The world has plunged into darkness. every light and hope was destroyed. no happiness was left in the world only pain and despair. all because of the war.
the war between humans and vampires is destroying the world. it most end but who will be the one to draw the world from darkness into light?


4. The Journey

Midnight falls and Justin was fast asleep still under the oak tree. The wind had picked up and rain poured down heavily. Lilly could not sleep. The day what was supposed to be a moving day ended up tragically wrong. Her parents were died, she find out she was a pure blood a powerful human and she had no idea what she was doing. Lilly kept thinking could I trust him? A vampire who said he was good. He could be pretending and leading him to David. No. her thoughts got interrupted by another voice in her head “he has to be good he did rescue you and he seems to like you “she gave in and started believing her other voice. What would he get out of heading me other anyway. Tears flow down her face gentle. She missed her parents. Everything about them their smile, the way there always made Lilly happy when she was sad, the fun they always had all gone. Disappeared in thin air. She grabbed the black bag what Justin had put just next to her when she was asleep and carefully and quietly picked the book. She looked through trying to find the page.  The book still smelled stronger of old people and cigarettes. She flicked through to see something what caught her eye. It looked like a poem to Lilly how it was site and how it looked it fit each sentence

“Darkness falls, when first blood is taken,

Evil comes, when pain is used.

The world turns dark, and the monsters takeover.

But if the pure blood goes into the Light,

Everyone else will follow

And they is HOPE for mankind.”

Into the light? What does that mean? Lilly thought turning to the side and closing her eyes slowly falling to sleep instantly. Although she knows what she is, she doesn’t know what she can do and how powerful she really is. She is the hope for everyone.


Lilly finally woke up to Justin’s black boots squelching on the grass all wet. He went to get his bag when he notice Lilly was awake. “Well morning looks like someone’s tired looking at the book all night “he said smiling. Lilly jumped “h-how?” she said amazed by how he know as he was fast asleep snoring his head off. “ well for a start you put it back my bag the other way round and my bag was in a different position where I put it “ Lilly laughed “ oh “ she said quietly. “ come on it’s about time we start walking “ he shouted trying to woke Lilly up as she was closing her eyes. She jumped up on her feet and groaned. He shoot back an gave her a look what instantly had Lilly by his side walking through the forest with him. It felt like it was night to Lilly as the gigantic trees stopped any bright sunlight getting through. Suddenly Justin automatically stopped grabbing Lilly’s arm stopping her as well. “Shhh “he whispered down her eye. She silently giggled as the whisper tickled the back of her neck. Then she started to her voices coming nearby shouting and laughing what sounded like a group full of men. “They must be here somewhere “Lilly heard clearly from one of them. Justin edged her off the path both hiding, staying very still behind a tree. About 5 men came striding past looking serious as they eyes searched the forest. “I’ll distracted them while you run and meet me outside the forest “he whispered down her ear. “but..” her voice drifted off as she was cut off by Justin moving from behind her in front of them. They all looked confuse but then one of them notice straight away who he was and smiled grabbing a shot gun out of his pocket. But by the looks of Justin’s face he hadn't notice. Lilly panicked. She watched him grabbed the bullet and placing it in the gun. She suddenly remembered still having the shot gun in her jacket pocket she checked it and was relieved when she felt it was still there. She quickly grabbed it out and pointed it to the floor in the middle of the men and Justin. Pulling the trigger Lilly jolted back as the bullet hit the floor making a loud screeching sound. They all looked to where it came from edging themselves to the tree where Lilly was hiding Justin quickly grabbed his sword out of his pocket without them looking and ran to the first man and with a clean swing cut his head off, blood flying all over his sword and the men’s clothes as his head rolled on the floor making a flapping noise and his body making a giant bang noise as it hit the floor. The other men faces had change their eyes were a fully bright red colour and there pointy fangs fully showing. They all ran pouncing on Justin but he managed to dodge them swinging his sword around like maniac. Lilly didn't notice she was backing away from the tree showing herself. But they were too busy trying to kill Justin they didn't  Justin did and as soon as he soon her he showed her away telling her to run so she did. Fast as she could holding the shot gun tightly in her hand she ran for a dim light showing in front of her as she got closer she could see the trees were moving from the side of each other. She notices the trees were bent making a complete archway out the exit. As soon as she stopped looking behind her someone grabbed her arm making her stop. She thought it was Justin full of blood smiling at her saying it was ok but it wasn't  Instead it was one of the men holding Justin sword in his hand. The sword was full of blood and so was he. Lilly’s heart dropped as she saw Justin’s sword but no Justin.






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