The world has plunged into darkness. every light and hope was destroyed. no happiness was left in the world only pain and despair. all because of the war.
the war between humans and vampires is destroying the world. it most end but who will be the one to draw the world from darkness into light?


11. Help

" I now see why you like her now?" Luke smirked."the power of which a pure blood has....well everyone was it" he smiled. slowly the pain dissapeared from Lilly. only for her to be left confused. was he saying he was only with me because i was a pure blood? , Lilly thought "Tom, what time is it?" Luke asked a small boy next to him. " half 11" he answered sharply. "Huh" he smirked. he nodded to the rest of the group. and one by one they all moved back silently. " at 12 your punishment will begin.... Justin" he laughed as he glanced at Lilly. the group dissapeared leaving them alone. Justin kept struggling. the pain getting to him as the chains went tighter on his wrist. Lilly watched helplessly as he tried desperately. Suddenly pain overflowed Lilly's head. she moaned as she grabbed her head instantly, shutting her eyes shut , trying to make it go away. "Let go......i can help you " a sweet girls voice whispered in her head. Lilly could feel her trying to break into her. But she couldn't help but strain her. "How?" Lilly asked inside her head. "I can set you free don't you want that?" she asked sounding somehow , apologetically. she couldn't help but think she was right. she slowly let go and could instantly feel no control over her body. " Lilly" she could feel Justin's voice falling away. 

"he-he" The sweet girl had now hold of her body. giggling away , Justin knew this wasnt like Lilly. " Lily.." he got cut off by her face. Lilly's face Looked exactly the same. except her eyes. A bright red colour. "shh" she whispered. she grabbed the chains of her wrist and magically. they ripped off. falling on the floor. Justin was amazed by her power. she skipped over to Justin. she carefully grabbed his chains of his wrist. Justin ad always wanted to by close to Lilly , But when the time comes its not her how dreadful. she grabbed onto the chains on Justin's wrists and She ripped the chains off. Justin felt his wrist coming to Life , But all he did was stay still. Staring into Lilly's red eyes. she started to giggle. " Tell Lilly that im sorry" She said, A single tear fall down from her face. But she caught it straight away. "Huh?" she asked. Justin looked up and smiled. Lilly eyes were no longer the colour of blood. But the sparkling blue he always loved. snapping out of her eyes Justin stood up. he grabbed one of her wrist. " what...happened?" Lilly asked her voice weak. She felt as if all of her energy was sucked out of her. " no time to explain.. lets go" he instructed. knowing if they stayed here any longer something bad would happen. "where do you think your going" Luke smiled , As there were quickly surrounded by blood thirsty vampires.

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