Love and Be loved

What happens when an 18 year old girl gets pregnant, ditched, and hit on again by her boyfriend, then ex-boyfriend? Well, it happened to Refia Snow, and now... She is loved by the one who could ruin both her and her unborn child's lives.


1. Wait, What?


Wait, what?

            “No. No, no no no no no no no. this can’t be happening. Not just now, but never.” I was muttering to myself. I was talking to myself because I can’t just go up to my friends and explain why I am having these fluttery feelings toward him. The nerd some people call him. Others call him weird. But even though he has those names, most people call him Mr. Taylor. I can’t explain how, but when I see his 6’6 height with his bright green eyes and skinny but muscular body, it turns me on. I see him every day, seeing as he’s my homeroom teacher and I have to see him twice a day, once in the morning and then again before I can go home in the afternoon.

Stella, my best friend, is also in there with me, along with Bentley, Stella’s boyfriend, and Brecken, Bentley’s brother and my boyfriend. Stella is super tall, supermodel tall, with strawberry blonde hair, hazel eyes with flakes of purple in them if you look real close. She always was the smart one, the one who didn’t want to get in trouble but after a few times of being around me, she loosened up. She wore whatever she felt like wearing, whether it is dresses one day or sweat pants and a t-shirt the next and always made it look good.  Bentley and Brecken aren’t twins but they could be. Brecken is older but got held back for getting into too many fights and being a wimp when it came to homework. “Who cares about fucking homework? I’ll get by just because of my parents.” And he was right, his parents were the richest in the town. 

“Hello, earth to Reffy. Wake up time for Mr. Nerd. Come on Reffy. Seriously MOVE!” Stella found me in my questioning myself of my feelings. Great, it was the last class of the day and I have it with Mr. Taylor of all people. Grabbing my arm, Stella pulled me toward the last room before the doors. Pushing open the sticky doors, my heart skipped a beat when I found him at his desk in front of mine. Stella sat directly behind me with Bentley, and I sat up front with Brecken. He pulled me over towards him, and groped up my shirt, kissing me and working his hands up towards my purple laced bra covering me. I felt myself respond by leaning into him and feeling him. Mr. Taylor chose that moment to start talking. “Fuck.” Brecken muttered. I turned towards Mr. Taylor and saw him looking at me in something mixed with disgust and sadness, and I just wanted to kiss him and make him smile. Wait what the hell am I saying?! I love BRECKEN and Mr. Taylor is my TEACHER! That would be just gross. But still… I can’t help it…

“Refia, can you stay after class please?” Mr. Taylor asked me. I wasn’t very happy about that. Stella and the guys gave me a look that went from “haha” to “sorry babe.” Stella’s was the “sorry babe.” I didn’t know what I did but some part of me didn’t care. “Yes Mr. Taylor?” I asked, trying to play of innocent. “You do know that this class is like the easiest class to pass right?” He said. I nodded; all you had to do was show up. “Well, I was wondering, since you have never been sick and you are a great student, if you would consider tutoring some foreign exchange students in this classroom every Monday and Thursday after school.” He looked at me, and then added, almost as an afterthought, “I will be here every day too.”  Huh, tutoring some foreign exchange students was a downside, but seeing Mr. Taylor everyday was a plus. “What subject?” I asked. My really good core class is English, but I am amazing in art. “Well, most need some English taught to them and you speak French, and their French students.” I thought about it for a second, and then nodded. “Sure, I’ll do it. When do I start?” Tomorrow was Thursday and I started tomorrow. “Oh and Refia?” I looked back as I was at the door. “You may be pretty, but don’t let me catch you and Mr. Jeperson groping each other like that again in my class. Got it?” I certainly did, but most of it was just quite, because my mind was reeling. He called me pretty.


            I went to school that morning in my usual black pants and off the shoulder top. Today it was purple to highlight my eyes. I walked into my homeroom class and saw Mr. Taylor and the 4 foreign exchange students I would be tutoring. They actually weren’t that bad of people. After school, I stayed in Mr. Taylor’s classroom with the French students. They left on time, but I had to wait for someone to come get me. I know, what 17 year old girl does not have her own car or even a license?

I was sitting in Mr. Taylor’s room getting my stuff packed, when he came up and started playing with a strand of my hair. “You really are something wonderful, Refia. You’re beautiful and smart and have friends that love you. Any guy would be lucky to have you.” His voice was kind of husky at the end, and if I wasn’t literally going crazy over this guy playing with my hair, I would have thought he was a pedophile. Sadly, my body wasn’t reacting the same way as my head and I felt my heartbeat quicken and felt the longing, the craving of my body for more of his touch. I turned around and saw him so close, if I moved a little forward, I could kiss his mouth. Just then I saw something in his eyes, something that I saw yesterday with Brecken. Longing. He wanted me just as I wanted him. My breath quickened and I could smell his minty breath. His hands found my waist, just barely, and started to massage using just his fingertips. It felt amazing.

            “This is wrong. This is so wrong, Refia. I’m sorry.” He said, pulling away. I felt a pain in my chest that I had never felt before. I felt my face slide into a frown and knew I had to get away. “Refia, do you need a ride home?” he asked me. I did but I didn’t know if I could handle it. I nodded; it was getting really late. “Come on, I will drive you home. Where do you live?” I told him and he started driving me home in his silver convertible. We didn’t talk on the way home, but when we got there, he said, “Refia, I am so sorry about that. I wanted to but I can’t do that to you. I’m your teacher and I can’t hurt you like that. Really, I wish I could but I can’t. Not until you graduate and turn 18.” And he took my hand and, slowly, kissed it, like a prince would. My heart fluttered. I smiled and left the car.

            “So, Reffy, what are you going to wear for your date tonight? I mean, this is the first date that you get to meet Brecken’s parents. You have to look good girl!” Stella was going off on me. I was just planning on wearing some jeans but she insisted on coming over and fixing me an outfit. She looked kind of guilty for something and she wouldn’t tell me. She told me after my date she will spill the beans. All of a sudden I felt the urge to throw up and bolted to my bathroom and barfed up my lunch. That’s weird because I didn’t feel sick 5 minutes ago.

Stella looked at me in concern and said “Maybe you should cancel. It wouldn’t be good to meet your boyfriends’ parent and be sick.” I nodded even though I probably knew what it was. Stella left and I was alone so I literally ran to the drugstore right behind my house and grabbed a pregnancy test. Going home I was nervous, I didn’t want it to come out positive. I went to my bathroom and locked the door even though my parents wouldn’t be home for hours. I sat and peed on the stick and waited the few minutes that I had to, and I cried. It was positive.

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