The world has plunged into darkness. every light and hope was destroyed. no happiness was left in the world only pain and despair. all because of the war.
the war between humans and vampires is destroying the world. it most end but who will be the one to draw the world from darkness into light?


3. Truth

The sound of running water and squeaky footsteps woke Lilly up from her dreamless sleep. At first she thought she was dreaming. But then she saw the dry blood on her hand what was all brown. The man was right next to her sitting on a rock. As she turned around she jumped to see his face. He smirked. All Lilly could think was one word. Beautiful. His white pale skin standed out in the sun. The light bouncing off his dark midnight hair with a little fringe covering a part of his eye. And his eyes. A bright luminous red colour stood out from his eyes. Vampire! One thought came into Lilly’s head and she jumped up to her feet backing away from him. “You’re a vampire “she said her voice shaking a bit “oh hi to you too “he said sarcastically getting up and stepping towards Lilly. But Lilly kept backing away , he looked concern “yes I am a vampire but not like them I don’t work for David “he said more calmly. The name was like poison for Lilly’s ears. David was the evil count or king of all vampires ,  he was the first vampire and always will be. He is the most evil , murderous killing monster Lilly has ever heard. His sarcastic dark tone and evil charming looks have made everyone in fear and scared of him. But the only possible human not is lily. Even though she hasn't meet him she won’t show the slightest sign of fear. “I’m a good vampire why would I have rescued you from him , and if I wasn't good you would be died anyway “he said inches away from Lilly. All she did was nod knowing that he was right. A normal vampire she knew would of drank her blood in seconds. “I’m Justin “he said introducing himself smiling. Lilly couldn't help but blush but he didn't notice “Lilly “she answered. Justin turned around and headed for his bag what was lying behind the rock. “You can take a dip in the river if you want “ he said looking through his bag. “ your saying I smell ?” she asked lightening up a bit. “Yes “Justin said giggling. She headed for the water, took her clothes off quickly and dived in. the water was like a cold blade going across her body but she got used to it washing her hair. When she finished she got up and grabbed a towel what Justin had put on the rock. It was a old brown long thin towel. She took it and wrapped it around her looking like a dress. She put her pants on and put her bra on dropping the towel on the floor. Justin glanced at her as he put his bag back safely behind the rock , to see something on the bottom of her back he was next to her in seconds “ what’s that on your back “ he said in a more dark voice. Lilly had her top lying on her shoulders. All she did  was look away. Embarrassed to say. “What is it? “He said more loudly and angry. She finally gave in. it can’t be that bad Lilly thought in her head. “I've had it since I was born and, it’s been growing ever since. I haven’t showed anyone “she said quietly slipping her top on looking down avoiding his voice. The mark was at the bottom of her back it was a small eye with a red pupil it and the eye was crying , crying blood the mark was more detailed than a tattoo , the inside of the pupil the red tears pouring down stopping near the top of her bum almost like a real eye. “Pure blood “he mumbled “what? “ Lilly shouted. “You’re a pure blood “he said looking surprised. Lilly was surprised too. He knew what it meant? All Lilly did was give him a huge confused look. He raced to his bag and walked towards the tree sitting underneath. The tree was an old oak tree probably the first Lilly had seen in years. She sat next to him as he scrimmage through his back bringing out a big brown book. It had different patterns all around it in a dark brown while the whole book was a light brown he opened it up and the smell of old people and cigarettes consumed the air. He flicked the pages until he came to a page what had a huge title all in red and capitals letters. “PURE BLOOD” the two pages were full of information about them. But she was still confuse finding out you wasn't a human can be strange. She looked at Justin and he smiled noticing her very scared look what crossed her face. “You’re probably wondering what all these words are “he said trying not to laugh. She nodded “well… a pure blood is a very powerful human “ As soon as he said that Lilly smiled phew I’m still a human she thought. “ who has powerful powers and even can be stronger than vampires , I've meet one of you over 100 years ago a girl who was just like you called Arianna. She had beautiful long red hair and green cat eyes “Justin said lost in his thoughts as he imaged her in his mind. A tall, skinny girl with red bright curly hair touching her bum as she walked gracefully round everything and everyone “she was so nice until David got her and turned her “he stopped trying to get the courage to say the next part. Lilly was intrigued with the story “than she turned it was like she didn't remember me or anyone else she had knew David controlled her, everything he said for her to do she did it and when David said to attack the vampire well she did “he said the last part turning into a silent whisper “but my brother Zack staked her in the heart and she died instantly” he looked away his eyes burning with hot steamy tears. Lilly could tell this girl meant to lot to him. “You have a brother?” Lilly ask wondering if she had a brother. A brother who would protect her no matter what age he was who would make loads of happy memories with her and be not just a brother but a best friend. But Lilly was stuck with her mum and dad not planning to have a baby at all until she popped her way out of her mum’s belly. “yes I do called Zack his my older brother is also a vampire too and that’s where I was planning to take you tomorrow “he said rushing it so she nearly didn't understand him “why is he?” she asked staring at his face as he moved his eyes from looking at the river to her. “He lives outside Transylvania which is about 3 hour walk “he smirked. Lilly groaned knowing that she could not walk for 3 hour straight oh no. “That’s ages to walk “she moaned. There were still sitting under the oak tree almost glue together. His cold touch making Lilly fell a bit cooler in the scorching sun. “It’s either walk or let them find us “Lilly almost jumped as he said that so fast like he was trying to scare her. “Yeah I think I’ll just walk “she said giggling uncontrollably. He smiled at her showing Lilly his pearly white smile. She couldn't help but smile with him. Enjoying his company.



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