The world has plunged into darkness. every light and hope was destroyed. no happiness was left in the world only pain and despair. all because of the war.
the war between humans and vampires is destroying the world. it most end but who will be the one to draw the world from darkness into light?


1. Change

  The world has plunged into darkness. As the monsters of the night came. Vampires beyond your imagination, stronger than a feisty wolf and faster than a jaguar itself. Nearly every human captured and hurt except from the survivors , Who have outwitted them since they came from there hiding. But one family is yet to be torn apart by these riveting monsters.

  Lilly Robertson is a typical 16 year old. Except from she knows how to use a gun and always carries a butterfly knife in her pocket. Her family have survived a year from the “invasion “and carry on to do so. Moving nonstop and fighting away the monsters can be tiring for Lilly. But she will do anything for her mum and dad. 

  It was time for her family to move on from there little river house where they had been staying for a month now. Knowing that the vampire’s weren't far. As they packed there things and were ready to go, Lilly was already outside waiting for her Mum and Dad to come out. Lilly hated moving all the time. Knowing that her life wasn't going to get any better than hiding and not enjoying life as she wanted to. As she admired the crystal blue sky and the faithful breeze , She heard shouting right outside the forest. She dropped all her things and ran inside protecting her mum and dad. “I heard shouting “Lilly whispered grabbing the shotgun out of her back pocket. Her mum and dad both grabbed their guns off the table looking concerned ,  And Lilly notice straight away. “Lilly go through the back and will meet you outside the woods “her mum instructed. “No! “Lilly shouted “I’m not leaving you, you might not come for me “Lilly exclaimed pointing the gun at the door holding it steadily. The shouting was getting nearer to the house. “Go! We promise “Her farther shouted, pushing her out near the door. Lilly know that when her dad promised something, he never broke it.  Lilly was about to shout back but she knew it wasn't worth it , Knowing her parents would win. She ran out the back door still holding the gun firmly in her right hand , as she ran as fast as she could through the field to the woods. She turned around to see about 4 men. Shouting and arguing among each other. There all were dressed in black and Lilly was too far away to fully see their faces. She notice there were heading to the house but she knew she couldn't go back now or they would spot her. As soon as she got to the woods she hid behind a big, chunky oak tree and watch what will happen. She felt her heart sank as they entered the house smiling with glee.

 “Where’s the girl “one of the men shouted. Lilly’s mum and dad both went silent looking at them in utter disgust. They were both hiding their guns behind their backs thinking they hadn't notice. “Tell us where the girl is and we will spare you “the other men said ,who looked older looking then the rest. There were four men and all had black silky hair with bright red fiery eyes. They all started laughing. Lilly’s dad got inpatient with their mocking and nastiness and lifted the gun swiftly in front of him and pulled the trigger leaving everyone silent.

 Lilly’s heart sank more as she heard a gunshot coming from the house. It all went silence until another gunshot was made. Then another.  Tears streaming down her face like a waterfall she knew what she had to do. Run. Run for her life. She turned around and ran down the little hill and ran as fast as she could deep into the woods. What felt like hours of running Lilly finally stopped and looked around. All she could see was trees. Endless trees all bunched together like glue. Great Lilly thought. She started to walk to try and find anyone ,  a human she hoped. She couldn't stop thinking if her parents were died and right now she was an orphan walking. But she knew they couldn't.  Deep down Lilly knew that her parents were strong, brave people and they would and have done anything to practice her. As Lilly got lost in her own thoughts thinking about her Parents , she suddenly saw in the distance what looked like a top of a roof. Lilly was relieved and walked more closer. She stumbled upon a concrete road. what was differently for Lilly more smooth than the bumpy floor of the woods. The path lead Lilly exactly to the house. The house looked like an old Victorian house, painted black and white. Dark green vines surrounded the edges of the house with little pink flowers blooming. She reached the doorstep to see it all looked a bit rusty. She gentle knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. But nothing. Of course they wouldn't answer, they’ll all be hiding and too scared to come out Lilly thought correcting herself. Then the door mysterious creaked open. Light followed Lilly inside showing her all the dust and cobwebs. Then the light faded and the door slam shut. Although it was dark Lilly could still see clearly. She notices there is no furniture. All there was was a dusty, old, battered couch under the gigantic stair case what took her breath away. Lilly notice straight away that the stair case was made of marble as the light danced around and on top of it. Lilly climbed her way upstairs not noticing that the door was somehow now open then shut. She finally tugged her way upstairs to see it was just like downstairs. There was a large hallway what had red wallpaper what was peeling off. She left to see there were six beautiful white doors next to each other. It looked like there were just painted now. As Lilly went to get a closer look , the air suddenly turned cold and a horrible silence spread through the house then it happened.

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