Love and Be loved

What happens when an 18 year old girl gets pregnant, ditched, and hit on again by her boyfriend, then ex-boyfriend? Well, it happened to Refia Snow, and now... She is loved by the one who could ruin both her and her unborn child's lives.


3. Trouble



            The next morning I got up for school and got dressed. Today I looked like crap. I didn’t sleep hardly at all last night because I was so excited. When Stella came and picked me up, she looked really sad. “You never called me last night. I thought you were really sick.” She pushed her lip out, almost like a puppy begging for food. I hugged her. “You want to know why I was sick yesterday? Well, after you left, I found out that I am pregnant. Brecken came over and hit me and called me a bunch of names. It was horrible and he dumped me. Then I just… went to bed. I was too upset. I’m sorry I didn’t call and made you worry.” I stumbled over the part where I went to Samm’s house and that he came back here. She didn’t notice. “He hit you?! That bastard is so going to die today. Oh by the way, congratulations on the pregnancy. I can’t believe you are going to be a mom. And that I will be the aunt.” I laughed and we walked out the front door to go to school.

            We got to school and started homeroom when everything happened. Brecken was pissed, but ignored us. When the class finally ended, Brecken was the first one out of the room. I looked after him and left; I did not want to be late for English. Walking across the courtyard, I saw Brecken stop and look at me. I walked straight up to him and pulled back my arm. “THIS IS FOR HITTING ME!” I punched him in the nose. “THIS WAS FOR MAKING ME BELIEVE THAT YOU LOVED ME!” I kicked him in the back of the knee. “Ms. Snow! Mr. Jeperson! What is going on here?” Samm’s voice came from behind me. I stood up straight and pushed my hair out of my face. “Mr. Jeperson, go to the nurse and then wait for me in the principal’s office. Ms. Snow, I’m going to have to escort you to the principal’s office. I glared at Brecken and followed Samm. “Refia, why would you do that? You know what happens when people start fighting. They get in trouble. What happened?” I answered truthfully. “My bipolar disorder kicked in in your classroom and he was just standing here, so I had to.” Hardly anyone knew I was bipolar. We arrived at the principal’s office and I was suddenly terrified.

            “Refia, why did you purposefully start a fight with Brecken? You know that now I have to call your parents and give you suspension, right?” That was why I was terrified; the phone call to the parents. Like they needed any more excuse to do what they do. I started to cry and nodded. Samm looked upset. I just shook my head so that he knew that I would not answer any questions. I was going to regret everything later when I got home.

Stella dropped me off at my house, and I reluctantly left the car. Walking into the house, I set my stuff down as quietly as I could. It wasn’t quiet enough. “REFIA LYNN SNOW, WHY DID WE GET A PHONE CALL TODAY FROM YOUR PRINCIPAL SAYING THAT YOU GOT INTO A FIGHT? WHY ARE YOU SO WORTHLESS, YOU PIECE OF SHIT?” My dad bellowed at me. I put my head down and he came storming into the hallway and grabbed my hair. He started pulling me up the stairs, and I passed my mom who just stood there watching. My dad pushed me into his room onto his bed and stripped me of my clothes. I didn’t move and didn’t make a single sound because I knew I would make it worse. He peeled off his own clothes. Pulling my hair again, he made me sit up and put himself into my mouth. He thrusted, each time going further until he came in my mouth. Then he pulled himself out and pushed me down so that I was laying on my back. He inserted himself in me again, and I held still even though on the inside I was screaming. He had his fill. Pulling out, he pushed me toward the door. I grabbed my clothes and ran to my room.

            I put on my clothes when I got back to my room. Grabbing my purse, I put as much of my stuff into it as I could; wallet, phone charger, keys, and ran down the steps into the hallway. I grabbed my backpack. Dialing Samm’s number, I charged outside. I was going to tell him, and I was going to tell him today. “Samm, come and get me now! I’m outside waiting, but please don’t ask questions yet.” I hung up the phone, and 10 minutes later, he came pulling into my driveway. I hopped down the steps and jumped in his car and he peeled away faster than I thought.

            When we got back to Samm’s house, I told him everything. The further I got into the explanation, the madder he looked. When I finished, I hugged myself, and Samm burst out saying, “Why wouldn’t you tell me this at school? I could have stopped you from having to go back to that Refia! I am calling the cops.” I let him and he came back a while later and told me that my parents were going to be arrested right now. “Where am I going to stay now?” I asked him. “You are going to stay here with me while.” I smiled and snuggled into his arms. That night, he cooked me dinner and we watched movies until midnight. When I fell asleep, I was barely aware that I was snuggling with as close to perfection as it could get.

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