The world has plunged into darkness. every light and hope was destroyed. no happiness was left in the world only pain and despair. all because of the war.
the war between humans and vampires is destroying the world. it most end but who will be the one to draw the world from darkness into light?


8. Opening up

  He stormed through the forest like a lion out of control. " Justin ! Justin!! " Lilly shouted , trialing behind trying to keep up. But Justin carried on. " Stop ! please its getting dark " Lilly shouted struck with fear of how Justin had changed. He finally stopped. Lilly ran to him and , without thinking she hugged him. feeling his pain. "lets stop here for the night " Justin whispered slowly.

  "What happened out there ?" Lilly asked the fire blazing beneath her feet. But all he did was look away , Like he didn't like that subject. "ok...." Lilly said rubbing the awkward off. " who was that girl Sophie?" she asked curiously. " Sophie... ive know her since she turned. " Justin said. But Lilly knew there was more. " She was in a clan with me. nearly every vampire is in a clan , its like a friendship group. But for the supernatural " he explained. " there were 5 people in our clan me,Luke,Jacob,Kane and the leader Zack " " of course because we are vampires we drunk blood a lot and tortured human's for fun " he said his voice breaking at the end. Lilly couldn't imagine Justin , Killing or torturing anyone or anything. " Then one day , when we were traveling , we could hear screaming coming from the mountains in Italy. then we saw her. gasping for life as she hanged on to the cliff. i ignored it knowing that we would just move on. But we didn't, zack seen something in her. and rescued her " " i thought he was being nice but the second she hit the ground he turned her " Justin said smirking. " and after that she had been member of the group ever since , always kiss arsing Zack's butt as always " " why?" Lilly asked " I don't know , i don't really understand Sophie , you never no what she will do or say " " so shes not predictable " Lilly continued. " then did you leave the group or something?" " yes it was all because of carvinwood" he said quietly. Lilly looked confused , and Justin noticed straight away. " that's why i acted different , the place gives me the crepes. it was one night and as we hunted , we all could smell smoke , then we noticed carvinwood. on fire burning. the fire was red as blood , nothing that i ever seen. But we went through looking for any food , as they must be a lot injured and hurt. then i could hear screaming , a squeaky voice echoing. it was coming from a house , the house we was in before. i looked through to see a young girl , only about 5 or 6 and she was... remarkable. you could see the resemblance of a angel , but at the same time she didn't look that scared. which surprised me for her age , so i rescued her. but when the clan found out there were furious. they were going to take this girl and make her into a vampire , a abomination. i couldn't let that happen , she was different. so i let her escape, run through the forest and finally she found her parents , looking aimlessly in the forest for her. but Zack was furious. then later that night Sophie came to me. she warn me about zack , that he was planning to punish me for what i did , so i ran away. And apparently he is not finished with me " He finished. Lilly was surprised. as though she could see it in her mind happening. But the only thing she did now , that Justin was special. knowing hes past she knew she could fully trust him , no lies or secrets.......maybe. 


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