Water & Lightning | A Percy Jackson fanfiction

Life as a half blood is definitely not always easy. Imagine loving someone you can't really love, just because their parents aren't exactly the best friends with your own. Because your father is the mightiest god of them all, and he most certainly does not approve of your relationship with another half blood. This is how Amelia McAdams feels. This is her life. So welcome to the life of a teenage half blood in love. The fandom is Percy Jackson & The Olympians, enjoy! x


6. chapter five


I breathed in slowly. I wasn’t used to feeling like this. I wasn’t used to being so ecstatic and scared at the same time, all the time. I didn’t want to get used to feeling this way. It was terrifying in a thousand ways, and I hated the feeling of being scared, let alone the feeling of being terrified.

There were not many things worse than being scared. I hated everything that made me feel like I didn’t have the upper hand. And therefore I really did want to hate Jason. I wanted to hate him for the way he made me feel - for the effect he had on me - I truly did.

But I just couldn’t. I simply just couldn’t hate that boy. I didn’t know why, but I couldn’t. I liked him too much to hate him, maybe. I felt so strange around him, but strange in a good way. Like we’d known each other forever, and could tell each other everything. I had this odd connection with him, which I really couldn’t explain, but felt so clearly. It didn’t make sense, I knew that, yet I couldn’t prevent myself from feeling what I did. I was trying so hard to, but it didn’t lead anywhere, to be honest.

I guess I just had to face the facts; that I was falling for him. I barely knew him, yet I found myself thinking about him all the time. I couldn’t seem to push him out of my mind for more than a few seconds, unless I had something urgent to do, and even then it didn’t last much longer.

Maybe I was in love. Believe it or not, but I had actually never really been in love. Sure I had kissed a couple of guys, and no I wasn’t a virgin, but I had never actually been in love. I had never wanted to be in love. Unlike every other teenage girl. Being in love was just way too terrifying.

I could never imagine giving myself to another person with heart and soul. Because that was what love was. That was what you did to the one you loved. You gave the whole you to them, and promised to love them unconditionally, even if the one you loved didn’t love you back.

You couldn’t control love. Being in love was wonderful and horrible at the same time - exiting and terrifying. How can it not be terrifying to be in love, when all you want to do is be around the person you’re in love with? When all you think about is that one person? It was only logical to be afraid, really.

How would it feel to love someone so much, that you’re willing to do anything for that person? How would it feel to no longer think of your own needs, but of theirs? It must be awful. It must be fantastic. All at once. Amazingly horrifying.

To be honest no one knew what they were throwing themselves into, when they fell in love, but yet anyway they were more than ready to jump in with their head first. And if the person you loved didn’t feel the same towards you, it wasn’t like you could just tell yourself that, and then not love them anymore.

There was absolutely nothing to do about love. You couldn’t just decide to not love someone anymore, not even if they didn’t love you back. Not even if they hurt you and tore your heart into a million little pieces. Love was love, no matter what.

But not only was it terrifying to love someone that much. It was equally terrifying to be loved like that. It was terrifying because it made you the master of the other person’s life. If they decided to surrender themselves to you, you became in control of that power - of their love.

And how was that really any less terrifying? Would you know what to do with that kind of love? Would I know what to do with that kind of love? What if I couldn’t manage it, and ended up letting that person down completely?

Personally I couldn’t come up with anything scarier than to love and be loved. Love itself was incredibly frightening. So was it really that bad for me to be afraid of love? Because I had to admit the fact that I was. I was afraid of loving.

I could never be okay with surrendering myself to another person. Could I? Maybe I just had to let nature take its course. If I was meant to fall in love, there wasn’t really much to do about it, was there? I couldn’t prevent my heart from feeling - nobody could.

Maybe I needed love. Maybe I needed to let myself love, and let myself be loved. Unfortunately I had a bad habit of not knowing what I really needed - or well, at least not admitting to anyone - including myself (probably mostly myself actually) what I really need.

With that thought in mind, I stood up and headed towards my door. It hadn’t been more than a few hours since Jason had left my cabin, but it felt like longer and less, at the same time. Did I mention how confusing love could be?

Love. Was I in love with him? Jason Samuels - a son of Poseidon? I hardly knew anything about him, but it didn’t even seem to matter. I liked him, and that was it. I guess you didn’t always have to know everything about people, instantly.

If he had even the smallest amount of feelings for me, I could always figure out more about him simply by being with him. Maybe someday I would have learned all there was to know about him. Maybe someday I would have told him all there was to know about me.

Maybe, just maybe, we could love each other. I could learn to love him and let him love me. Just like in all of my favorite movies or books, we could find love in such a hopeless place. Maybe it didn’t have to matter whom our parents were, or what other people thought of our relationship.

Maybe I could finally have the love I had waited for my whole love. I didn’t have a mother - at least, I didn't know who she was - and my father was obviously not one to have smalltalks with, so I had never actually had real family. Thalia Grace was before my time, and I’d never actually had any other siblings. At least none that I knew of.

I loved Chiron like a father, but he wasn’t really family, and I guess most of the demigods who had been in the camp from birth, did. Love him, that is. He was a kind and honorable man - or Centaur, whatsoever.

I had a few good friends in the camp, but none that I loved like family. Of course there were a few male demigods in the camp who made a pass at me whenever they saw their chance, but none that I was genuinely interested in. To me they were just a way of convincing myself that I wasn’t alone.

Like I said, there were a few of my friends in this camp, but I had never been really good at trusting people, so honestly I only trusted one person besides Chiron. My best friend, Jake Andersson. Usually it was impossible for two people of opposite genders to be best friends, because one person always ended up falling for the other, but it wasn’t like that with us.

Maybe because we had done everything wrong about that, and slept together before we became friends. But at least that was out of the way now, and we were sure about our friendship. We were sure about each other. We both knew that we just weren't meant to be anything other than friends. It was nice.

If there was anybody I loved like family in this camp, Jake was the one. He was sweet and caring, but at the same time annoying as hell and more cocky than even I. People who didn’t know him like I did would probably call him selfish and ignorant, but I knew better.

Actually he was very loyal and trustworthy, as soon as you had gotten under his skin. Jake didn’t have any family either, so maybe that's what we bonded over at first. I guess that’s probably also why we had always looked out for each other in the way we did. Because we only had each other. 

Therefore I decided to pay him a little visit. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling as I closed the door behind me and headed toward the Apollo cabin. If he wasn’t there I would have to start looking at his favorite places - starting with the archery area of course, he was after all a son of Apollo.

Fortunately luck was with me today, meaning that Jake was lying on his bed when I knocked and stepped inside.  His siblings were used to me by now, so I had stopped waiting for an answer long ago. Now I just opened the door myself. One of Jake's half-sisters, named Kate, waved at me and said hi. I smiled and answered with a hi too. 

Jake stood up as soon as he saw me, and half-waved at me too. “My dear Amelia, to what do I owe this pleasure?” He smiled mischievously and kissed my hand. Typical Jake behavior. I laughed and went with it by doing a curtsey. His siblings rolled their eyes and laughed a little. They were also used to this. 

“My beloved Jacob, I thought I would pay you a little visit. I hope I didn’t interrupt anything?” I asked, referring to his former activity of doing nothing. Then I winked, which made him laugh too. He pulled me into a hug that I immediately answered by hugging him back.

“You’re always welcome, you know that.” The smile I gave him then was warm and loving. He was like a brother to me - ignoring the fact that we did something stupid the first time we met, even though none of us really regretted it. It just happened. And like I said before, it had actually kinda cleared things out. 

“Likewise,” I added and punched him playfully on his arm. “Do you think you can take a break from doing nothing and go take a walk with your best friend instead?” I asked him with a wry smile on my lips. He and I were very much alike in many ways, actually. 

Instead of giving me a verbal answer, he simply walked over to the door and held it open for me. I smiled at him and walked past him, out of the door. I didn’t know where we were headed, but like always we just started walking until we found ourselves walking towards the lake. Our lake.

On the way we started talking, and I knew I didn’t hide my ecstatic feelings very well, but I didn’t know how I could possibly ignore the million butterflies in my stomach. So it really didn’t come as a surprise, when I started to sense Jake getting more and more suspicious.  

“What the hell’s going on with you today? You seem… Happy.” He made a grimace which was something between surprise and mock. I couldn’t help laughing a little. “Oh, I see, because usually I’m never happy. Now I understand where my nickname ‘Bitch’ comes from. Thanks honey.”

I rolled my eyes at him, but of course I knew what he meant. He chuckled and put his arm around my shoulder. “Duh, don’t play stupid. So who’s the lucky guy?” He winked at me, and tickled me a little around my ribs. I tried to hold back my giggle, but it didn’t really go well.

Okay, so maybe it was a little too obvious that I liked someone. I swear I had never behaved like this before. All… Girly. Therefore I also decided just to tell him. Jake was my best friend and I could definitely tell him everything. He would never judge me, just because of my crush's godparent. Right?

“Well, there is this guy… He makes me feel like I belong. Like I can tell him anything, and like he just accepts me for who I am. I gotta admit that I probably like him a bit too much,” I finish, feeling the burning sensation on my cheeks, telling me that I’m blushing.

Jake laughs at my red face, since I pretty much never blush. But of course there’s a time for everything, right? He elbows me in the ribs. “So who is he? Is he good-looking? Of course he can’t possibly be hotter than me - son of Apollo and all - but I have to approve him, you know.”

I knew that he was only half kidding. I had already told about our brother-sister relationship, and this was just a part of it. He would certainly beat up any guy that even considered hurting me, even though we both knew that I would do that way before he had the chance to. I guess I was a bit violence, but as a demigod it was only acceptable. 

“Yeah yeah, in your dreams. Like I would ever let you meet someone I really like before our 40th date. Or maybe even 40th anniversary. You’d just scare him away,” I said teasingly. He looked at me with mock horror. “How dare you, McAdams? I’m way too charming to scare away anybody!”

We both bursted out laughing, none of us able to hold it back. “You’re so stupid, Jake. Why do I even bother to hang out with you?” I teased him. He held a hand to his heart and smiled brightly. “Because you’re just another poor girl who can’t resist my remarkably irresistible charm.”

I laughed hard, almost choking in my own laughter, which just made Jake laugh right as much. We were laughing our asses off, when we finally reached the lake. And of course we weren't alone there. Someone was sitting on a rock by the lake, turning away from our direction, but looking over his shoulder as he heard us laughing.

It shouldn’t even have come as a surprise that it was Jason. I stiffened, feeling myself blush again. How did he do that? How did he always seem to find me, and why on earth did he have this stupid effect on me? I had definitely not asked for this.

Jake surely felt me hesitate, but maybe he just thought it was because of Jason’s father. It could have been. He nodded in a regular gesture and took my hand, without caring about what the guy in front of him might say or think about it. Not unusual for us, but anyway…

“Hey. Hope we aren’t interrupting anything,” Jake said with an annoying ignorance. Okay, to be fair, I was only finding him annoying because Jason was there. I didn’t feel comfortable with his blue eyes stabbing me everywhere. He made me incredibly nervous, and I hated the fact that I loved it so much.

I bit my lip, which made Jason look at it briefly, before forcing himself to look at Jake and answering him. “Of course not. I was about to leave anyway. It’s been a busy day so I just needed a little break, you know,” he said and locked his eyes upon mine, obviously reminding me of our little meeting earlier. Like I could ever forget.

I couldn't prevent the stupid red colour from burning my cheeks, and tried to look anywhere but in his beautiful blue eyes, which caught Jake’s eye - of course. I started fiddling with my fingers to keep myself occupied. He then pulled me with him, towards Jason, and there really wasn't much for me to do about it.

Then he held out his hand, implying for Jason to grab it. “I’m Jake. This is Amelia, but somehow I get the feeling that you two have already met?” He looked at me suspiciously, and right in that very moment I wanted to slap him in the face. He couldn’t possibly have chosen a worse moment to humiliate me.

I bit down on my inner lip and finally glanced up at Jason, just to find him looking me right in the eyes. I honestly didn’t know what to do or say, but luckily Jason took over before I had to. “Jason. And yes, we’ve met not long ago.” His eyes were still locked on mine, even as he answered Jake. 

Make it a little more obvious, won’t you? Jerk. An electronic noise suddenly sounded, and Jake reached for his phone in his front pocket. Far from every demigod had a phone, but Jake was one of those who had. He probably needed it to keep check of all his female ‘friends’. Hard knock life, huh?

He looked at the screen and mumbled something that sounded awfully a lot like, “Saved by the cell,” before excusing himself and walking away from us, towards the woods. I felt my eyes widen a bit, as I looked at Jason. I honestly couldn’t come up with a single intelligent sentence.

“Hi,” I finally sighed, just as he said, “Why didn’t you tell me you had a boyfriend?” I just stared at him in a mix of shock and wonder, as I was struck by the jealousy in his deep voice. I frowned vaguely. “Well, because Jake’s not my boyfriend. Best friend, yes. Boyfriend, no. Definitely not. Not a chance.”

Maybe I made it a little too clear, but somehow I felt the need to reassure him about my status as a single person. Perhaps so he knew that he could be the one to change it. He watched me closely, certainly looking for signs of hesitation or lie. Finally he seemed satisfied.

“Even though it really isn’t any of your business,” I just couldn’t hold it back, even though I fought hard to. I held his gaze even though it was almost too intimate. Okay, it was definitely way too intimate. “Maybe I want it to be my business.” His voice was hoarse, deep and no less intimate than his eyes.

I could hear myself gasp of surprise, and suddenly I was in his strong embrace, not giving a damn about who might see us. In that moment everything was unimportant, except Jason and his arms around me. Jason and his soft, insisting lips on mine. I placed my arms around his neck and dug my fingers into his beautiful, silky hair.

He grabbed my thighs and lifted me up off of the ground, placing my thighs around his hips. I could barely breathe, but yet I kept kissing him eagerly. He moved one hand onto my lower back and I pushed myself closer to him, without once breaking off the kiss.

I accidently let out a moan as he pressed his tongue inside my mouth, which did not exactly lead him to slow down - in a matter of fact he did the exact opposite. He slipped his hand in under my shirt at the back and slowly lead it up. And it should come as no surprise, that I definitely didn't protest. 

And just as I was seconds from fainting - or so it felt, at least - someone cleared their throat and grinned mischievously. “Yup. I knew it.” Jake’s voice reached us, which made me jump off of Jason and blush more than ever before. My cheeks were burning up. I bit my lip, as I tried not to look as guilty as I felt. I don't know why I felt so guilty, but anyway I did.

I could easily tell how Jason desperately tried to hold back a wide grin, but failed. I scowled in his direction, even though I knew that there was no point in hiding it anymore. Not in front of Jake. He knew, and there really wasn’t anything to do about it. I watched him closely, nervously awaiting his reaction.

“Well, congratulations or whatever I'm supposed to say. You better watch out for her, because if you hurt her I will hurt you ten times worse. Now you’ve been warned.” As the words left Jake’s mouth he looked completely big-brotherly and very threatening. But I still saw the mischievous glimpse in his eyes.

“Moron,” I mumbled pretty loudly, even though I did kind of appreciate the fact that he was so protective over me. It was actually very sweet. Jason placed his hand on my lower back once again, and smiled at me first, then at Jake. “Can’t have that, can we? I guess I better behave then,” he teased and kissed me briefly on the lips.

I could hardly figure out what to do with myself. Jake laughed hoarsely and walked past us. “Don’t you think you two lovebirds should go get a room? You’re already starting to make me nauseous.” Jason and I both laughed, before I went over to hug Jake. “Thanks,” I whispered in his ear.

He just smiled widely and kissed me on my forehead. “Be safe,” he said and added with a wry grin, “You know what I’m talking about.” I blushed for the 115th time that day and scowled at him, while punching him on his bicep. “Oh, shut up, will you?” I walked away from him as his laughter followed me back to Jason, along with his words.

"Oh, and Samuels? You're very welcome to let that hottie of a sister you have, know that my arms - and more importantly, lips - are ready for her anytime." He had a mischievous look in his eyes while smiling widely at Jason, who replied with a smile much like it. "I'll see what I can do." And with those words, Jake disappeared. 

“I guess I’m all yours now, then,” I said, amazed of how easily the words left my mouth. He smiled enormously and leaned in to whisper in my ear. “Wonderful.” Then he kissed me beneath the ear and at the neck, causing me to let out yet another moan. He chuckled hoarsely, making chills run up and down my spine.

Nobody had ever made me feel this way before, and I seriously doubted that anyone else would anytime soon. Maybe even never. Because this had to be love. I was in love with him.

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