What If...Red Riding Hood

I'm starting to create a series of What If? stories, where, basically, "what if" something led to the story being told? And "what if" something else happened instead of that? In the first of hopefully many What If stories, this one is What If Red Riding Hood was the wolf?


2. The Girl.

London, present day.

       "Renee, hurry up! Stop writing and get on this train or you'll be late!" Broken out of her trance, Renee saw her train puffing and wheezing into the station. She knew who the voice belonged to, no matter how strange. It was her dog, Romulus. Renee could communicate with animals in her head, dead or alive. But that wasn't important right now, as her Norfolk terrier led her to the train.

        Settling down by the window of a two seater, Romulus lying on her lap, a young man not much older than Renee sat down on the seat next to her. Romulus was instantly tense, sitting upright, his leathery lips slightly pulled over his teeth.

        "I don't like this, Renee. That man smells funny." Renee glanced at Romulus and then at the young man and back again.

        "Romulus, I'm sure it's fine. Remember that lady who you thought had stolen a child? It just turned out to be a toy!"

        "This time, I know for sure." Renee sighed, and continued to stare out the window. It was strange, though. There was a lot of empty spaces in the carriage, and he had decided to sit next to her. Nothing she could do about it though, as Renee felt uncomfortable with confrontation.

        "I know what you are. Don't deny it." A voice pierced Renee's brain, and it certainly wasn't Romulus. Renee narrowed her eyes out the window. In the reflection, she could see the young man staring at her intently, and then he spoke with the same voice that had spoken in her head.

        "Yes, Renee. I know what you are. I've known for a long time. And I need your help."

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