The world has plunged into darkness. every light and hope was destroyed. no happiness was left in the world only pain and despair. all because of the war.
the war between humans and vampires is destroying the world. it most end but who will be the one to draw the world from darkness into light?


2. The Rescue


A muscular, tall man grabbed her off her feet. He tried to go down the stairs but Lilly wouldn't let him. Screaming and struggling grabbing onto anything what could stop herself going down, kicking the men constantly. The men growled , then suddenly two other men came out of the darkness. One who was quite small, smaller than Lilly and another man who looked the same size of her. They both went and grabbed her feet and arms. Lilly kept kicking and struggling as the men grabbed her legs. She tried and tried but they were to strong and could not move. A sudden gust of wind blow through Lilly golden soft hair. It all went quiet and coldness was in the air. Then a mysterious stranger came out of one of the dreamy white doors and pushed the muscular men to the side. The two men didn't have proper hold of Lilly. So when he let go she fell. The men let go as well trying to find out who it was. Lilly smacked her fragile face on the hard wood as she fell to the floor. She could fell her nose be bent into another place. All she could feel was pain. Coming from her noise all over her body. She itched her noise to see a red liquid dripping from her noise and her hand. Blood. Lilly got so overwhelmed her eyes closed shut. She tried to prevent it but it wasn't working and as she hit the floor. as she drifted off in an endless sleep. The men disappeared and the one who fought them off was still there. Lilly’s eyes were slammed shut showing little purple veins on her eye lids. Dry blood surrounded her noise and hand and she was white as ice. But he still thought she looked beautiful. He gentle picked her up and carefully walked downstairs and out the house. Taking her to a safe place so none could harm her. He knows something was wired. She was different in a very good way.



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