Water & Lightning | A Percy Jackson fanfiction

Life as a half blood is definitely not always easy. Imagine loving someone you can't really love, just because their parents aren't exactly the best friends with your own. Because your father is the mightiest god of them all, and he most certainly does not approve of your relationship with another half blood. This is how Amelia McAdams feels. This is her life. So welcome to the life of a teenage half blood in love. The fandom is Percy Jackson & The Olympians, enjoy! x


2. chapter one


Zeus, Poseidon and Hades were the three great gods - all three sons of the titan, Kronos. They could never agree on anything, and despite the fact that they shared the same blood, they still felt a very strong hatred against each other. A hatred that had passed along to the next generation carrying their blood; the demigods. Their children. And no, that was perhaps not fair at all, but it was how it was.

Once again I threw myself deeply into the fight with the guy in front of me. He was a son of Poseidon and for that reason alone, I couldn’t let him win. He fought bravely though, causing me to use more powers than I normally had to. I drove my sword handle up under his helmet, which caused it to fall off of his head. Only now could I see his face properly. I caught myself gazing at him. Poseidon son or not, this boy was beautiful, handsome. Hell, even sexy.

He had beautiful, bright blue eyes, like the ocean before a storm. Eyes that truly belonged to a son of Poseidon. They suited him perfectly. He had sandy, brown hair approximately the same color as mine, but not quite. His chin was covered in stubbles that revealed the fact that he hadn’t shaved in a while.

But it didn’t make him less beautiful - quite the opposite actually. The stubbles just made him look more appealing. Because of them I couldn’t quite decide his age, neither. He looked about nineteen or twenty, but I couldn’t be sure.

Anyway, I did certainly not like the direction my thoughts were headed, so I hit the brakes and made sure to block those thoughts, before meeting his eyes with what I hoped was absolute carelessness. At least that was how I was trying to look - like I didn’t care, and like I was ready for anything.

I hoped he hadn’t notice my stare, and was about to resume the fight, when he knocked me over, forced my sword out of my hands and placed himself on top of me. My breathing fastened. For some reason I was very affected by the contact with his body. I could only hope he would mistake it for exhaustion.

He was nailing my hands to the ground, preventing me from providing resistance. He leaned down at me, roamed his cheek against mine, which allowed me to feel the stubbles I had observed before. My heart started beating faster, and I could barely remember how to breathe. I didn’t know why, but I certainly wasn't very pleased by it.

As he spoke, I could feel his breath against my skin, making me shiver. “Do you give up?” he whispered intensely with a hoarse voice, causing another shiver to run down my spine. I almost felt electrocuted, yet anyway I managed to whisper back to him with a proper solid voice.

“Never.” I gathered all my power and pushed him away, simply with the power of my will. I claimed the power I ruled over as a daughter of Zeus, and made a strong wind to blow him off of me. The moment he was pulled away from me, I got back on my feet.

I made the wind hold him down, and noticed the way he was looking at me in amazement. I picked up my sword, and pointed it at his throat. “Do you give up?” He nodded quickly, with a special spark in his beautiful blue eyes. I closely watched him get back on his feet.

Then he let out an amused grin - which was actually pretty cute, but I would rather cut out my own tongue than admit that to anyone. I raised an eyebrow, asking myself why he thought this was fun. Every guy I had beaten before had looked at me furiously afterwards - most likely because of their wounded pride (having been beaten by a girl, you know?).

He stretched out his right hand, so I could grab it. “Nicely fought,” he said with an open and accommodating smile. I looked at his hand as if it was going to poison me, and then I stared at him, stunned. “Do you not know who I am?” I asked him in amazement.

Of course it was a bit unlikely, but one could never know. I was a pretty well-known demigod around the camp, though. You know, the whole daughter of Zeus, and all. Because even though it had become more natural for the three great to have children again, these powerful demigods were still not something you saw everyday. For instance I was the only child of Zeus in this camp right at the moment.

But yet, I was one of them; the demigods. And so was he, this guy in front of me - this son of Poseidon. I still glared at him, when he too raised an eyebrow and answered my question. “Yeah, I know who you are. Emily, is it?” he asked with a seemingly harmless expression on his face.

I scowled at him, obviously not happy with what he had just said. “Amelia. Amelia McAdams. And you are?” I honestly didn’t actually know who he was. I knew that he was one of Poseidon’s sons, but which one, I didn’t have the slightest idea of. Maybe because I hadn’t exactly bothered memorising their names.

He did a little movement with his hand, which he was still holding out for me to grab - even though I didn’t intent to, which he must have known. But despite that, he kept trying. Very persistent. He smiled faintly. “You know it’s really rude not to take my hand when I offer it to you, right? You can't just leave me hanging like that.”

I scowled once more, before I reluctantly went to take his hand and give it a slight squeeze. But the moment my fingertips touched his I couldn’t think of anything other than the feeling of his skin against mine. The electric feeling it gave me. I let out a small, involuntarily sound of shock. He did the same, but he pulled himself together way faster than I did.

“See, that wasn’t so bad, was it? And my name is Jason Samuels, by the way.” He squeezed my hand slightly, but didn’t remove his from mine. He just left it as it was. I locked my eyes onto his, still a bit shaken up about the shock of electrics.

“If you know who I am, shouldn’t you also know who my father is?” I faintly frowned. He just shrugged his shoulders and looked like it was a pretty strange question. “Yeah, I know. Zeus. So what?” He only hesitated briefly before realizing how bad that sounded.

“I mean… Not because I don’t respect Zeus or anything! I just…” He paused, not able to move on. He probably didn’t know what else to say. I knew what he meant though, but I couldn’t resist a chance like this. And besides, wasn’t it just fair for me to shake him up a bit, after the way my entire being had reacted to him? I just couldn't come up with a smart comment, unfortunately.

I felt a smile creep over my lips. He had a very unusual effect on me. I never reacted to boys this way - I mean, come on, I knew I wasn’t ugly. I had always been very attractive, and I had always impressed most guys instantly. I was pretty much used to it by now, but yet anyway this boy surprised me - to say the very least.

He should definitely not try to impress me. He should not even be thinking about thinking of me in the slightest bit of romantic way. He was a son of Poseidon, and I was a daughter of Zeus. It would never work, and he most certainly should know that. But so should I, so what was going on in my head?

The odd thing was that he didn’t even seem as if he was trying to impress me in any way, though. He just seemed like a nice and friendly guy, who wanted to talk to me. And well, could that really be such a bad thing? A part of my brain told me no, but the other half was quite a bit louder.

It was practically screaming at me to knock it off. He’s a son of Poseidon, you moron! You can’t begin to like him! You need to stay away from him - he’s probably just an idiot like his father anyway! So I sighed and finally let go of his hand.

“Well as much as I enjoyed kicking your ass, I don’t have the time or the desire to stand here and chat with you, Jason.” I sneered out his name. “So goodbye, and may I never have to be in your company again.” I turned around, walking away, without as much as one more glare at him.

I walked out of the arena and over to my cabin. I was the only child of Zeus at the moment, so I luckily didn’t have to share it with anyone yet. Sometimes, like today, I really did appreciate that fact. It meant that I had some alone time - some time to think.

Because I honestly didn’t know how to react to what had just happened. I needed to understand it a little better before being ready for dinner, which was in an hour. I went home, got in the shower and let the warm water loosen my tense muscles. I sighed in relief as the sweat and dirt got washed of my body, along with my worries. At least for now, I could turn of my head.


I wanted to turn around and walk back to my cabin, as soon as I stepped foot in the dining pavilion. I knew that Jason was here, and I did definitely not want to see him again. Ever. And of course I knew I couldn’t postpone it forever, but I would make my absolute best effort to anyway.

Of course I had no idea what he had thought of our little meeting, but I would really rather not know anyway, so that suited me perfectly. I had just decided to turn around and skip the meal - I wasn’t even that hungry after all - but then I heard it. His voice. Laughing.

I looked in the direction where the sound came from, and stared right into his back. I instantly knew that it was him, even though I couldn’t see his face, since he obviously wasn’t facing my way. I saw him sitting with two guys and a beautiful girl with even more blue eyes than Jason himself. His half-siblings.

They were all laughing very loudly, which actually made me a little sad. Maybe even a bit envious. I suddenly started to feel empty and lonely. Why couldn’t I have that kind of bond with someone? Why was I the only child of Zeus here? Earlier I had loved the fact, but now I felt so alone, all of a sudden…

As if he could feel my gaze on his back, he turned around and looked me straight in the eye. I held my breath, trying not to react too strongly to the feeling his eyes on mine gave me. I wish he didn’t have that effect on me, or at least that I understood why he did so.

I quickly looked away, and rushed over to the food table, where I grabbed some random food, before sacrificing some of it on the fire. I sent a little prayer with it. Please, father. I beg you, help me to be strong. Help me understand what this is. Why I feel like this. Help me overcome it.

Then I hurried away, and sat down at the Zeus table. I tried to ignore the paranoia inside me, telling me that everyone was looking at me. And even if they were, it shouldn’t matter. I used to be able to ignore it all, so why couldn’t I do that now? It had something to do with the fact that one of the eyes placed on me, was his. I knew it. I could sense it.

But why did I even care that he was watching me? He could do whatever he wanted to, really. It was none of my business anyway, so I shouldn’t really care this much. But I just couldn’t help it. I tried, but it didn’t matter. He upset me in ways I couldn't grasp.

I had never eaten that fast in my entire life, I think, but I just had to get away from the dining pavilion. As soon as I had finished, I rushed back to my cabin. Barely had I sat down for two minutes, before I heard someone knocking on my door.

I feared the worst - I feared that it was him, coming to talk to me, even though I had no idea why he would want to do that. But as I opened the door, I saw that I had been mistaken in my fear. Not that the person in front of me was much better, but at least it wasn’t Jason.

I sighed deeply, scowling at the guy in front of me, and then crossed my arms, clearly not very pleased to see him. “What do you want?” My voice was far from kind, as I frowned and looked at him, waiting impatiently. He laughed flatly. “What? Can’t I just be here to visit my favorite daughter of Zeus?”

I narrowed my eyes and kept a close eye on him. “No, because you never just do anything without a purpose. I know you better than you think, Hannigan. I’m very good at observing my enemies.” I clenched my teeth. I didn’t blink once while saying it, and I meant every word. I didn’t trust him one bit.

“Relax, will you, dear? Maybe I don’t want to be your enemy anymore. I like you, Amelia. That’s all.” He smiled mischievously and locked his eyes onto mine. I laughed tensely. “Since when are we on a first name basis, Matthew?” For the second time that day, I sneered out a name, only a different one this time.

A naughty grin spread across his face. “Since now it appears. So are you gonna invite me inside? I think I’ll have to borrow some of your body heat soon, if I don’t get inside.” He winked at me, probably trying to be seductive. And sure, he wasn’t ugly, but I didn’t like him. And as previously mentioned, I definitely didn’t trust him either.

“Go find someone else to share body heat with, idiot,” I said before slamming the door in his face. I locked it and got into bed. I wasn’t in the mood for staying up late. And that cocky son of Ares should think twice about approaching me again right now.

There was no way I was going to share body heat, or anything else for that matter, with him. He could try to charm someone else, because I was immune to his gross nature. Honestly. I knew he was talking about sex, and I did not feel the need to even touch him, let alone have sex with him.

I fell asleep with the thoughts of sharing body heat with someone else - someone I shouldn’t think of in that way, at all…

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