Water & Lightning | A Percy Jackson fanfiction

Life as a half blood is definitely not always easy. Imagine loving someone you can't really love, just because their parents aren't exactly the best friends with your own. Because your father is the mightiest god of them all, and he most certainly does not approve of your relationship with another half blood. This is how Amelia McAdams feels. This is her life. So welcome to the life of a teenage half blood in love. The fandom is Percy Jackson & The Olympians, enjoy! x


9. chapter eight

After dinner all I could think about was Amelia. Well, she was all I could think about during the dinner too. Obviously. I mean, she had certainly made sure that I had enough to think about. Really, she was amazing. At everything. Everything she did, everything she said was amazing. But then again, it could just be me. I was completely, deliriously in love with her. And I wasn't even afraid to admit that to myself, like one might believe. I was proud of my love for her, actually. Though it had caused me to get stuck in kind of a rut.

I hadn’t been working out or training for a few days now (not counting yesterday and earlier, even though it must have been quite effective) and maybe I should, soon. Just not right now. I guess I could pull myself together and do it later, but right at this very moment I was heading towards the lake to just relax a bit. Probably do some thinking. I always went to the lake when I was in a thinking mood. Maybe because there were rarely many people there, if there were any at all.

I was just about to walk out from the shadows of the trees, when I realized that someone had beaten me to it. I was thinking about whether or not I should just turn around then, when I noticed who it was. Amelia and Jake. They were sitting on a rock and I could hear that Jake was laughing like a little boy.

Maybe it was just my mind toying with me, but I suspected that they were talking about me. Well, me and Amelia. But I guess it wouldn’t really be surprising, since they were very close and all. I just hoped she didn’t, like, tell him all the details. I would like for us to have a little privacy and secrets only between us. That wasn’t too much to ask for, right?

I suddenly heard him say my last name, and smiled when I heard the whole sentence. Yeah, way to go me. Forreal, self high five. But then my face froze, when I heard the next question. What was that supposed to mean? Did it mean what I thought it did? Because Amelia had sure as hell not told me that they had slept together, and you would think that it would be kind of an important thing to mention, wouldn’t you?!

When I heard how she described me I should have been ecstatic, but I was just too busy going crazy over the new information of the two of them sleeping together. When had they done it? Why had they done it? Was there still something going on between them, besides normal friendship? Should I feel threatened? Could I forbid them from being friends?

No, I had no right to do that, I knew very well. I just really wished that I had, because I was honestly furious with Jake. I was not too happy about Amelia, neither, but I was mostly angry at Jake. He couldn’t just sleep with another guy’s girlfriend and then think that everything was okay, and that he didn’t even have to tell the guy about it!

And maybe - gods, I hoped it was, or I would completely lose my mind - it was before Amelia and I even started seeing each other, but still. If I was to say so myself, I had every fucking right to be furious. I wanted to run over to them and kick his sorry ass, but I clenched both my jaw and my fists and strained myself.

I didn’t want to hear another word of their conversation, but yet I couldn’t get myself to walk away. I had so many questions, that I would go crazy without getting them answered. I relaxed a little bit when I heard Jake say that it was two-three years ago. But then he gave her a flirty comment, and I rushed away from the lake before I allowed myself to beat the jerk senseless.

I knew that the woods was a dangerous place to be, with all the monsters and supernatural creatures crawling around in there, but I honestly didn’t give a fuck at that moment. I ran - even though I almost fell over a couple of hundred times, or something like that - until I couldn’t breathe anymore.

I leaned against a tree and punched it frustratedly. I was obviously in way over my head, when a thing that wasn’t even bigger than this, made me go out of my mind. I had never experienced this feeling before. Not to such extreme measures. I was jealous. Crazy jealous. And I usually wasn’t actually one to get very jealous.

I hated the douchebag boyfriends that did that. I could not become one of the stereotypes I despised like that. It was not an option. But… I was in love. I had had crushes before, but I had never ever felt like this. My feelings for Amelia were amazing and horrible at the same time. I couldn’t control the power she had over me, and it was terrifying.

She was the puppeteer and I was just her little puppet, waiting for her to pull my strings. She could break my heart into a thousand little pieces, if she wanted to. She didn’t even have to try, actually. I fell to the ground and buried my face in my hands for some minutes. Then I took a couple of deep breaths, stood up and forced my legs to walk to the Poseidon cabin.

When I got inside, I thanked the gods for the fact that all my siblings were out, and threw myself on the bed. I just lay there and stared at the ceiling. I couldn’t sort out my feelings so I tried to completely clear my head. It wasn’t really working out so great. And that’s how I was lying, when Kyle came in, glancing at me.

“Be careful not to end up having too much fun, bro. It looks like you’re having a blast.” I simply ignored him. I wasn't in the mood for people right now. Not any people. He walked over to me and waved a hand in front of my eyes, making me sigh and look at him with an annoyed expression. He held up his hands in surrender. “Relax, Jase, why are you so upset? It wouldn’t happen to have something to do with where you spent the night, would it?”

I could practically feel my eyes widen. I had actually totally forgotten to come up with a story that explained where I had been last night. I was pretty damn screwed. (Literally and figuratively speaking, if you know what I mean.) I started mumbling something like, “I, uhm, it’s, uh, that’s not, uhm, I didn’t, eh…”

My talking faded out. In case you didn’t notice, I was NOT a good liar. Kyle just raised both eyebrows and looked at me, rather unimpressed. “You know, you don’t have to tell me who you were with, but that’s just pathetic, man.” Obviously he was right. My lousy stuttering attempt at coming up with a proper lie, really was pathetic. To say the least.

But I also just didn’t exactly have a clear enough mind to even try to lie properly. Therefore I just nodded. “I know.” That’s all I said. Honestly, I just didn’t know what to say, and I also didn’t feel like talking, at all. But Kyle could be quite persistent, when he wanted to be. “I’m not trying to tell you how to act, but usually people are in a good mood when they have just gotten laid.”

His comment was annoying enough without his smug smile and facial expression, so I shot him a deathly glance. He shook his head, rolled his eyes and walked over to his bed. The he spoke again, much to my dismay. “You might actually have to tell me who this mystery girl is, because if she’s that bad in bed I surely don’t wanna give it a try. No need for her to ruin my mood too.”

Sometimes Kyle said things so stupid or ignorant, that even I actually felt a deep desire to punch him. This was one of those times. Wasn’t it enough that I had listened to one guy talking about sleeping with my girlfriend today? Did I really have to take it from my own brother, too? I stood up, without saying a single word, and then I left the cabin. I couldn’t deal with Kyle right now.

I wanted to run and hide from the world for a while, but I didn’t know where to go. And I guess that all of the frustration inside of me just automatically pushed me towards the arena. But that was okay. Maybe it would be good for me, to let loose and take my frustration out on some dummies. Or other campers, that wasn’t ruled out.

After fighting the dummies for a while, I was challenged by a son of Ares to a fight. Something I was in no position to decline at the moment. Not with all the anger burning me up from inside. We fought for several minutes. Ten minutes, maybe even. Finally I felt how all of my previous energy from the anger seeped right out of me, and the Ares son won the fight. But honestly I didn’t even care. Not in that moment.

We shook each others hands, as it was ordinary custom to do. Then he looked at me kind of mysteriously. “You’re Jason Samuels, right? Son of Poseidon?” I frowned a bit, as I nodded slowly. “That’s me, why? And I don’t think I know your name,” I said with a voice that clearly gave away my slight confusion. He almost seemed as if he knew something I didn’t.

“Matthew Hannigan, son of Ares. And I know your girlfriend.” He sounded pleased with himself, but at the same time he somehow sounded very displeased. Maybe he was pleased with himself, but displeased with the situation he was in. I sure as hell was. My eyes went wide, and I was about to freak out, when I calmed myself. I couldn’t give anything away.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I tried my best to sound as calm and sincere as possible. Hopefully it went okay. But I also didn’t know how he could possibly be aware of my relationship with Amelia. She had never mentioned him before, so she would hardly run along and tell him about us.

I suddenly remembered how she had yelled at me when I knocked on her door for the first time. Only she hadn’t really been yelling at me, technically. She had yelled at someone named Matthew, who must have been there mere moments before I arrived. What if he had seen me go into her cabin? Could he really know about us?

He raised an eyebrow. “Oh I see. It’s a secret, huh? I guess people would probably turn their heads if they knew that a child of Zeus and a child of Poseidon were dating each other.” My eyes went wide once again. We were pretty fucked, to be honest. He really did know about us. But then I reminded myself, that he couldn’t know anything for sure, only suspect that we were together.

“I still don’t know what you’re talking about. You must be wrong about something.” I shrugged my shoulders in an attempt to look more convincing and careless. He just laughed a bit, and answered in a low voice, so nobody heard us. “I’ll keep your secret.” For a second I was relieved, but then he continued speaking. “If you stay away from her. She’s mine.”

This made me angry. Why in Hades, would he think that? He had no claim to her whatsoever, and I couldn’t see how he could possible think so. Maybe he was insane. He looked like someone who could be insane. Or maybe he was just in love with Amelia, which felt like the same thing anyway. I should know. But he didn’t really strike me as a person who would just fall in love with someone. Though I could of course be wrong.

Or maybe it was just a game of power. Maybe he wanted to prove that he was the best, by getting her. I didn’t know. But I did know that I could not - I would not - give in to him so easily. “I’m not saying I have any idea what you’re talking about, but does she know that? Because from what I know about that girl, she doesn’t really take orders from anyone.”

I hoped that didn’t give him any confirmation. I had purposely phrased it so that it was pretty neutral. At least that was what I was going for. He didn’t seem to take the bait though. Maybe he was smarter than he seemed to be. Or maybe I just wasn’t very mysterious or good at lying. Of course it could also be a mix of the two.

“She will know soon enough. But first you need to break off everything with her. If you do so, nobody will ever learn about the unnatural relationship between two children of Zeus and Poseidon.” I narrowed my eyes a bit, and slowly shook my head. “I don’t have time for your nonsense,” I then said with an annoyed voice, before leaving the arena in a haste.

“Think about it, Samuels,” he yelled after me and I clenched my fists in frustration. I might have started out being mad at Amelia and Jake, but now that seemed like almost nothing. I was still furious, but now it was mainly at this Matthew Hannigan. He thought he could control me with some threats, well he thought wrong.

I would sort this out. Somehow. I just didn’t quite know how yet, but it would come. All in good time, as they said. Though there was probably not a lot of time in this particular case. I wanted to head straight to Amelia’s cabin. But I didn’t know if she would be there. And I also didn’t want to build up further suspicion and give Matthew the upper hand.

So instead I walked to my cabin, walked straight past Kyle and Lana - who had joined him and was probably discussing me - and took a cold shower. I needed to focus. I needed to think. Tomorrow I would face Amelia. I would confront her about her and Jake, and then I would tell her about Matthew’s threats. She was in this too, and she had the right to know.

I started wondering if it would perhaps be better, to just keep it to myself for now. I didn’t want her to flip out over something that I might actually be able to handle by myself. But I could give it some more thought, before making a decision. I had all night to lie awake thinking about it. And I could almost guarantee that that would be the case.

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