Love and Be loved

What happens when an 18 year old girl gets pregnant, ditched, and hit on again by her boyfriend, then ex-boyfriend? Well, it happened to Refia Snow, and now... She is loved by the one who could ruin both her and her unborn child's lives.


11. SS William A. Irvin


SS William A. Irvin

            I looked at Stella and felt my lip quiver a little. I loved Samm, but he had really broken me. Stella smiled, climbed out of the front seat and grabbed my hand. We stopped at the hood of the car and Bentley came with both of our jackets. As I shrugged into my red South Pole jacket, Samm climbed out of his car in sweats. “Refia.” He gasped as he came towards us, staggering. “H-hi Samm.” I stuttered. “Refia, I am so sorry. I was an ass. It was horrible for me to do that to you. All you ever did was love me and I tossed it away because I was more concerned with myself then being with you and Nikki. You are the most important thing in my life. I don’t care anymore if I lose my job. All I want is you.” I took a deep breath. “You’re right; all I ever did was love you. That day, I shattered. My heart broke and, you can even ask Stella, I haven’t been right since then. I… I can’t go through that again. I think… I think that might be the reason I was in the hospital last night. Seeing you yesterday, I think that almost made me go into labor.”

            I stopped because Samm was staring at me. “You almost went into labor yesterday? You aren’t supposed to be due for another month right?” I nodded. “But that is also another reason I agreed to meet you. I miss you, but I know you actually want Nikki. I know you want her as your own.” I had an idea. “Stella, Bentley? Would you mind if Samm and I talked alone?” I looked at Stella and she shrugged. She and Bentley went and sat in the car. “Samm, I love you. I missed you. I missed the sex. I missed you kissing me when I woke up and went to sleep. I miss sleeping in your shirts and cuddling with you. I missed when you would tell me to do my schoolwork, which, by the way, I am almost complete with. But overall, I miss you. I want to be a part of your life again, but I can’t risk being hurt like that again. I can ONLY take you back if we can make sure that that doesn’t happen ever again, because I don’t think I could survive the heartache again.”

            I hugged my arms around myself for comfort and to warm myself up. “Refia, I understand all of that. I miss all of that. I’m ashamed to admit it, but there were times when I considered just ending my life because I fucked up so much. I want you back. No. I don’t just want you, I NEED you back. I won’t ever do anything like that. I can’t stand it.” Samm was looking down at his feet by the time that he finished talking and I could tell he was suppressing tears. “Samm, look up please.” I whispered. He lifted his head and looked me in the eyes. “I forgive you, Samm.” I leaned in and kissed his lips. The tears fell from his eyes. “Thank God. Will… will you… will you be moving in with me again?” he asked. I could tell he feared the answer. I smiled and nodded. “I would love to move back in with you.” Samm smiled and hugged me. “Well, we have to stop by Stella’s house and get my stuff, so can we do that tomorrow?” I asked lightly. Samm nodded and we walked towards Stella in the car.

            “Stella, Bentley? So Samm and I have made up, and now… I was wondering if tomorrow you guys could help me move back into his house. We have to get all of my stuff and Nikki’s stuff over there, because, well, I could be having this kid at any time now.” I smiled at my huge belly and put an arm around the top and an arm around the bottom of it. Stella smiled and put her hand on my stomach, and felt Nikki kick. “I would love to help, Ref!” Stella said. Bentley nodded and smiled. I hugged Samm and climbed back into the backseat of Bentley’s car. I sat with my hands around my stomach and smiled every time I felt Nikki kick or move.

            When we got back to the house, Bentley, Stella and I all started to pack up Nikki’s stuff, putting them all back into the original boxes they came in. There wasn’t actually that much to pack because we didn’t unpack half of the stuff that we brought with us. Soon afterwards,  Bentley drove off, heading back home. “Stella?” I asked after we packed everything away. “Hmm?” She didn’t turn around when she answered me. “Are… are you… mad at me? For moving out?” I didn’t want to make her mad at me. “No. I’m just kind of upset. I mean, I really enjoyed having you live here and I liked the fact that you and Nikki could live here and I could see you guys every day.”

             I had no idea that Stella felt this way about me and my unborn child. “Stella, we will come see you all the time. You won’t be going one week without seeing me or your Goddaughter. In fact, you will be seeing us so much; you are going to be BEGGING us to stay away from here.” I hugged my best friend. “OK, well… that’s perfectly fine then. And I won’t be asking you guys to leave. I will be asking YOU to leave, and to leave NIKKI here with me! I get to be first babysitter, right?” Laughing, I nodded. Stella and I finally finished packing all of my stuff up and we went and sat in the living room. Suddenly Aiden and Trevor walked in the front door. Well, if you want to get technical, they didn’t WALK in. It was very awkward because Aiden was pretty much carrying Trevor. Just by looking at them, you could tell what was going to be happening.

            Aiden and Trevor looked up from their very heated make-out session, saw us, waved, and then ran upstairs to Aiden’s bedroom. The next thing we heard from upstairs was Aiden’s door being slammed shut. I looked at Stella and we both had a mini panic attack. “That is so gross! I can’t believe that they pretty much walked into this house having sex! Ew!” Stella laughed so hard she had to get up from the couch and run to the bathroom down the hall. “REFIA CAN YOU GO GET ME A CHANGE OF PANTS! I PEED MYSELF!” Stella screeched from down the hall. I laughed and went up to Stella’s bedroom. Stella’s bedroom was right next to Aiden’s, so I had to walk past his room to get to Stella’s bedroom. All of a sudden there was a banging on the wall, not like banging with a fist, but like someone’s bed being rammed into the wall.

            Gagging, I randomly grabbed out a pair of underwear from Stella’s dresser and dug in her drawer for a pair of pants. I passed by Aiden’s room again and heard Aiden. “Fuck, Trevor. Damn you know how to push those buttons and turn me on.” I tried to hurry past his door, which is hard for a pregnant woman. As I hobbled down the stairs, I started to laugh again. When I made it downstairs to the bathroom, Stella was sitting on the toilet still laughing her butt off. I shoved her clothes at her and she laughed as she pulled out a PINK LACE THONG from in between her pants. “Well, I guess that’s what happens when I send you to my room to get me pants when my brother is having sex in the next room.” She laughed even more as she put on her thong and pulled on her pants.

            Stella and I had finally calmed down enough to come out of the bathroom, and we went into the living room and Stella started to put on a movie while I made popcorn. As I grabbed a bowl from the cabinet, Aiden and Trevor came down the stairs giggling. I tried to hide my grin by turning my back to the hallway and getting the popcorn into the bowl, which proved very hard because I started laughing silently again. After I was finished fixing up the popcorn the way Stella and I both liked it, I carefully carried the bowl into the living room and plopped onto the couch next to Stella. Across the room, on the loveseat, Aiden was cuddling with Trevor’s head on his shoulder. I shoved the bowl of popcorn in between my thigh and Stella’s thighs and pushed the play button on the DVD remote. Trevor suddenly sat up and asked a question that got me and Stella laughing again. “Did we make any kind of noise or anything just now?” he asked a little red. He had chosen the worst timing because I had just put a handful of popcorn into my mouth and I started chocking. As Stella thumped me on the back, she nodded towards me. “Yeah, I think Reffy got the worst part of it. What did you hear upstairs, Ref?” She asked. After I stopped chocking, I replied “A loud thumping on the wall and ‘Fuck, Trevor. Damn you know how to push those buttons and turn me on.’ This, by the way was totally fucking disturbing!”

            After Stella and I had stopped laughing and Aiden and Trevor’s faces went back to normal, we pushed play on the remote again.

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