The world has plunged into darkness. every light and hope was destroyed. no happiness was left in the world only pain and despair. all because of the war.
the war between humans and vampires is destroying the world. it most end but who will be the one to draw the world from darkness into light?


12. The Truth Comes With Tears.

"Move... out of our way" Justin shouted angry. Instantly Luke Grabbed Justin by his shoulders. ramming him into a tree. His back being pushed against it. Lilly could see the pain in his brightly lit red eyes. his fangs stuck out as he gasped for breath and sweat trickled down his forehead. " stop!" Lilly shouted , not wanting to see anymore. she ran towards them but someone grabbed her from behind. there arms in front of her like a shield. she struggled but he just gripped harder and harder. "Let go of her!" Justin shouted at the top of his voice. All eyes were on Lilly. Her arms had gone numb from how strong and hard he was holding her. her vision went all blurry as shouting filled her ears. " Punish me not her. im the one who is done so much pain to you , betrayed the clan and abandoned my whole kind. " Justin's gentle voice. Lilly could only see blurs of people. what was happening? she thought. "ive got a better idea. why dont we take you both to David" Luke answered back."Maybe he can think of better punishment for you" a breeze of fear went through Lilly. Hearing stories of how dangerous and blood thirsty David. the leader of all vampires is. it truly terrified her. "let me rephrase that. Lets take you to your brother. David is your brother right? Justin" Luke said smiling. The clan surrounded them all staying silent. Lilly gasped. Justin's David Brother. how could he?she felt the wetness of tears on her bare white arms. "oops , im guessing you forgot to mention it " Luke burst out laughing. " you....bastard" Justin whispered. Suddenly Lilly felt all her senses stop working. her balance fell and so did she. " Lilly!" Justin shouted. " stop this!" a voice squeaked from far away from Lilly. she felt her self fading faster and faster. she suddenly relished who voice that was. Sophie. but to only hear a sweet voice echo through her eyes. " im sorry......Lilly"

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