Water & Lightning | A Percy Jackson fanfiction

Life as a half blood is definitely not always easy. Imagine loving someone you can't really love, just because their parents aren't exactly the best friends with your own. Because your father is the mightiest god of them all, and he most certainly does not approve of your relationship with another half blood. This is how Amelia McAdams feels. This is her life. So welcome to the life of a teenage half blood in love. The fandom is Percy Jackson & The Olympians, enjoy! x


5. chapter four

I probably hadn’t smiled this much in years - and obviously Lana was getting rather curious. Neither Ian nor Kyle was in the cabin when I got home, so I was alone with Lana. Which was definitely not always a good thing, especially not today.

Unfortunately my dear half-sister had a very special talent of seeing right through people. And that meant right through me, now. I sighed for Athena-knows-which-time. “Cut it off, Lana. You’re starting to get on my nerves.” 

I knew that my protests wouldn’t do me any good, but I also knew that I couldn’t tell Lana about my little ‘meeting’ with Amelia - or what happened at that little ‘meeting’. I was pretty sure that Lana loved me, but she would most definitely not approve such relationship.

She would never forgive me for ‘turning my back on her, and abusing her trust in me’. Yeah, she would probably lecture me with something very much like that. She couldn’t stand Amelia - or any other girl who was beautiful enough to steal away her male admirers.

Well, of course she would claim that she held on to this hatred for another reason; the whole child-of-another-one-of-the-three-great- thingy. But I knew her well enough to know that, that was only a tad bit of the truth. Most certainly it was a reason itself, but it wasn’t just because of that.

Lana wasn’t a very good loser. Actually that was not nearly strong enough to describe it. She really couldn’t stand to lose. Oh, and well she did win everything - and everyone - most of the time. Maybe that had a part of the blame to why she hated losing so much. Maybe it was partly because she simply wasn’t used to it.

I had the feeling, that Amelia was much like that too. Maybe her and Lana could actually get along very well - that was, if they could ever put aside their proud for long enough to figure that out themselves, too. Which was highly unlikely, at least for Lana. My first instinct told me that Amelia would do almost anything to prevent anyone from hurting her pride, and then I realized something.

She wouldn't let me kiss her again - or see her again, talk to her again. She was too guarded. I didn't know why she was that way. Maybe someone had previously broken her heart. But I needed her to understand that I wasn't going to hurt her. I wanted to see her again. I wanted to see her right now if it was in any way possible. But I knew I had to wait. I had to be patient. More than ever.

And even though I also knew, that I would have quite the hard time dealing with that - mustering up that much patience - I just had to. If I wanted to keep on seeing Amelia, I’d have to see her in secret. Lana, or anyone else in the camp, couldn’t know. That would be a total disaster. For the both of us. 

I really did wish that I was just exaggerating; I was more serious than it would seem. It would definitely not be good for neither Amelia nor me, if anybody figured out that we were seeing each other. A daughter of Zeus and a son of Poseidon wasn’t exactly the ideal pair. 

I knew it, and Amelia knew it too. That must have been why she kept so much distance to me at first. And well, she probably wouldn’t just let me come over anytime now, either. I could feel how she was keeping her guard up all the time, especially - but not only - around me.

Somehow I understood her. She didn’t want to let her guard down, and risk being hurt - by me or by anyone else. And there was a big chance that she would get hurt. That I would get hurt. Maybe we wouldn’t hurt each other, but our possibly future relationship might very well hurt us both.

But I had a feeling that I wouldn’t care. Because even though I might get hurt in the process, I wanted to see Amelia. I wanted to be with her. I had barely known her for two days, and I already knew I felt something for her. Something more than just fascination.

Which didn’t mean that I wasn’t also fascinated of her, because I definitely was. She was fascinating. Beautiful, independent, outgoing and strong. Strong in more than just one way, I was beginning to think.

Yet, she was not strong enough to keep me away. If I really wanted something, I had always been remarkably good at getting it. And this time, Amelia was what I wanted. Fiercely. So even though she might not want me to want her, I did. And that meant I was going to get her to want me too.

I could do that. I didn’t know many girls who didn’t want me - at least if I started showing interest in them. And even though it sounded unbelievably smug, I couldn’t ignore the facts, and those facts would hopefully help me get to Amelia. After all, she had let me kiss her once. No wait, twice. Damn, she had even kissed me back. Insistently. That must have meant something, because I was pretty sure that she had enjoyed it too. Possibly just as much as I had myself. It surely had been enjoyable. 

“I’ll cut it off when you answer me, Jase. So what has made you all peachy?” Lana’s answer dragged me out of my deep thoughts. I had totally forgotten that she was even here. Oops. I sighed heavily and tried coming up with some kind of explanation, which would satisfy her, and thereby get her off my back.

But all I could come up with was a lousy, “I guess it’s just been a good day so far…” As if she would ever take that for an answer. And she didn’t either. “Oh, shut up, you moron. Like I don’t have eyes in my head. I bet it isn’t a "what", but a "who" that has made you this cheerful. So who is she?” She wiggled her eyebrows, teasingly. 

I knew that my face probably gave her the answer she needed, to conclude that she was right, but there was absolutely no way I was going to tell her about Amelia. Not yet. Hopefully I would be able to tell her someday, but far from yet. I tried my best to get myself under control, before I answered my annoying, persistent half-sister. “Lana. There isn’t a she. And even if there was, I don’t have to tell you everything, you know.” I scowled at her, which made me think of Amelia.

She looked so wonderfully sexy when she was mad. When she was mad at me. Not that I had intentionally made her pissed at me. I hadn’t pissed her off on purpose. I guess I had just annoyed her very much. I didn’t really know why or how, I just had, apparently. Well, whatever. I didn’t even mind, actually. It had all ended pretty well. I could get used to fighting with her, if every fight ended like that one had. Wow, I sure was beginning to sound like a hormonal teenage boy, wasn’t I?

Usually I wasn’t like every other teenage boy - or at least that was if I were to say so myself, but I guess I couldn't deny that it was in my nature anyway - so maybe it was just Amelia who had a very unusual effect on me. On second thought, that was most certainly the case.

I had known right from the start that Amelia was different from any other girl I had ever met. And she couldn’t be so different, without also having a completely different effect on me. Which had definitely been proven by now.

I looked at Lana, when she didn’t answer - or argue with me - just to find that she was watching me intently. “Hmm,” was all that came out of her mouth. Nothing useful. I frowned, looking at her without understanding anything.

“Hmm? What kind of answer is that? What does ‘hmm’ mean?” Now it was my turn to watch her intently. I wanted to understand her. I wanted to understand what exactly she was thinking about this, and what she meant with the things she said.

Suddenly she just burst out laughing. “Can’t believe I even asked. I know it’s Caitlin. Has to be - she talks about you two all the time. I even bet that this has been going on for a while, hasn’t it?” She winked at me, while leaving me even more confused than before.

Why would she think that? Did Caitlin really tell people that she and I were together? No, she wouldn’t do such thing… Would she? Could she really manage to be so stupid? She must have known that I would find out somehow. I didn't think she would actually be that careless. Who would be desperate enough to make up that kind of fake rumours about themselves?

I definitely had not seen this coming. I probably should have, since she was always hitting on me like that, but I just never thought she would go to this kind of extreme measures. Why did it even matter what people thought of our relationship - or lack of relationship, was probably more correct to say?

Why was it so important to her, that everybody thought such a thing, that she was willing to lie about it, if she couldn’t really have me? I wasn’t really that special. If it was because of my father, I had two brothers, so why couldn’t she have picked one of them? I'm sure none of them would exactly have a problem with it.

I’m pretty damn sure that Kyle wouldn’t have turned her down. Some people would probably call him a womanizer, but personally I just saw him as a young guy, trying to have as much fun as possible. And I guess he did have the looks to do that. He was my brother after all. Wink wink. Nah, just kidding.

And besides he was a good guy. It wasn’t his fault that people made up a whole bunch of rumours, even though none of them was true. Well okay, at least only a little bit of them was true. He did have his amount of fun - and girls.

But he wasn’t a womanizer. He simply was not very strong. Against girls, that was. He got hit on as much as I did, probably even by some of the same girls. But I didn’t give in, and he did. At least sometimes he did. He had had relationships. I guess he just hadn’t found the right girl yet either.

Even though I was actually beginning to think that people could really surprise you. Maybe someone you had never as much as thought of in a romantic way, could end up being the one for you. I now knew how surprising love and attraction could be. How cheesy that might make me sound. 

I had never been like my siblings - I had never judged people just by their parents. But I surely had never imagined myself and a daughter of Zeus or Hades being together either. I guess everything was changing pretty drastically. Though I still couldn't quite picture myself with a Hades girl. But then again, that could have something to do with the fact, that I could actually only picture myself with Amelia. 

It was crazy. My world had been turned upside down by a single girl. How movie-alike. How very movie-alike of me. I was probably moving way too fast. I had to give this - her - some space. We both needed to figure all this out for ourselves, even though I’d much rather figure it out with her.

I had this stupid feeling that I was no longer myself. I had to be around her all the time, as much as possible. Or I’d go mad. I couldn’t not be around her. She drove me crazy, even when she wasn’t even near me. Crazy in a good way, though. Luckily enough. I just didn't know what had gotten into me, since I was so obsessed so suddenly. A bit terrifying, actually. 

Finally, I pulled myself together enough to answer Lana. “What the hell are you talking about? What has been going on? There is absolutely nothing between me and Caitlin! Why, has she been saying that there is?” I looked at her, frowning, trying to be completely calm, but definitely failing.

Lana frowned too and then raised an eyebrow. “Why on earth would Cait lie about something like that? She’s my friend - our mutual friend. She has no reason to create a fake relationship between you two, especially not when she must have known that it would get out sometime. You don't have to tell me everything, Jason, but don't lie to me.”

I scowled. “Well, that’s probably exactly what she want - everybody thinking that she’s hooking up with, in danger of sounding like a smug douchebag, one of the most powerful demigods in the camp. You know Caitlin. We both do. She would do anything to have people think what she wants them to.”

Lana watched me suspiciously. “I know, but I still think that there’s a good possibility that she’s speaking the truth. You two have had something going for a long time, with all your flirting. It’s not her fault if she’s just taking it a bit more serious than you are. And besides; who else would it be?”

I clenched my teeth, making sure not to show off too many emotions. If this was how it had to be, this was how I had to let it be. For now, at least. “Fine. You’ve got me. I’ve been seeing Caitlin a few times, but I swear that it isn’t anything serious. And it’s not going to be neither.”

I didn’t wait for Lana to answer. I just left the cabin, heading to the lake so I could get some peace. Some time to think. I couldn’t take any more questions from Lana right now - or anyone else for that matter. 

I could only hope that Amelia wouldn’t hear about those rumours…

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