The world has plunged into darkness. every light and hope was destroyed. no happiness was left in the world only pain and despair. all because of the war.
the war between humans and vampires is destroying the world. it most end but who will be the one to draw the world from darkness into light?


7. The Town And Her

  The town was a wasteland. no one in sight , well that's what they thought. walking closer in the town made Lilly feel strange. it was like da jar vu. over and over again she thought she had been here before. Justin wondered off. looking at every house. no sign of moving. everything was still. then suddenly a knocking sound echoed through the air.  The sound going quieter as Justin tried to listen where it came from. having trouble doing so , Lilly knew straight away. there was a house. at the bottom of the town. what stood out to her like a black sheep. she knew it was coming from that. without knowing she was already walking to it , without telling Justin. But he notice her and followed. the house was wreaked. the door had fell off its hinges ,it was laying helplessly on the floor next to it. the windows were empty and the smell of dust fulled the air. as Lilly entered , Justin slapped his arm in front of Lilly. she stopped as he went first. he knew something wasn't right. The house was mostly empty. Only a wooden table stood in the main room. they both went into there. an evil silence shushed everyone. Justin flinched as he heard shuffling. Lilly put he hands in her pocket. the gun spinning in her hands. "Hello Justin long time no see "

  Lilly's hand jumped out of her pocket. holding the gun firmly. "Come on Justin you must remember me?" a girly , small cute voice echoed through there ears. Justin could sense where she was. with no hesitation. she came out of the darkness. Lilly lay her eyes upon her. "of course i do Sophie but , what are you doing here ?" he asked. Sophie looked about 12 years old. her pale baby face stood out ,as well as her bright pale red eyes. she was quite thin and light bounced around her soft burgundy colour curly hair. but before she spoke , she notice Lilly and smirked. " huh you haven't changed. still hanging around with humans i see ?" she asked sarcastically. Justin's mind wondered if she should tell her that Lilly was the pure blood. But he knew he couldn't. he couldn't trust her , or anyone. he edged more closer to Lilly. Lilly stayed quiet not wanting to be involved. " none of your business did zack send you hear?" Justin asked curious. " Zack doesn't know im here " she snapped. " i was just wondering , until i saw you and the girl coming down. then i knew i had to see you " she said smiling , flashing her white sharp teeth. Lilly was confused. no idea what was going on she still stood there. but she could feel Justin's anger , boiling inside him. " well we gotta go , but see you in the next 50 years " Justin teased , he grabbed Lilly's arm , ignoring Sophie and heading to the door. He dragged Lilly outside until Sophie was in front of him in seconds  " are you seriously going to leave ? , you can still come back you know " she pleaded ,the last part turning into a whisper. Justin gave her a glare, as she shoot her back. Justin grabbed Lilly's arm. racing in the other directions. heading back onto the path , to the woods. Sophie knew it was pointless following them. " do you think he forgive you that easily ! he is still looking for you! " she shouted. but they still ran. the deeper they ran. Lilly could feel Justin changed. a new emotion , shone of him like sweat fear. but why so afraid ?

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