark and a cheeky comeback. Sometimes she even sounded rude, but it was all part of her charms.

Any thoughts I might have had disappeared in that moment, when I felt her fingers unbutton my jeans. She took her sweet time with it, which was driving me insane. I had never wanted anyone as bad as I wanted her, and I felt like my head was about to explode. I couldn’t take it much longer, that was for sure.

I wasn’t very happy about it, but I removed my hands from her ass and slid them up under her shirt by her lower stomach. I waited a bit to she if she would protest and when she didn’t, I grabbed the hem of her shirt and and started pulling it over her head. She removed her hands from my zipper and broke the kiss so I could get it off of her. I then threw it on the floor.

I admit it, I couldn’t stop staring. She was so perfect. I could vaguely sense her mischievous smile, but that didn’t make me stop staring. I used my strength to turn us over so I was the on top, with a leg on each side of her hips. I broke my stare of her chest and stomach to look her in the eyes, where I found a passionate and yearning look. I guess the whole ‘does she want me or not’ question was out of the way.

I felt my lips separate in a crooked smile. Then I leaned down to kiss her. She grabbed my shirt and pulled me even closer to her. I placed my hands on each side of her head, so I could hold myself up and not crush her under my weight. Her tongue played with mine and her hands moved up to my biceps.

I broke our kiss so I could move my lips down to her jaw and under her ear. I planted little kisses all the way from her earlobe and down to her neck. After all I wasn’t exactly inexperienced in the art of satisfying the female gender. Just like girls knew about the whole biting-your-lip-thing, guys knew that every girl or woman loved being kissed on the neck.

And I could tell by the way she moved her hands up to my hair and roughly ran her fingers through it, while preventing me from stopping my kisses, that it had the desired effect. Obviously I was pushing exactly the right buttons, which gave me enough confident to think that I might actually be good enough for her. So far, so good.

I continued kissing and sucking lightly on her neck and down to her collar bones, until I finally moved slowly all the way down to her chest. I could feel how she arched her back a bit, which made my patience slip. I not only wanted her, I needed her. As if she had read my mind, she turned us over once more and then pulled me with her up in a sitting position, which caused her to sit on me with a leg on each side of me.

She eagerly ripped my t-shirt off me and tossed it away so it landed across the room. Then she put her cold hands on my chest, making me shiver - but in a good way - while she leaned in and planted her lips on mine in a heated kiss. She must have felt my heart beating like crazy, because I knew it that’s what it was doing.

And it definitely didn’t slow down when she started moving her hips on top of me. I groaned rather loudly and felt my own abdomen react instinctively. I roughly grabbed her hips and thrust my hips in the same rhythm as she did. She then too let out a loud moan before leaning against my torso causing me to fall back into the bed with her landing on top of me, our chests only separated by her hands.

She then broke our kiss, only to trace kisses down my chest and stomach. And it wasn’t just normal kisses. I could feel her tongue on my skin, which made me clench my jaw in pleasure and desire. I automatically tensed my abs and placed my fingers in her hair by her neck. I massaged the spot, because I knew Amelia liked that.

She moved her lips all the way down to my hip bone while her fingers caressed my muscles. She traced my v-line with kisses on both sides and then slowly pulled my jeans down, little by little. I squinted and kept my eyes shut. We both jumped a bit when a seemingly loud knocking on the door occured. Amelia looked at me and quietly said, “Just ignore it.”

I smiled mischievously and moved my hands down to her lower back. She was just about to resume her previous actions, when a voice interrupted. “Amelia Avery McAdams, I know you’re in there so get off your cute little ass and come open the door. You know I’m not going away until you do.” I rolled my eyes. Of course it was the best friend.

Amelia grimaced and then got off of me, clearly reluctantly which made me laugh smugly. On the way to the door, she picked up my t-shirt and quickly put it on. I was so busy admiring how she looked with my t-shirt on, that I didn’t even think about covering up myself. I simply sat up in the bed and ran my fingers through my hair, trying to fix my hair at least a little bit. I didn't even consider that I should maybe button my jeans.

I watched Amelia open the door a bit, put her right hand on her hip and say, “What?!” with a very annoyed voice as cold as ice. “Relax, Ice Queen, and what’s up with the shir… Oh. Samuels. I should have guessed.” The door was pushed open enough for someone to get through and just as I anticipated, in came Jake.

I sighed heavily and waved my hand once in a greeting gesture. “Hello Jake. What are you doing here?” I may not have been very pleased by the interruption, but that didn’t mean I was going to be rude to Amelia’s best friend. Also he knew our little secret so I didn’t intend to piss him off and make him tell everybody about Amelia and I.

“I was just looking for Amelia. But I can see that she’s very… Occupied. So I guess I better get going.” Amelia flung her arms. “Finally. And the next time I don’t answer when you’re knocking, just leave it be. Understood?” I bit my lip to hold in a laugh. I was glad to witness her being so bossy to someone besides myself.

“Yeah yeah, get over yourself. I think your sexual cravings can wait a couple of minutes, don’t you?” No, I don’t, was all I could think. It was really not cool of him to cut me off - well, cut us off - when we had never been so close before. And I didn’t mean to sound like all I cared about was sex, but of course it sucked. A lot.

Apparently Amelia felt the same way, because she scowled at Jake and crossed her arms. “No, as a matter of fact, I don’t think so. And why are we still having this conversations? Get out, Jake, and I promise I’ll come find you later.” She pushed him towards the door, but he stopped in the doorway and turned to look at both of us.

“Oh, and by the way, remember to use protection! You know what they say; no glove, no love.” I was getting quite tired of him, to say the least. Honestly, Amelia’s best friend or not, I just wanted to kick him out the door, in the literal sense of the word. Luckily, Amelia seemed to feel the same way, seeing as how she punched him on the upper arm. And not lightly, judging by his reaction. He jumped and yelled a bit. Of course I couldn’t hold back my laughter.

He was murdering me with his eyes, but I didn’t even care. I could obviously handle him if it ever came to a fight between the two of us, even though that didn’t mean I was looking for trouble. I didn’t exactly want to fight him, but I also didn’t want him to stick around for any longer. “Bye Andersson,” I said with a clearly allusive voice.

He sighed. “I get it, I get it. I can sense when I’m not wanted. You two just carry on… Sexing. I’ll see you later.” He walked out of the cabin and closed the door behind him. Thank Poseidon, because he was really starting to get on my last nerve.

Amelia turned around so she faced me when she spoke. “I’m sorry about that. He can be a real pain in the ass when he wants to.” She said it with annoyance in her voice. But then she looked at me and I could see a glimpse of desire in her eyes, as they landed upon my torso. She walked over to me and placed herself on my lap, facing me.

She ran her index finger down my torso and bit down on her bottom lip. Oh, the things I wanted to do to her, when she did that. “Stop that.” She looked at me with big, innocent eyes. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said with a voice as sweet as sugar. Then she bit her lip again. I groaned. “Obviously you do. Stop it, it’s driving me crazy.”

She laughed with a mischievous look in her eyes. “Why do you think I enjoy doing it so much?” She licked her lips, which definitely didn’t help keeping me sane either. I leaned in and gently, softly kissed her neck. She tilted her head to the other side, so I had more access to her neck. I smiled and and started making lovebites down her neck.

Then I pulled away, which made her frown. I smiled smugly. “See, two can play that game.” She narrowed her eyes and looked rather displeased. I admired my work on her neck, which she obviously noticed. She raised an eyebrow and put a hand on her neck, feeling the marks I had left on her skin. “Did you have to give me these? They’re rather inconvenient.”

Even though I really enjoyed her wearing my t-shirt, I still grabbed it by the hem and pulled it off her. I threw it on the floor and gave her a charming smile. “Well what do you say we get something out of it then, since those inconveniences are too late to take back now?”

I grabbed her thighs and made sure she wrapped her legs around my waist. I then stood up from the bed with her, only to put her down with her legs still around my waist. She smiled a huge, but still seductive smile and answered my question with a kind of teasing reply. “I guess we do have some unfinished business, because of that little interruption before. And we really can’t have that, now, can we?”

She reached for my jeans and pulled them as far down as she could. Then I kicked them off myself and eagerly pealed her skinny jeans off her, before throwing them to the floor. There was so little fabric between our naked bodies now, and I was burning up with desire. And from what I could tell, so was she. She sat up a bit, only to unclasp her bra and then throw it on the floor.

I was literally speechless. I couldn't muster up a single cohesive thought, and I knew it could be seen in my face, but I just didn’t care. I also didn’t care that I was staring, because there was no way I could sever my gaze from her breasts. They were beyond this world, they had to be.

Maybe she got impatient, cause the next thing she did was to take both of my hands and lead them to her breasts. That surprised me enough to actually look her in the eyes instead of staring at her chest. Looking into her eyes was like looking at a thunderstorm. It looked like the pure definition of desire and lust, and it was actually enough to break my hesitation.

Her breasts were the perfect size to fit in my hands. I started massaging them, causing her to moan passionately and move her hands up to my shoulder blades. She buried her nails in my skin, which made me also moan, possibly even louder. But it wasn’t of pain, definitely pleasure. I felt her back arch even more than earlier. And when she spoke her voice was all hoarse from a deep and consuming desire. “I need you. Now.”

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