The world has plunged into darkness. every light and hope was destroyed. no happiness was left in the world only pain and despair. all because of the war.
the war between humans and vampires is destroying the world. it most end but who will be the one to draw the world from darkness into light?


13. The Truth Beyond The Truth

"Lilly" the sweet whisper of Justin awoken Lilly from her drifted sleep. She slowly lifted up her head as she rubbed her eyes. "w-where are we?" she asked softly as her eyes adjusted to the brightness of the day. "We are Halfway to my Brothers Zack. were safe. " he said looking down as he said it. Suddenly she remembered. Last night and its action. As Justin lay his hand on her to calm her down, she snapped it away. Justin looking shocked stared at her. Tears forming on her fragile face. "y-your Davids brother. WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME? " she shouted angry. " i was scared you would act out the way you are. but i was stupid and naive , that i didn't realize you would act worse than i imagined if i didn't tell you sooner. " Justin said. It was the first time Lilly saw Tears Form in Justin's Eyes. " how can i trust you! how can i not believe that your not taking me too him right now".the words hurt Justin more than a sword piercing his body. " you can trust me because , i wouldn't do anything to hurt you. " he said grabbing Lilly and throwing her into a hug. " how do i know you not just saying that because im a pure blood?" she asked. she wanted to be mad but he made it so hard not to be. she was enjoying the hug and never wanted to leave. "even if you wasn't, i would still be with you. i rescued you from them because i seen how different you were. even know your a human ,  a prey of my kind. you showed something that ive never seen he said moving his hand to her face. stroking her face as if she was a china doll. he moved away softly and got more comfy. "i will let you ask me anything , and i will answer truthfully. you want to know the truth? i will give you the truth beyond the truth" Lilly was shocked of what he was saying. "how are did you become vampires?" she asked. thinking of the simplest question ever. he looked down but eventually got to the the point. "it all started with our mum and dad. they were madly in love. soul mates they called eachother. then one day , they were walking past this very forest. And a old women was coming along. she kindly asked if they had some change but my parents ignored and walked along. but they didnt know her secret. the sweet old lady was really a witch. raged with anger she casted a spell on my mother. when the time comes when shes expecting that child will be a abomination of earth. years later as seen, my mother fell pregnant. but only to find out she was going to have twins. we were all born. but the spell hadnt started yet. years later when we were all turned 18 we all got terrible ill. my mother and farther were terrifed. the illness was noting that they ever seen , as my farther was the local doctor of the town. so finally they took us to the local witch. i still remember going into the room, the look on her face. she knew exactly what was going to happen but yet, she stayed quiet. it was only a matter of time until the cravings came. first it was Zack. he was walking home one night, from meeting friends at the pub. he was already drunk so he didn't worry about the wired feeling he was having. until he turned the corner. a girl was waiting in the ally way. he couldn't stop himself. as he went to talk to her. the cravings dropped on him. and suddenly he found himself full of blood , the girl laying on the floor. shocked he ran home. shouting as he told us. after that our parents were not the same. that kept a lot of distance between us. it was like we couldn't hear the endless arguments and shouting at each other. than it was me. i remember it more than anything. my friend Luke and i was walking from a gathering with our other friends. then the craving came on. i felt total unconscious as it happened and when i was back. Luke was crawling on the floor blood everywhere. but David found me straight away. dragging me away. but when we came back the body was gone. we were all waiting for David. but he took lives of people he shouldn't. our parents. it was late at night. banging went on downstairs. i crept down and investigated. only to see David. His smirk made me realize how capable he is. our parents lifeless bodies lying on the floor. When zack found out he freaked. but David was already gone. that was the last time we were together. years later we finally found out what we were. Vampires. the devils creation. David is a Vampire with no humanity. we knew that from the start. i have nothing to do with him. " Lilly was speechless. she felt almost sorry for him. the dramatic effects he has been through is similar to hers. she feels connective to him. he stared at her as he waited for her to say something. suddenly she grabbed his hands. wrapping them around her. pulling him into a hug. "i feel your parents. i too witnessed my parents death" even though Justin had forgotten about it. he could almost feel the sorry Lilly felt. "come on, lets go" 


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